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Security Measures by Online PDF Editors That Protect You and Your Company

Online PDF editors are now becoming a really popular tool that companies use to decrease their costing and increase efficiency in the workplace. A lot of businesses are turning towards digital signatures as a mechanism to conduct business since it is so easy to execute. There are many security measures that also protect the company that isn’t there with paper methods.

It is also important for companies to regularly invest in innovative technology to increase their profits. Technology actually helps a business grow, and digital signatures are one of the main tools that do that. Online PDF editors actually ensure that the company can conduct international business and expand to new clientele, unlimited by physical barriers.

However, a lot of companies are worried about the safety of online PDF editors, which is why this article is written to educate people on the security provided by such tools.

1.    Login Credentials

People can’t log in to change or edit any document without the proper username and password. This means that you can verify the identity of the person through this login process. Only a validated user can access the portal from anywhere on the planet and edit it as they wish.

2.    Email Authentication

Email authentication is also a really popular method of identification and security as well. It is an additional method of security to ensure that the right person signs the document. To get the digital signature, you can mail the embedded link to the recipient to sign. The person will have to sign into their account to use the online PDF editor.  It’s a reinforced layer of security.

3.    SMS Authentication

This method is usually done with the method listed above. The embedded link ensures that the wrong person doesn’t get the chance to log into the online PDF editor. While the link can be sent to the email, the password for authentication can be sent in through the SMS process. This ensures a two-step authentication process, which means that the documents have added security.

4.    Comparing Digital Signatures

There are also mechanisms set in a place where online PDF editors compare the image of digital and hand-made signatures of the individuals involved. This means that a verification process is possible to ensure that you never have to deal with forged or fraudulent signatures. This analysis is a really effective security measure since it also you to avoid any problems with the whole process.

Since technology can change the face of the company, as well as increase the profits for the business, it is important to invest in it. Such security measures also ensure that your documents are protected. A lot of countries also protect such forms of technology by law, which means you should have no trouble using such technology.




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