In depth information on common PDF signing mistakes
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In depth information on common PDF signing mistakes

What Mistakes are People making in signing Online PDFs

PDFs has proven to be a great way of sharing and preserving the authenticity of a document.

Any PDF user may have ended up needing to sign a PDF document instead of going through the inconvenient way of printing and then scanning back online.

An electronic signature is a data in an electronic form, this electronic data is associated with any other form of electronic data .  It is used by the signatory to sign.

E- signature have the same legal position and value with a hand written signature, provided it corresponds to the requirements of the particular regulation it was created under.

Signing online PDFs has become much easier over the years, as there are various PDF signing tools available to sign a PDF online.

But there are few mistakes that usually occur when signing PDF documents online.. Written below are the mistakes.

· Inconsistency in the date

Most electronic signature services makes use of time stamps on the signatures immediately after creation.

This time stamp  helps to mark the date and in some cases the particular time a signature was created or agreed.

In rare occasions when the date on the signed pdf time stamps does not correspond with the date on the signed form.This mistake can lead to lots of problems.

It is therefore very important for persons signing a PDF document to pay close attention when they are imputing signature on a document.

A scenario where this can be seen is when an organization's relationship is established with a seller and this seller’s brokerage agreement is completed and becomes effective from February 1st.

However, a mistake on the seller’s signature time stamp makes it show February 5th.

This therefore leads you to believe that the agreement was signed after the effective date and that technically the agreement was not ascertained until when it was signed on February 15.

The short version of everything written above is simply that, the PDF signing mistake leads one to believe the brokerage did not receive consent to market and represent the seller on the effective date.

· Inconsistent signature

Signatures on a PDF document is more or less the same with the regular old pen and paper signing.

A regular mistake most people make when signing a PDF document is the irregularity in the way the signature is signed.

It is essential for persons who are using a PDF signing to try as much as possible to master a particular signature to avoid any problems.

I am pretty sure you have heard of stories about how a person was arrested over signature forgery.

The truth is, many of those cases are just wrong arrest of person who couldn’t sign a PDF document consistently.

· Using image as a signature

This doesn’t really apply to every body signing a PDF. It’s more about the persons who use it for official reasons.

So, it is okay if you want to send your image signed PDF to your friend.

However, when you’re signing a PDF document for official reasons ensure you do not make the same mistake most people make by signing your document with an image.

This is a big deal as most email provider  and devices have a default setting that doesn’t allow them view images. That means your client or boss may not see your image signature.

· Wrap - Up

The use of electronic signature when it come to PDF documents has made life much easier.

Now, you do not have to go through the rigours of printing a document then signing before scanning the signed document back into the computer.

But like with most technology, signing with the PDF can be little frustrating because of the little mistakes that you may make along the way.

Hopefully, this carefully written article has provided the necessary information on the little mistakes you may face when you are signing a PDF document.

And I also sincerely hope that I was also able to help you out in preventing those mistakes.

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