Why is there a growing need for online signatures.
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Why is there a growing need for online signatures.

What are benefits of online signatures?

Every single day, businesses from all over the world conduct their operations by signing important business documents online.

But what are digital signatures in the first place, how do they work, and most importantly, what are the benefits of digital signatures?

Whether you are signing a mortgage, a vendor contract or something completely different, online signatures can offer compelling benefits to every business, no matter the size.

Online signaturescan save you a lot of time and money and consequently increase your revenue and productivity. Therefore, a strong case for adopting this new technology should be made.

What are digital signatures essentially? 

Digital signatures are encrypted numbers or letters that present the authenticity of a document or other digital message.

If a digital signature is valid, it gives the recipient confidence that the document was created by an authenticated sender, that sender most certainly sent the message (non-repudiation), and that the message couldn't possibly be altered.

Digital signatures are frequently used to implement electronic signature, which is a broader term and includes an electronic data that is devoted to represent the intent of a signature.

As such, electronic and digital signatures are legally valid and have legal significance in many jurisdictions, including the United States and European Union.

Just like with physical or analogous signatures, a digital signature can only be connected with a particular person. Think of it like some kind of a fingerprint.

Online digital signatures are simply digital signatures that don't require you to download any software and enable you to use their characteristics by internet access, from anywhere in the world.

A distinctive feature of online signature is that more people at once can work on the same document and signing or editing procedures are thus made even more efficient.

What are benefits of online signatures?

1. Security

Unlike many people would think, online signatures are much more secure than handwritten signatures.

Why? Everyone can more or less successfully falsify an analogous signature. Due to heavy encryption methods that usually encompass digital signatures, something similar is practically impossible.

Even the most advanced supercomputer would take millions of years to crack the code.

You usually lock paper documents in a special cabinet or separate room. But such precautionary measures donot provide you the best security.

Even a regular burglar with no particular skill could break into one of these places and tamper with the document.

And even when a paper document would be altered, you wouldn't know exactly which document, if any has been altered as there most probably wouldn't be any trace.

With online signatures, on the other hand, you are able to know exactly what document, when, and how it has been altered. And with some further investigation, even who did it.

To conclude, digital signatures provide you with much more strict security options and should be therefore be a preferable option.

2. Saves time

Have you ever had to print a document only to sign it, scan it, and then send it back? This is completely unnecessary with online signatures.

With digital signatures, only few clicks of a button suffice to validly sign a document. Additionally, if a person who ought to sign an important document isn't present at the place of signing, he or she could easily sign it wherever he/ she is.

No need to drive across the country for a simple signing as the same could be done from the comfort of an armchair.

Not to mention the fact that several people could sign or work on the same document at the same time.

3. Save money

Time equals money therefore even the abovementioned reasons help you with saving money. But there are additional cost-saving effects with online signature that have to be mentioned.

Firstly, you won't need to buy an excessive amount of paper and ink nor have to pay ridiculous amount of money every month for printing services.

Furthermore, you will be able to get paid faster, as when first person digitally signs the document, the software automatically routes the document to the next signer.

As a result, many businesses reported that digital signatures sped up their sales cycles by up to four times.

The payback period is thus one of the shortest and most consistent in terms of any IT investment.

As has been found out by the recent AIIM report, more 80 percent of digital signature users have experienced a payback within a year budget cycle. What is more, one-fourth of them saw ROI in three months or less.

4. Saves space

Documents usually have to be stored for a longer period of time in case they need to be subjected to any governmental organizations review in the future.

Therefore, paper files can occupy a significant part of an area that could be otherwise used for something more productive.

Additionally, you could even run out of area to store documents and would be required to pay for an extra storage facility, exclusively because of paper files.

Luckily, with online signatures this is no longer a problem and a lot of room and costs can be thus saved.

5. Go green

Sustainable development isn't just a recent trend, it should be a way of everything we do, including conducting business.

By not using so much paper anymore, you are not only doing a favor to theenvironment, you are also doing something beneficialfor your company.

Many business partners and customers are specifically alert to businesses that give a specific emphasis on the protection of the environment and will appreciate your gesture.

Have these reasons persuaded you into using an online signature software? Check FillAnyPdf.com that, besides digital signatures, offers many additional features concerning the PDF documents editing.

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