Important steps you should take for a paper free office in 2019
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Important steps you should take for a paper free office in 2019

Important Steps You Should Take for a Paperless Office In 2019

Companies around the globe spend a lot of money and time in championing for paper less offices. It’s undeniable that environmentalists have been at the fore-front of these campaigns.

However, for many years now, the dream of a paperless office seemed impossible.

Today, thanks to technological advancements that allows for compression of documents and conversion of documents into online formats, the quantity of paper a company uses has been substantially decreased.

That withstanding we have a long way to go before the dream of a paperless office can be actualized.

In the nearest future, I personally hope that lots of companies around the globe will follow the steps we are about to discuss because they can help you actualize your dream of a paper free office in 2019.

Written below are the major steps to follow:

· Track printing jobs 

The first step to take to ensure a paper free office in 2019 is to check the quantity of paper your office usedaily and weekly.

This work may prove to be a challenge, so I advise that you consider using a print audit software that will enable you to find out the particular point all the printing jobs are coming from

· Calculate the possible cost of decrease.

Ensure to track all the expenses related to printing including ink, toner, printers, storage, service contract and of course the technical support.

The next thing to do is to remove the income you will receive from using paper, unless the use of paper is combined with using digital documents.

· Start employing the use of digital mobile apps and tools 

Make use of digital version of files you print on paper from the beginning because it will help in eliminating as much paper as possible.

A mobile app is a very useful way to obtaina paper free office in 2019,simply because they allow you to quickly share data and information amongst customers, suppliers and colleagues.

 · Teach your staff how to reduce paper usage.

Work with your employees so that you can evaluate their ability to handle electronic documents.

Creating a system that allows your employees to measure the amount of hard copies they personally handle in a month will help to motivate them to reduce the amount of paper they use.

· Observe, measure and then analyze 

Tracking the amount of paper you buy will help you in measuring the progress of the paper free process you have embarked on.

A tracking system is very easy to configure especially considering the fact that papers are very visual. So you and your employees can easily monitor the amount of paper used daily.

· Scan received documents

A document scanner is a reasonable and an economic machine to have. It allows you to scan documents in any format.

Also, using PDF format means that you can easily use and store your documents. There are also lots of scanning applications available in most app stores.

· Sign your documents digitally

Many countries around the world now have laws that allows electronically signed documents to be legally valid just like any document signed with a pen.

Digital signing of documents can be done using a vast number of applications, it is also possible to send a PDF file with a digital signature.

· Encourage the use of online banking.

Ensure to request for a digital account statement or report from your financial institution. And if you are at all worried about missing a minute detail you can set up an alert in your account software.

· Implement the use of electronic invoicing

If you really want to keep a paperless office in 2019, implementing the use of electronic billing will be a step on the right path.

The electronic billing method may take a while for you to fully establish, and it may also require that you are extremely careful when choosing a high risk portal for payments.

Managing the finances of your office via the web only means that your payments will be faster and very easy to track. You will also be able to send your customers their receipt via email.

· Reinvent the key processes in your Business

Before you can fully reduce paper use you will first have to identify the key areas of your business that do not require the use of papers.

The easiest step to take is to generate reports solely in PDF format which means it can be viewed on any device connected to the web.

· Wrap -Up

There are countless merits of having a paper free office and in the coming year I sincerely hope that this information I have provided will help your office into becoming one of the best paper free offices around.

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