Some of the features of a PDF editor.
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Some of the features of a PDF editor.

 What are the key things to look for in a PDF editor? 

There are good reasons for using PDF file format, from top-level security this file type provides theinability to alter without leaving an electronic footprint and compatibility with multiple platforms.

However, PDF files aren't the most appropriate for editing. There are many other file formats that allow you to edit your document much easier and offer variety of features.

Nevertheless, PDF filescan be edited as well. Actually, there are many different ways to edit a PDF file.

Some limited editing can be done directly by using a free desktop PDF reader. For, instance you can erase parts of your PDF, add highlights, texts, shapes,and comments.

Next, you can try using some desktop PDF software or some PDF online to Word converter. That way you will be able to make all necessary edits in .docx format and then convert the document back in PDF form.

You can also use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software in case you want to edit a PDF that was created from an image or a scanner. This OCR technology namely reads characters and converts them into editable text.

Last but not least, PDF editor is an option that allows you to perform many editing tasks that are usually not possible if using a simple PDF reader.

As a result, depending on your requirements, PDF editormight be the best possibility if you want to edit a document.

Presented below are thus some of the key features ofPDF editor that a good PDF editor simplymust have.

 Key PDF editor features

1. Price

As with every product, price is important when one is deciding which PDF editor to choose. There are numerous free PDF editor software available online right now.

But this doesn't necessarily mean that you should always go for the free one. Good free software for editing is really hard to come by.

And even if you manage to find a good free PDF editor that provides all features you were looking for, there is a good possibility that that thiskind of PDF editor leaves your document with unsightly watermarks.

Consequently, spending a little amount of money for a top of the class PDF editorisn't always a bad idea, especially if you are planning to use such tool professionally as well.

Try, therefore, to find out what is the lowest priced PDF writer on the market right now that will allow you to gain access to a number of high-end features.

2. Data security

As you are often working with sensitive information, whether it be your business or personal life, you definitelydon't want to share it with any intruders.

One of the most important PDF editor featuresyou should check out is security.

Especially when it comes to PDF online converters, there usually isn't much that prevents hackers to access documents that you have uploaded intentionally in order to convert them into other file formats.

You, therefore, want to check whether your account, if you have one, and documents are password protected so no one will be able to access your account and data without your permission.

In addition, if this information is available, try to figure out if your PDF editor is encrypted and how it is done so.

For instance, some of the best PDF editors use 256-bit SSL encryption method that makes it practically impossible to break into and are thus completely safe.

Lastly, if you are using an online PDF editor, there is always a good chance servers might get down or broken into.

Company that provides servers should, therefore, have backup power and secure the facility in which servers are located with the most strict security measures.

3. Digital signature

Being able to digitally sign a PDF document is a really useful feature that not many PDF editors provide.

Especially for vibrant business, digital signing might even be a necessity that enables all persons involved to sign a document whenever and wherever they are.

Having signatories in different parts of the world is a pretty common occurrence nowadays and can be easily fixed by using a proper digital signature tool.

Not many people know that not all PDF editors allow you to make a legally binding signature.

Depending on the country legislation, you might want to make sure that PDF editor of your choice produces legal effects.

In the United States,for instance, compliance with E-Sign legislation is necessary if you want to ensure your digital signature is fully valid and equal to hand-written signature.

4. Compatibility

Another important PDF editor feature that not many people pay attention to is its compatibility.

When choosing the right PDF editing software you need to make sure you can use any PDF standard.There are namely 8 different PDF standards and each one of them serves its unique purpose.

A good PDF editor allows you to use any PDF standard and regardless of the software that was used to make the PDF.

In addition, PDF editor of your choice has to work well with the file formats, most notably with Microsoft Word (.docx).

5. Tools

Activities such as filling out a PDF form, adding comments and highlights, and limited text edits are available by solely using PDF readers.

A PDF editor should thus provide some additional tools like variable font sizes and colors, the possibility to redact, whiteout and add images, and drawing tools.

All these features can't be found in regular PDF readers and, therefore, present advanced options that might come useful at some time.

There are many PDF editors that can be found online. To help you with often time-consuming search of the ideal one,FillAnyPDFmight possibly be the software you are looking for.

It is the lowest priced PDF editor on the market that provides the best possible security and legally valid digital signatures.

In addition, many other feature like Collect Multiple Signatures, View Completed Forms, and complete compatibility make this PDF editor the most desirable for organizing your workflow.

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