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4 Ways Businesses Can Benefit from an Electronic Signature

1. Documents can be Easily Modified

When a change is required in the paper document, it is resigned, reprinted, and the distrusted to the third party. This is not the case with signing documents electronically. In fact, signing documents electronically save a lot of time, effort, and costs as compared to manually signing the document. Changes in the digital document can be made easily. Moreover, the document can be signed easily without any problems. There is no need to reprint the entire document and to manually sign the document. The changes in documents can be made and the documents can be signed within minutes.

2. Legal and Secured Document

Electronic signatures are superior to manual paper and ink signatures. The documents that are signed electronically are more secure as compared to documents that are signed using pen and ink. Digitally signed documents contain information of persons who have signed the document. The information generally consists of geographical information, time, date, IP address, and email address. The information is embedded in the document. This information can't be modified by unauthorized personnel. As a result, the documents are legally valid and consist of a comprehensive audit trail. Electronic signatures are encrypted. This means that even if the hackers go past the security, the digital signatures can't be tampered with. The encrypted electronic signatures can't be modified by the hackers. Only the creators of the digital document and parties with whom you share the document can make changes and sign the documents electronically.

3. Save a Lot of Time and Costs

Using digital signature help save a lot of time and costs. You will have to spend a far less time in digitally signing documents as compared to signing the documents the traditional way. There is less storage space required to keep the digitally store the documents. The digitally signed documents can be stored online and shared with other people. This saved cost and time will result in improved bottom line.

4. Improved Customer Relationship

Another great benefit of digital signatures is that it will result in improved customer relationship. A research by PEW Center had found that around increasing number of users are using mobile devices. Sharing digital contracts with the customers is more convenient for the customers as they can access it on their mobile devices. This will result in improved customer relationship what will undoubtedly have a positive effect on the customer relationship.

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