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Is It Time for The World To Go Paperless?

Some companies continue to rely on paperwork for most of their processes, even though it is such an outdated format. It can create a lot of costs for the company and even contribute to a lot of paper wastage. With so many advances in technology, businesses are starting to realize that they can become more sustainable and save costs if they attempt to go paperless. Digital billboards, online newspapers, kindles, and now digital signatures have truly limited the need for paper. This is why it is actually important to invest in such technology since it can really help the environment and boost the company’s image.

Is Paper More Reliable?

Printed documentation can just as easily come into crossfire as any other form of documentation. Paper documentation can burn, get destroyed or lost. It is also very easy to forge signatures and fraudulent papers. It also creates a lot of waste since the average worker actually uses 10,000 sheets of paper per year, 40% of which they look at once and then throw away.

People are often scared that digital signatures and online PDF editors are unreliable or unsafe. This is because of the popular presumption that it is really easy to hack into them. However, online PDF editors have a multitude of safety mechanisms that can reduce the risk of such frauds by a significant amount.

·         They need a login credential to sign into them and edit PDF online, which can act as a safety mechanism to make sure the right person performs the digital signature.

·         It needs email authentication as an added safety mechanism. This added measure ensures that it really isn’t easy for just anyone to edit PDF online.

·         It also compares digital signatures to ensure the authenticity of the document

·         It also has an SMS authentication method as a safety mechanism.

·         Digital signatures are protected under the law of many countries including the USA. This means that the documents will be legally protected if anything happens.

A lot of these measures aren’t available for paper options, which means that paper isn’t actually more reliable.

Is Paper A More Viable Option?

Companies are always seeking more options to ensure that they can save costs and logistics for the business. That means that they need to see that paper can cost them a lot. Companies would need to invest a lot of money for the use in the offices. Paper documents also mean that you have to send the documents abroad for signing, which can cost additional money. Eliminating the use as much you can means that you are saving your firm a lot in terms of cost.

Digital signatures through online PDF editors mean that you can save on costs, while also being environmentally friendly. It is an easier option and can build the reputation of the company for their initiative to go green. It is especially necessary to invest in such options since paper remains an unreliable record keeping medium.



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