What are the technological trends that will be taking 2019 by a storm.
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What are the technological trends that will be taking 2019 by a storm.

Digital trends to look out for in 2019 

As 2018 is slowly saying farewell and 2019 is approaching mercilessly, we take a look at some of the upcoming digital trends in 2019.

We are always looking for the latest trends, whether it be fashion, or something completely different like technology.

But why is so? Is following the crowd really only something we were taught when were kids and are now subconsciously replicating this behavior without properly reflecting our views?

Not at all. We are mostly trends followers because we like to identify ourselves with a particular group or society in general.

What is more, trends can be quite beneficial as a significant number of people already found and confirmed certain product or a way of behaving.

There is safety in numbers after all.

But keeping up with the latest trends is also keeping up with the latest requirements. In business environment, the latter might often be crucial.

Some of the most notable digital trends in 2019, which will hopefully help you to stay ahead of the curve, are thus set out below.

Document formatting

Document formatting in this context refers to process of converting one document format into another format type.

Document formatting is particularly handy in cases when you want to use various characteristics of different file formats.

For example, you want to create content in Microsoft Word's .docx format as it offers the best range of tools for content creation and editing.

But in case you want to share this content with others, .docx might not be the best choice. With this file format namely, it is easy to interfere with the created content as well as hard to distribute it because of its significant file size.

PDF format is, therefore, much more suitable for document sharing as it is pretty compact and hard to edit. Even if such alteration occurs, there can always be determined who did it. Something that isn't possible with .docx.

So why should document formatting be one of the digital trends in 2019?

Most notably, because it is free and easy to do. There are countless PDF converters that are able to convert one file format into another file format.

Whether it be an online version or softwarethat needs to be downloaded, nothing prevents you from using it.

Converter that allows you to change document formats is thus something every business and individual should use.

Document management trends

Document management is one of the most acute problem of today's businesses as documents easily amount to huge piles of files which are impossible to control.

It has been established by recent IDC report that document management deprives businesses of more than one-fifth of their overall productivity or almost 20,000 U.S. dollars annually per every employee.

This number is frightening and is only bound to increase if nothing would be done in this area. Is there anything at all that can be done?

More and more businesses are beginning to discover a new way of managing documents called document management system.

This is basically a computer system or software that helps you with organizing, controlling and storing electronic documents and scanned pictures of physical documents.

Furthermore, such systems often use artificial intelligence and machine learning and allow you to increase the workflow efficiency.

What are some other advantages of this, one of the most important digital trends in 2019?

There are many. For instance, cloud-based documents enable you and your colleagues to review and edit documents in real-time.

Because paper files are no longer required, you can restore much of previously used space and use it for something more effective like new desk or coffee machine.

If you start using document management systems you won't have to buy excessive amounts of office equipment, especially paper and ink.

As almost 7 hours per week are spent on doing paperwork, you will now be able to save a lot of time and will produce higher output in other business areas.

By not having to buy large quantities of paper, you will do something beneficial for the nature as well. A feature that is also great for attracting customers and business partners.

All the abovementioned and many other benefits can amount to a substantial comparative advantage in today's fierce business competition.

Document management trends are moving increasingly in the digital direction. Make sure you don't miss this unique opportunity.

Digital signing of documents

Digital signing of documents is another one of the hottest upcoming digital trends in 2019 as it allows you to sign a document without actually being physically present.

As there are a lot of business trips nowadays, this trend is not only convenient but might be even necessary in certain situations.

Digitally signed PDF documents are essentially documents that are being electronically signed.

Such electronic signings can take different forms. From personal identification numbers to scanned images of physical signature that are later copied into a document.

These electronic signatures are as legally binding as physical or analogous ones. So long, at least, as they fulfill the identification and authentication function.

Digital signing of documents brings some crucial advantages to your business. Most notably in cases, where a document has to be signed by a person who isn't physically present at the place of signing.

In addition, each document can be digitally signed by several people at once and all of their signaturescan be seen online at all times.

Furthermore, if you digitally sign a document, you no longer have to print paper, sign it, and then scan it in order to send the signed document in digital format.

Therefore, you are able to spare a lot of precious time and money, as well as being ecologically informed.

There are many online options to digitally sign a document. Such options are especially preferred as no software is needed.

Visit one of those online websites that enable you to digitally sign a document and enter into the future now.


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