What are some of the ways I can share digital files securely?
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What are some of the ways I can share digital files securely?

 How can I share digital files securely? 

In this day and age, digital sharing of information is the most common occurrence.

Whether it be your colleagues at work, business partners, teachers, or friends and family, you have most certainly shared some files via internet.

And why not, since internet was made exactly for this kind of stuff. Well, one reason why sharing your important information via internet wouldn't be the best idea is the danger of security breach.

Digital sharing of files has been under attack several times, most notably during the recent Cambridge Analytica Facebook scandal that exploited data from almost 90 million Facebook profiles.

Due to the fact that basically anyone with fundamental computer knowledge can access many vital information, internet might not be such a safe place for digital sharing after all.

At least if you don't know how to securely share digital files. Presented below are thus some of the best and easiest ways of sharing digital files securely.

1.      Password Protection

Luckily, many applications like OneDrive for Office 365 offer a possibility to password protect documents.

OneDrive, for instance, recently added an option to share links to OneDrive stored files that are protected with password.

As a result, anyone clicking on that link will be asked to enter a password and you can have a complete control over who used that link.

Please note that password should be sent separately from the link if you want to effectively utilize this digital sharing feature.

To set the password simply choose the file/folder in the OneDrive interface and click the Share button. The New Set Password option is then available.

2.      Dropbox

Dropbox is a well-known and used file hosting and sharing service that allows you to securely share digital files.

Since a great emphasis on the data security is given at Dropbox, a special security team that uses the best tools and engineering practices for building and maintaining of Dropbox is available.

As a result, several levels of security have been implemented in order to protect and back up your files.

In addition, extra layers of security can be added through login authentication feature by using two-step verification procedure.

Furthermore, files shared in Dropbox can only be seen to those that you have shared links to files or folders with.

To conclude, several top-level encryption standards, two-step verification procedure, and regular vulnerability checks ensure that using Dropbox is completely safe.

You only have to click the Share button next to a file or folder in order to generate a link that will eventually enable others to download this particular file or folder.

Furthermore, if you have Dropbox Pro account, you can also password protect digitalfiles or set automatic expiration date.

3.      SSH

SSH is a cryptographic network protocol that is primarily intended for creating an encrypted tunnel that allows users to remotely and securely log into a computer.

As such, SSH can be used to securely share digital files as well. There is no wonder therefore that SSH is trusted by many respective enterprises like Siemens, IRS, Orange, and BNP Paribas.

SSH doesn't require you to enter password which often represents a single point of failure. On the contrary, SSH creates automatic 1-click connection straight from the browser to the right device.

SSH protocol uses encryption methods in order to protect the connection and allows secure file transfer over uncertain networks.

The SSH protocol is thus considered to be completely safe against cryptographic attacks if given credentials and key are correctly administered.

 As expected, the SSH protocol is thus widely used and manages more than 50% of web servers and the majority of Linux or Unix PCs.

4.      OTR

OTR or Off-the-Record Messaging is another digital sharing feature that can be added to multiple messaging apps.

Prior to messages being sent from your device, they are encrypted so that no one else can read them.

Authentication feature ensures that the recipient and correspondent is the right person, as well as the correspondent, can be assured the messages came from you.

Furthermore, security codes can be set to ascertain no one can intercept you messages.

All in all, OTR is the most secure messaging tool that is currently most notably compatible with Pidgin but can be also used with other apps like Signal.

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