What are some the top – rated tools that lets you sign a PDF document?
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What are some the top – rated tools that lets you sign a PDF document?

Best Five Tools for Signing Pdf 

Many companies around the world have chosen to use electronic documents in their business processes.

The use of electronic documents like the PDF helps to cut down on the cost of using paper.

The old way of signing a PDF document was quite difficult because you will be required to print the PDF document and then sign it before finally scanning it into the computer.

The emergence of PDF signing tools has made it easy to sign a PDF document. The PDF signing tools are softwares that allows you to effectively sign your PDF documents online.

In this article I will be providing you with a list containing the top best five PDF signing tools that are sure to make life easier for you.

· FillAnyPDF

 It is no coincidence that this tool is the first on our list, this is because I personally feel this is the best PDF signing tool available.

The FillAnyPDF signing tool is actually a website where you can upload your blank PDF forms, fill them, then save or share with other persons.

It has one of the simplest and easy to use editors that has features like typing, signing, freehand writing, redacting, highlighting, printing, amongst others.

This site offers you a free account that is limited to just one user. It also allows you to save and share about five blank and fifty filled forms.

· Adobe Acrobat pro DC

This signing software is not just a PDF signing tool but it is the perfect software for PDF power users around the globe.

With this tool, you will be able to create and edit your PDF documents, change the page order and even protect PDFs uploaded online with a password.

The Adobe Acrobat pro DC is not free as it comes with a price of 14.99 dollars per month. But it comes with a free one week trial.

This software can be used on PC’s, Mack’s and it’s complimenting mobile phone apps.

To use this software you will be required to locate the forms and signatures header and pick the fill and sign option that is located just underneath the header.

Now, a small tool bar pops up. Then you select sign from it, you can now import a signature image or draw a signature.


· Hello Sign

The HelloSign integrates with popular applications like the Dropbox, OneNote, Google docs to add to user friendliness.

This tool allows in person signatures on browsers and mobile devices. To use this tool, first of all click on the icon that looks like the base of a downward arrow. Then, choose any of the options.

Next, upload the PDF file that needs signing. After uploading, click the fill out and sign option and then click the signature button, pick a desired signature and then click the insert button.

Whether signing with a mobile device or a PC, using this tool is pretty easy and straightforward.

· SignNow

The signNow works on a mobile device or browser. It offers legally valid signatures as well. However, you will be required to pay for the service after elapsing free trial.

To sign, click on the signature field and after doing this a pop up box will appear. This pop-up box allows you to type, draw or upload a signature or image.

· JotNotsignature

This is an iOS application that allows you to sign PDFs and also make basic annotations.

One of the best perks of the JotNot signature is the password protection available for individual files. This iOS app is also password protected.

This app grants you access to save signatures as well as allowing you to create new ones. You can also share signed documents via email or by uploading them on iCloud.

Believe me when I say this is the ideal application for anyone who wants to do more than just sign PDF documents. It is a reliable and efficient choice.

· Wrap – Up

The list I have provided above, gives you numerous options on how to sign your PDF documents.

However, it is important that before choosing a PDF tool you keep in mind the type of task and usage frequency.

Hopefully with the PDF signing tools options listed above, choosing the ideal PDF tool for you will become much easier.


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