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4 Things You Should Know About Digital Documents
You can store digital documents in the cloud. Cloud storage allows robust security controls of the document. The files can be shared more easily as compared to sharing paper documents. The digital documents can be shared both within the organization and with external users with granular control for improved security. If you are thinking about making transitioning to the paperless environment, here are four important things that you should know about digital documents.

1. Digital Documents can be signed electronically

Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act, or E-Sign Act that was passed in 2000 had made e-signatures legally acceptable in the US. The EU Directive for Electronic Signature was passed in 1999 in the EU making e-signs acceptable in Europe. Digital documents that are signed using an esignature are considered legal documents. The e-signs are as valid in a legal context as handwritten signatures.

2. Digital Signatures Don't Require a Change in the Work Process

Digital signatures don't require any change in the work process. You can easily sign the digital documents using an e-sign software. The file can be signed using an online PDF editor and stored digitally on the computer. You can easily share the documents using popular file-sharing software such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft One Drive.

3. Improved Security Feature

Digital signatures offer a high level of security. An electronic signature that conforms to E-sign act is extremely secure. E-signs can validate the user who has signed the document. Also, it can indicate if the document has been changed after the last owner had signed the document. All this is done without the need for a separate proprietary software.

4. Signing Documents Digitally is Easy

Signing documents digitally is not that difficult. All that you need to sign the document is a software that supports digital signatures. You should select an electronic signature service that conforms to e-sign act and EU directives for digital signatures. Also, it's best that you select an online digital signature company. The benefit of an online e-sign company is that you can easily sign the documents from anywhere. The documents can be signed using an internet connected device. All users do not have to be at the same place to sign the document using an online e-sign service.

In the end, digital documents offer various benefits as compared to paper documents. They allow cost savings for a company. Storing digital documents do not take a lot of space. Moreover, the documents can be easily shared using file sharing app. When it comes to security, ease of use and storage, digital documents offer a lot of benefits.

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