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Can Small Businesses Benefit from an Online PDF Editor?

Small businesses often have various e-signature needs as they are dependent on outsourcing or freelancers. No matter the size of the company, the ability to edit PDF online can enhance a company’s workflow and efficiency.

Unlimited Growth

Small businesses do not have the ability to open their offices in different locations. However, they may have many clients around the world. Using an online PDF editor, a small business owner can entertain clients from anywhere.

Getting the digital signature of such clients on documents or contracts will boost profits for the company. It will not matter whether the freelancer, remote employee, contractor, or traveling employee is out of reach. This can help the business grow exponentially from any location.

The ability to fill any form or contract through the online PDF editor means that geographic barriers for the small business will cease to exist.

Enhancing Productivity

With lack of employees and mountains of work, time management often becomes the key to project completion. The digital signature allows the employees to reduce time costs that usually occur from pursuing customers or colleagues to sign a document.

Investing in a fax machine is also an outdated mode of communication since better technology is available. No expensive machine or software is needed now to fill forms or sign contracts, so why waste the money? Online PDF editors help save a lot of money in the long run.

In a small business, there are often employees handling more than one responsibility. Some small business owners find their job description covering everything from HR manager to sales. Online PDF editors help manage different tasks by cutting down on time costs, as well as the effort needed. Instead of running after another employee for a signature, the business owner can do more productive tasks by simply using a digital signature.

Increase in Security

One thing small businesses often can’t invest in is higher data security since they have smaller budgets. The digital signature allows an electronic trail that minimizes chances of fraud and reduces the risk of non-compliance. Digital signatures make audits smoother as they are an excellent source of documentation.

Digital signatures have a very low chance of replication unlike paper signatures and they also come with automatic time stamps. Since most online PDF editors also use a system of username and password, it provides a great authentication method as well.

Digital signatures are also legally binding under the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) and the United States Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce (ESIGN) Act. This allows small businesses to conduct their transactions efficiently while also being protected by the labor laws of the United States.

Environmentally Friendly

Low waste companies and green businesses are often recognized to be innovative and sustainable initiatives. Clients, employees, and partners will get the message that your business strives to be environmentally friendly with low paper waste.

This will create a good image of the company in the market as a technology-driven, sustainable force. Since sustainable companies earn more profits, you would want your business to be part of this initiative.

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