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3 Main Challenges to Adopting Digital Signature in the Enterprise
Having said that, a lot of companies are still struggling in adopting electronic signatures in the US. The fact is that there are a lot of barriers that prevent the adoption of digital signature technologies. Here are three main challenges to digital transformation in the organizations.

1. Legality of Digital Signatures

Many companies have not adopted digital signature as they worry about the legality of the digital signatures. In other words, the companies don't trust computer signature. This view about electronic signature serves as a barrier to adoption.

The fact of the matter is that electronic signatures are completely legal. The companies that offer online digital signature services conform to the requirements of ESIGN Act that was introduced by the federal government.

2. Cost of Implementing Digital Signatures

Another barrier when it comes to implementing digital signatures is the cost of implementation. The foremost consideration in adopting any new technology is cost and ROI. The company management is interested whether adopting the new technology will result in gains for the company. Since the ROI in adopting digital signature is not clear-cut, a number of companies are reluctant to adopt the new technology.

The reality is that digital signatures can result in great cost savings for a company. It can also streamline the operations of the company and reduce storage cost. Digitally signed documents require far less space as storing original documents that are signed using pen and paper. The cost savings from getting rid of paper documents can be substantial. What's more adopting digital technology saves cost, effort, and time required in processing manual documents.

3. Using Digital Signature Requires a Lot of Effort

Another barrier to implementing digital signatures is that the company management thinks that it requires a lot of effort. In reality, digitally signing the document involves much less effort as compared signing the document traditionally.

The document can be signed easily using an online PDF editor software. Using the online PDF writer, a person can sign the documents within a matter of seconds. As compared to manually signing the documents, digital documents involve a lot less effort.

Adopting digital signature doesn't require any technical expertise. E-signatures save time and effort in processing documents. It can help save cost in processing documents that will make a positive impact on the company's profitability.

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