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Digital Signature Tips for Signing Electronic Documents

Are you tired of scanning a signature to put in an electronic document? Do you want to know about a much more convenient and secure way of signing a digital signature? If so, you are at the right place. Here we will inform you about a secure and easy way to sign digital documents.

Using handwritten signature to sign highly sensitive digital documents is not recommended. There are high chances of fraud in case of scanned printed signature. Anyone can steal the signature and use to authenticate fraudulent documents. And then there is the fact that scanning digital signature and then pasting the signature image in documents is time consuming.

A Convenient Way to Sign Documents

Using digital signatures  is the most convenient way to sign digital documents is. A digital signature helps verify the identity of the user who had created a document. Signing a document using a digital signature is much easier and convenient as compared to handwritten signature.  

With a digital signature, there is no need to manually sign and then print the signatures to be used on digital documents. It saves a great deal of time involved in signing digital documents. The digital signature can be made using an online pdf editor. An online pdf editor allows you to create and edit a digital document that is signed with a unique signature.

Using online pdf editor to sign digital documents is far easier as compared to scanning handwritten signature. While both printed signatures and digital signatures are electronic, the latter is more secure and efficient means to sign the document.

Security of Digital Signatures

Digital signatures made using online pdf editor or pdf writer entail cryptographic technology. The signature is highly secure that can’t be replicated. Every signature has a unique key that identifies the user. Replicating the key is no easy task. In fact, the risk of the digital signature key being hacked is negligible.  

You can use the digital signatures for signing business agreements and customer contracts. The digital signatures that cryptographically identifies the identity of the user is completely secure and can’t be forged.


Digital signatures offer great convenience as compared to using scanned copies handwritten signatures. You can use online pdf writer having digital signature capabilities to sign digital documents.  Online digital signature service allows you to sign the document right from your browser. It’s certainly one of the easiest way to authenticate the identity of a document.


Digital signatures are legally valid and enforceable. The ESIGN Act in the US considers electronic documents signed using digital signatures as legit and legally binding. A document that is signed digitally by two parties is legal and enforceable in the courts. The simplicity and security of digital signatures makes them the best way to sign electronic documents. 

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