How to place security seal on your PDF files
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How to place security seal on your PDF files

How to Place Security Seal on Your Pdf Files 

Many businesses or companies around the globe lose billions every year due to fraud. Most of these fraud arise as a result of data breaches or leakage of essential information.

Security of documents is thus a top priority of any business set –up.

Document security is all about keeping your files safely stored. It is also about adopting only the best processes and techniques that will minimize chances of information leakage.

When it comes to document security, the portable document format is the ideal way to go.Most people believe that when documents are saved in PDF it cannot be modified or edited.

Unfortunately this belief is wrong, as a PDF document whether online PDF or not can easily be edited using an adobe acrobatsoftware or any other PDF editor.

But the emergence of electronic seals have made it possible for PDF users to protect their documents.

what is an Electronic Seal? 

An electronic seal (e-seal) is a piece of data that is attached to any electronic document or other data which helps to secure the integrity and origin of the document or data.

This seal is a document security solution incorporated in the eIDAS EU regulation.

It is used to secure evidence of an electronic transaction, helps facilitate the implementation of electronic services for businesses or organizations, thereby reducing the dependence on electronic signature.

The seal is designed to ensure that sealdocuments remains authentic. Seal certificates contains information that defines what the authenticity of a document is all about.

Authenticity of an electronic document means the seal documents was created or processed in line with the rules and regulations of the certification policy.

E-seal is also used in photography as every image captured with a photo camera is sealed with the information on the time and place a photo was taken.

In this case, the seal helps to guarantee the authenticity of the image origin from the specific camera model while also specifying when and where the photo was taken.

Another example showing the use of an electronic seal is a paper scanner, the manufacturer of the scanner makes use of it to ensure the integrity and authenticity of the scanned document.

The document scanned by their machine receives a special seal that will not be available on any other device.

How electronic seals can be used for PDFs

A PDF file can easily be sealed using an electronic seal software like the electronic seal securePaper™

Like most electronic seal software, the securePaper™ applies a small footprint stamp on your PDF and this stamp is formulated as a 2d barcodes.

It utilizes different numbers of grey scale shades and also fills a void in the digital signature that is pertinent to locating, detecting and displaying any area of alteration if and when it happens.

In this 2d barcode you will find all the content of the electronic document including the time stamp and advanced signatures.

This content will help to guarantee the integrity and authenticity of the document once it is printed on paper.

Using electronic seal on your PDF document allows you to to verify the information listed below:

·         Who signed, time stamped and created the PDF document

·         The data on the PDF document

·         The particular time document was signed

·         And the certificate authority that authenticates the signers identity and the time stamped.

Wrap – Up

Making use of an electronic seal will enable you to preserve and protect the authenticity and integrity of your PDF documents.

The electronic seal can also be used by banks to secure the integrity of deeds, bank statements, training certificate, and identity paper, amongst others.

Universities can also utilize it to stop the creation of fake diplomas and this move can in turn save businesses from costly risk of employing under qualified workers.

Hopefully this article has been able to give you extensive information on the importance and use of electronic seals in protecting your PDF documents.

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