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How can you edit a PDF like a word document?


Can you edit a PDF like a word document?

PDF has to be the most popular way that people share documents. But many times it does not allow you to get the quality you want. You cannot edit, delete or add things before printing or sending.

Whether you work in an office situation or you are a freelancer, you must have had to edit a PDF document at one point or the other.

For most people, this is a nightmare because you imagine that you have to get software for it. This is not only costly but also time-consuming.

Let us now look at some of the options you have for editing.

Use Adobe Acrobat to edit PDF documents

This is the oldest method of editing PDF documents.However, you first need to buy the pro version and pay for a subscription.

Adobe Acrobat has tools that enable you to edit your document like it is a word document but the document gets to keep its format and font integrity. It is also straightforward to use and has a tutorial when you buy the package.

For most people, the price of the pro version of Adobe Acrobat may not be affordable and is definitely not convenient in an emergency.

The best thing about Adobe would have to be that unlike converting to word it has an OCR feature that allows you to edit documents that aren't typed such as scanned documents written by hand.

Convert PDF documents to word to edit

The other more famous method of editing the PDF documents. It is a bit better than Adobe because it is free and anyone can use it.

However, it may take some time because you have first to convert the document to word, edit it and then convert it back to PDF.

There are many options for editing PDF documents. You can get software that you can use offline, or you can use an online PDF converter.

Editing using Office 365

The newest version of Office 365 enables you to import and edit PDF documents in word. This is just like converting the document to Word and then editing it.

While this is an easy way to edit your documents, it can also have its limitations. Since you are editing it as a word document, you may lose font integrity. You will not get the original document back.

Lines, textboxes and spacing may also be messed up by this editing method.

Edit PDF documents online with

This is by far the best method you can use to edit a PDF document. There are numerous of these on the internet, and we also have a fantastic PDF online tool.

With this one, you don’t need to convert documents. All you need to do is you create your document, and the options for what you can do with it are endless.

Our PDF editor not only allows you to edit PDF documents, but it also allows you to permit other people to edit them.

If you have PDF documents that require signing, this editor also allows you to edit them and send it to other people to sign as well.

It also allows you to create fillable PDFs that you can let other people fill in

But what about security?

Well, you can put expiration dates on your PDF documents, and they can only be edited by people you allow and for a specific amount of time. When the period is up, the document can no longer be edited.

Final words

There is so much pressure on people to create error-free, well-formatted documents. One of the ways to ensure your documents maintain their formatting is by using PDFs. The only issue with that is PDF documents are also some of the worst documents to edit, but it is possible to edit them.

Thankfully technology has come far, and now you can edit PDF documents without software that cost an arm and a leg.

We would like to hear from you. Do you edit PDF documents often? What are some of the PDF struggles you have? What should your ideal PDF editor be like?

Comment down below and let us help you have a more seamless PDF editing experience.



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