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Measures you can take to secure a PDF document

 How can I secure a PDF document? 

PDF documents are the most widely used file formats. And for a good reason since they provide universal use on any device and operating system, free access, and compact file size.

In addition, PDF documents are pretty secure due to the fact that they leave an electronic footprint if someone alters with them.

But leaving an electronic footprint only means that you can detect that someone has messed with your PDF file only after the event actually occurred.

There are many options that act in a preventive way andenable you to secure PDF document so that no one will be able to alter your documents.

Presented below are some of the best yet simple methods to make PDF document secure.

1.  Password protect PDF with Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

Albeit Adobe Reader is normally a free PDF reading software, you will need a payable Pro version for this purpose.

You can install the free trial version of this software but make sure to cancel the subscription prior to termination of trial period if you don't want to pay for it.

Once the Adobe Acrobat Pro has been acquired and launched, click the File button on the menu and then the Properties button.

After the Document Properties tab has been opened, click the Security button and choose Password Security amongst Security Methods.

A new window asking you for a password should appear. Simply enter the desired password and you are good to go.

If you want to additionally secure PDF document, you can also set passwords for certain tasks such as printing and editing.

2. Password protect PDF with Smallpdf 

Even thoughAdobe Reader Pro serves as a great way to secure PDF document, it isn't exactly a durable solution since it has to be paid quite a hefty amount of money after the 7-day trial period expires.

Luckily for you, there are several online PDF document password protectors available on today's market that allow you to encrypt your PDF with a password.

One of such tools is Smallpdf, an online PDF protection software that enables you to protect your PDF document without having to download or install anything.

You only need to upload the desired PDF file, enter the chosen password, and click the Encrypt PDF button.

Once the encryption process is complete, simply download the file and enjoy using this password protected document.

Smallpdf uses secure SSL connections that make it practically impossible for others to access to your uploaded documents.

In addition, all uploaded documents, as well as chosen passwords, arepermanently deleted within an hour.

All these features make Smallpdf great alternative to Adobe Reader Pro and a really simple and convenient method to secure PDF document.

3.Password protect PDF with PDFMate PDF Converter 

Another great and absolutely free way not only to convert PDFs to other formats like .docx, jpg, HTML, etc. but also to set a password on a PDF.

Unlike Adobe Reader and Smallpdf, PDFMate PDF Converter only works on Windows operating systems.

Once installed, add wanted PDF file to the program by clicking on the Add PDF button and the PDF file will be automatically uploaded.

Then click the Advanced settings on the upper right and a new window with security options should pop-up.

Now you can set passwords for opening of the PDF document as well as for editing, copying, and printing it.

In order to generate an encrypted PDF simply click the Convert button and PDFMate PDF Converter will do the rest.

4.Password protect PDF in macOS

Despite most of previously mentioned PDF passwordprotectors work just fine with Mac operating systems, they aren't really necessary due to the fact that Mac provides built-in PDF encryption feature.

Open the PDF document you want to secure and click the File and Export as PDF buttons. Once you name the PDF and select where you want to save it, click the box next to Encrypt.

After that simply enter the chosen password for the document (you might be asked to do it twice) and save these changes.

Afterward, you should have protected PDF document without even having to use or install any other protection program.

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