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How to make online forms user-friendly for an ecommerce site

Even though you can use an online PDF editor, not just any software will do. You need to create these quickly and add fields that can give you the user information you need. Hiring someone to do it might result in a form that is difficult to fill. Why not just do it yourself using a PDF writer?

To ensure people come back and make purchases, here are a couple of things to keep in mind when editing a PDF form online:

Keep it concise

Site visitors have the attention span of goldfish – if they don’t like what they see, they will leave in seconds. To prevent that from happening on the form page, make sure its content is concise. When adding content, ask yourself whether the information is valuable to you and if it is valuable, is it enough to deny users access to whatever is behind it in case they don’t fill it in.

In addition, if a field is not relevant to your needs or unnecessary to complete a transaction (such as phone numbers), leave them out. The more information they have to fill, the faster they will leave.

Keep typing minimal

No one likes filling out lengthy forms when they can be doing something else. While some information may be necessary, you can still make the experience more pleasant by streamlining the process. For example, introducing touch interfaces, swiping, scrolling etc. can allow users to complete your forms easily and quickly.

One other thing you can do to minimize that time is allow the use of cameras or GPS. Both of these are present on smartphone and chances are almost all of your users will have one. Using those sources to fill forms will accelerate the filling process significantly.

Pick the right keyboard

If the keyboard option on the forms does not provide multiple options, your users might get frustrated and abandon their forms. Make their job easier by matching the keyboard to the input field. That way once the user starts typing, they can do so immediately without switching to a specific keyboard. If they need to type in numbers, there should be a numeric option in the keyboard that comes up. This will save their time and prevent them from getting frustrated.

By using online PDF editors, you can make your own forms for your website quickly. You know what your users prefer and are in a better position to see which options they would appreciate. That is much better than hiring someone to create forms that can do more harm than good.


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