Are digitally signed PDF documents safe?
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Are digitally signed PDF documents safe?

Are digitally signed PDF documents safe?

Digitally signed PDF documents are a great technological innovation allowing, mostly businesses, to acquire necessary signatures without the need for physical presence of everyone involved.

A technological innovation that is, most importantly, convenient in everyday situations.

Imagine yourself in a position where an important, let's say legal, document needs to be signed by your boss as soon as possible. Nothing out of the ordinary here, numerous documents are being signed every day.

The trouble is, your boss is on a business meeting or a trip and can not physically return to the office that day at all. Let's say he is in some faraway place. This situation again is pretty common in today's business environment.

Is there anything that can be done in order to solve this issue and to avoid losing hefty amount of money because of, for instance, lost litigation?

To enable your boss to digitally sign PDF document can be essential in these kinds of situations.

In addition, online signatures can be advantageous in all other cases as technology brings some inherent characteristics not typical for physical or analogous signatures. But more about these features later.

What probably deters you from using digitally signed PDF documents is the fear from unknown and from the abuse of this technology.

This article will, therefore, try to point out what digitally signed PDF documents are, whether they are safe, and how to properlydigitally sign PDF document.

What are digitally signed PDF documents? 

Digitally signed PDF documents are basically PDF documents that are being electronically signed and which represent the act of authenticating your own identity and acknowledging the declaration of will.

As such, electronic signatures are completely legally binding as they represent an equivalent to an handwritten signature.

Electronic signatures can take different forms. From simply typing a name on a electronic document, personal identification numbers, to scanned images of a handwritten signature pasted into a document.

They all are legally binding as far as they fulfill the identification and authentication function (take a closer look at Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act –E-SIGNActif you are interested in this in a more detailed way).

This relatively new method enables businesses, other entities and individuals to sign for legally binding documents.

 What are the advantages of digitally signed PDF documents? 

As has been previously established, online signatures are completely viable option when signing a document.

But why would you do this in the first place? Apart from the situation from the beginning of this text, there are plenty additional reasons tosign PDF document online.

Firstly, with electronic signatures, you don't have to constantly print paper in order just to sign the document and then scan it again. Therefore, if you digitally sign PDF document, you will be able to save a lot of time and money.

What is more, each document can be signed by multiple people at the same time and all of their signaturescan be seen online and at all times.

Apart from being an effective solution in certain tense situations, where signature is needed promptly, electronic signatures are suitable due to their speedy, money saving and ecological characteristics.

Are digitally signed PDF documents safe? 

And now to the main question of this article. Are online signatures safe at all? What is preventing others from using my digital signature from across the world if I am able to do the same?

The answer depends on the circumstances. In theory, anyone could potentially steal your electronic signature and use it as their own. Such signature could be then used for various, not so convenient for you, purposes.

But then again, anyone could use your physical or analogous signature as well. These kinds of signatures are just as unsafe as your digital one.

You have probably signed hundreds of documents over the course of your life. And how many times has your signature been confiscated by now? The answer is probably never, or atleast you have no knowledge of such occurrences.

Similarly is with online signatures. They can, in theory, be replicated but this usually doesn't happen. I know this might seem pretty ignorant, especially if you are running an important business.

Do not let this deter you from using electronic signature. They are probably even safer these days as they can be traced back to the person they originate from.

But there is much more that can be done in order to securedigital signatures as there are many ways to secure your digital identity to some further extent.

Digitally sign PDF document with is a website that enables you to sign PDF document. And not only this, you are able to fill and send various forms as well. All that can be done online.

But this is for another topic. What is relevant here is that FillyAnnyPDF allows you to sign forms simply by writing and typing your name.

Additionally, FillAnnyPDF provides the necessary traceability in order the digital signature could be considered as valid and compliant with E-SIGN Act.

If you want to furtherly improve identity verification, you can also take your own photo during the signing procedure.

What is particularly compelling with FillAnyPDF is its broad applicability. Any PDF version and even Microsoft Word can be used for online signatures, regardless of the software used to make it.

Furthermore, this online tool allows you to collect multiple, up to 10, signatures at once by sending just one shared PDF.

You might wanted to bring the security issue back again. You don't have to worry about that as FillAnyPDF takes its security measurements pretty seriously.

Your account and all your documents are protected with a password so no one without your granted permission will be able to access your data.

In addition, their whole website is encrypted with 256-bit SSL encryption. Even the fastest supercomputer in the world would take millions of years to crack this encryption.

As if that were not enough, all FillAnyPDF servers are located in advanced, SAS 70 Type ll, buildings with special security and backup power.

To sum up, if you decide to digitally sign PDF document, you will save time, money, precious trees and will be able to sign a document from anywhere. But this might not always be completely safe.

If you, on the other hand,  sign PDF document online, using, you will not onlyachieve all the abovementioned effects.

You will also be able to sign PDF documents without using any software and in accordance with the latest safety standards. Signing PDF documents with this method is therefore absolutely safe and valid.


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