Benefits of a PDF document
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Benefits of a PDF document

what are the advantages of a PDF document 

PDF which is an acronym for portable document format is a file format that was developed by Adobe in the early 1990s to present document, images and text formatting.

Adobe created this file format in a way that it could be used by practically any operating system. Anyone with basic computer knowledge will be able to convert files to PDF version as conversion can also be done online.

PDF is based on a PostScriptand each fileencapsulating a total description of a fixed document layout including text, vector graphics, raster images, fonts and any other information that is needed to display it.

The idea for creating PDF files was to make sure that you’d have a file format that would maintain its original fixed formatting, this is why it is especially useful for documents like flyers, magazine articles, product brochure or legal documents.

A PDF file usually contains just one or more page images which you can easily zoom in or out, you can also move the page forward or backward.

PDF comes with a lot of benefits, some of which I am going to be explaining below, without wasting much of your time let’s delve in.

· Document format is not altered 

Anyone who has been using word processors for a while now, should have noticed the problems most word processors have with sharing documents.

When you are sharing a document from one computer to the other, the formatting can be quite different. This difference in formatting can be very confusing as it may make you appear bad to a friend, client or colleague.

Using a PDF format saves you from any kind of confusionbecause PDF format will not alter the formatting of your document as it will remain exactly how it was made or prepared.

· Ubiquitous 

This is the most standard benefit of the PDF format. The PDF can be viewed or shared with any compatible device and thismeans you will be able to share a document with someone down the street or anywhere around the globe.

· The size is small compared to other format

High quality files tends to take large drive space especially if you have to work with limited storage resources.

The PDF format has a big advantage over many other format because of its ability of compressing high quality files to a relatively small size.

· Security 

The importance of security when it comes to document cannot be understated, as no one wants their confidential documents to be exposed to just anybody. The security feature of PDF is able to guarantee top security for your documents

This feature is especially important to businesses or individuals with valuable documents. The PDF files can be protected using a password and this gives you the ability to make sure your documents are safe from prying eyes.

· Easy to create 

Creating PDF document format is pretty easy and it will not take much of your time compared to other format. It is as easy as clicking a button on your mouse or even your mobile phone.

· It is portable

Every PDF file exists on its own away from operating system, hardware or software that is being used to view, convert or edit the PDF file. This Independence makes it very easy to transfer your files between computers of different software and hardware.

 Using a PDF file will guarantee that any document sent by you will reach its destination perfectly and without any form of error.

· Allows you to integrate non text elements 

Using PDFs means that you will be able to maintain those nice looking layout and provide your viewers with a useable link as well, that will open up in their web browser.

These non-text elements allows your documents or file layout to look presentable and inviting to your viewers. On the other hand the links provided can be accessed on practically any device with internet access be it a computer or a mobile phone.

· They are sure to not disappear 

Technology evolves at a really fast rate, but I am quite sure that PDFs will last for a long time and this is because the format has so much history and is so well known that it will take a really big shift in the way computing is done before anyone can start using a different standard.

This means investing in a PDF software will definitely be wise as you will be sure that you will be able to use it for many years to come.


· The document viewer is a freeware 

PDF files can be viewed and brought out as information using a freeware. An individual is able to download free from the web using computers or mobile devices. This means a shared document can be read freely by anyone.

· Full control over written content

This is yet another important feature of the PDF. Your intellectual property is protected all thanks to this feature. This means permission would have to be taken before a person can edit or change the content of your documents.

· Digital signing 

PDF allows you to send a document that requires the signature of your receiver, but disallows them from altering the content. This is very effective for contracts and internal signoff routing

· Cost effective

PDF is able to guarantee you effective and top notch services without costing you much as the softwareis usually cheap compared to other document format.

· Wrap – Up

Over the years a lot of people have been complaining about their saved or transferred data stolen, altered or corrected. And with spamming increasing rapidly, abuse and loss of data is on the rise.

If you wish to save your important data then I’d advise that you make it a priority to secure your files while sending or saving. This can be done simply by converting your word file into PDF format.

Because PDF is a read only data file it cannot be altered or changed by anyone apart from the creator and this explains why this format is widely used by business enterprises and companies.

PDF gives you a lot of advantages compared to other formats as you can make use of a PDF recovery tool to regain or retrieve your data saved in a corrupt PDF file effortlessly.

Hopefully this article has been able to answer every question you had about the PDF.


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