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Best online PDF converters for your documents.

Top 10 Best Free Online PDF Converters for your documents

It's easy to find a tool that enables you to convert Word to PDF files and vice versa. It is also pretty simple to find such tool for free. The difficult part,as always, is to find a great free online PDF converter.

We all found ourselves in a situation where a certain document had to be submitted in a specific type of file.

Whether it be your seminar paper, diploma paper, job application, or even electronic legal application, the fact is that more and more institutions require you to submit a document in PDF form.

There are several reasons for that:

· PDF documents are universal and can thereforebe viewed on any device.

· PDF can't be altered without leaving an electronic footprint. Electronic document is thus admissible in a court of law only in PDF and other similar formats.

· Every document is easily converted into PDF.

· Any file can be converted in PDF without sacrificing quality.

· PDF files can be compressed substantially.

· Most PDF readers, unlike other formats, are free.

· Many additional reasons.

So what should you do once you have written your text in Word document in case someone wants you to submit it in PDF form?

Simply find one of many Word to PDF free online converters and convert Word to PDF document.

1. SmallPDF

SmallPDF online is probably the most widely usedfree online PDF converter that enables you to convert or create PDFs in a single place. This PDF converter supports several types of documents, most notably Word.

Conversion process is completely uncomplicated. All you need to do is upload your file into PDF converter and download the converted version once the process is completed.

The only issue with SmallPDF is that you can't upload more than one file at a time.

SmallPDF works thoroughly on all popular browsers and devices. They have recentlyeven partnered with Solid Documents to ensure best PDF conversion quality.

Although uploading your file online can be quite dangerous because of hackers, this PDF converter uses 256-bit encryption method to prevent any security breaches. In addition, all files are being automatically destroyed.

2. is another free online PDF converter that allows you to convert multiple document types into PDF and vice versa as well as other options, such us to merge, split, compress, rotate and delete PDF pages.

This PDF converter is similarly easy to use. All you need to do is drag the wanted file to the site and wait until it converts into the wanted version.

What you might find problematic with this site is that the free version requires you to wait at least 60 minutes in order to convert the file.

If you want the conversion to be completed immediately, a registration and payment is required. Admittedly though, registration enables you to use plenty of tools, not just PDF converter.

3. ToPDF

ToPDF is an online tool that enables you to convert Word to PDF and various other types of documents.

To use this PDF converter select the wanted conversion format and upload up to 20 documents. After the conversion process is complete, download files one by one, or in a ZIP archive.

This site seems easy to use and effective. Everything you need in a good PDF converter.

4. Online OCR

OCR stands for optical character recognition as this free online PDF converter uses optical recognition to identify text in a PDF. OCR, therefore, works with original files as well as with scanned documents.

The site can be used for free to convert up to 15 files or pages per hour. If you want to convert more pages or use other features, registration is required.

Online OCR is limited to uncomplicated documents and designs. With more advanced Word documents, for instance, text on colored backgrounds might not be identified and breaks might not be used.

This PDF converter is very impressive nonetheless.

5. PDF Online

PDF Onlne is a popular free online PDF converter enabling you to convert Word to PDF and vice versa.

Simplicity of its use is reflected in the fact that you only need to upload the document with one simple click and conversion will be completed automatically and quickly.

There are no major limitations when using this tooland the quality of conversion is more than satisfactory.

As opposed to other PDF converters, PDF Online doesn't even require you to register or submit your emailadress.

6. Convertio

Convertio is a great online conversion tool able to convert a wide range of files as it supports numerous file formats.

Convertio lets you upload files from your computer, Dropbox, Google Drive oreven via URL. Files that have been converted after the upload can then be downloaded directly to your computer or can be sent to email or cloud storage.

This is a great looking and working PDF converter. The only negative property is its upload capacity as you can only upload documents with up to 100 MB file size.

7. PDFtoWord

This free online PDF converter is a tool from a popular NItro software company dedicated to converting Word to PDF files.

After being uploaded, your Word document will be automatically converted. You will need to provide your email address as this is the only way to download the converted file.

Another not so positive feature about PDFtoWord is that you are only allowed to upload one file at a time.

8. IlovePDF

IlovePDF is a comprehensive conversion tool that offers you the possibility to compress, merge, split, convert PDF files as well as some other PDF tools.

Apart from its appealing name, IlovePDF is a great PDF converter with no alterations to the formatting and automatic download once the conversion is completed.

All-inclusive and easy to use features allow you to convert Word to PDF without any troubles and with joy.

9. Online2PDF

Online2PDF is a free online conversion tool enabling a wide variety of different conversions, including from Word to PDF.

This PDF converter allows customization by permitting you to set desired preferences.

Constraints with using Online2PDF are limited to file size as it can't exceed 100 MB individually and 150 MP combined as well as to number of files that can be uploaded at once (20).

10. Convert Online Free

Convert Online Free is a free online PDF converter which offers completely free service of converting Word to PDF files.

Although its interface looks a bitoutdated, it still offershigh-quality conversion without losing pictures and requiring any personal information.

This PDF converter might take a little longer to complete the conversion. Once the file is finally converted, you are able to download it with ease.

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