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Importance of Online Signature and Documents in the Wake of Cyber Assault


With digitization and pervasiveness of the internet, business operations have become really smooth and supple. However, on the flipside, they have also become more vulnerable to the shenanigans of cybercriminals. Now, a simple hacking activity from an unknown remote location can bring down the entire operational system of a conglomerate. This susceptibility has, therefore, pushed the cybersecurity experts to come up with preventive measures to deter such attacks.


But cybercriminals have also been working ahead of time. After a while, they come up with a hack to get around the employed security measures. For that reason, cyber attacks are now considered unpleasant business inevitability.


As a result, organizations now also develop disaster management programs as well to limit the damages of any looming cyber attack. In this article, we are going to discuss features that are not often discussed in connection with cyber disaster management.  However, they can certainly be used to deal with the aftermath of cyber mischief, if used wisely.  We are talking about the services to sign documents online and PDF writing and editing.  Let’s take a look on how these services can help businesses following a cyber attack.


As a Makeshift Attendance Sheet

Let’s suppose the attendance portal of a company has also been taken down in a hacking activity. There is an option for the employer to ensure the maintenance of correct attendance record while the main portal is being restored. There are web portals that offer the filling of online PDF forms in real time from multiple users. The affected company can use this facility as a makeshift option for marking the attendance of their employers.  The collection of entries in real time will help the employers to maintain the correct record of time-ins and time-outs.


To Continue Important Business Communications

In case business management software gets targeted by criminals, which is used by a project team to communicate, then it is very certain that their communications with each other will get disrupted. In such instances, online PDF writers and editors can come handy. They enable the compilation of comprehensive documents on web portals that can be shared with a group of people through emails.  One can also affix online signatures on these documents to establish their authenticity. More importantly, one doesn’t have to set up an entire network and work desk for this. A simple internet connection will be sufficient enough to use this feature.

For Signing Documents Online

With a digital blackout in the aftermath of any cyber attack, it becomes difficult to go on with even normal business transactions. For instance, you can’t procure an inventory just because the required authorization is delayed due to a cyber attack. By enabling such important authorization through online signature provided through easy-to-use web portals, you can lessen the brunt of any technical glitch or cybercriminal activity.  



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