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PDF over Word: 5 Benefits of PDF files

It’s been 24 long years since Adobe first introduced us to the portable document format back in 1993. PDF is largely used as a single document format by individuals and businesses alike. People can share their ideas and project work with others easily using files in this single universally accepted file format. Sure, there are a number of different software available to the individuals and businesses from spreadsheet programs and schedule organizers. But some of them are completely missing the bottom line: shareability.

There are a number of significant advantages to using the PDF format and a PDF writer in businesses today. Some of them are outlined as follows:


If you have information in a Word file format (.docx) it can be converted to PDF easily and edited using a PDF writer. Not only will the document be converted and edited using a PDF writer, it can also be compressed for the optimum size. We all know the importance of compressed files. Compressed files allow the same file to be of a smaller size without any loss of data. This means more can be shared using the same space.


Suppose you have lots of files which include spreadsheets, a whole lot of words, pictures and much more. The perfect example would be the annual report of a business. A file formatted in PDF can account for diverse types of data using a PDF writer. The data taken from word documents, excel spreadsheets and .JPEG images can be merged into a single file and allow for a neatly presented annual report, which is sure to catch the eye of readers.


Compatibility is the main issue in today’s digital world. There are number of platforms where businesses have to make their information and websites available. These include windows, Linux, Mac for PCs and laptops to the ever-growing and ever-popular iOS and Android platforms. The PDF format supported by a PDF writer allows the information to be accessed using different devices supporting these different platforms.  

Safe and Secure

With the buzzword “shareability” going around, there may be concerns regarding the safety and security of these PDF files. That is also taken care of by the use of a digital signature. This digital signature is a protocol that allows sensitive business data to remain safe by the use of passwords and encryption. A public key and a private key mechanism are used to make sure only people who you grant access to can view the data. Many PDFs are password protected and use digital signature to avoid unauthorized users from opening, printing and even viewing the files you created.



PDF files can also be used for legal documentation and contracts. This requires that the files are equally as binding as any paper-based contract or document. Digital signatures can also be used by concerned parties to sign the legal agreements such as contracts making the contract or agreement legally binding between signatory parties. This streamlines approval processes involved with the contract so that the underlying project in the agreement can be started as soon as possible. 

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