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Go Paperless: Paper is slowing down Your Business

Going Paperless Can Make Your Premise More Fruitful: The Benefits of Paperless Office Software

The paperless idea is not entirely new, having been integrated since the 70s and showing no sign of ever ceasing. 

It is a wise idea in the context of nurturing our environment, especially in this era of technology and a lot of emissions increasing the carbon footprint.

Reducing the carbon footprint by taking on paperless office software improves team efficiency and saves the office on a lot of costs associated with paper.

Statistics on the downsides of paper 

Looking deeper into statistics, experts claim that an average of 10,000 sheets of papers are used per year by a worker at the cost of $80 per annum. Cost aside, dealing with heaps of paper is quite an uphill task.

The U.N has predicted that the usage of paper will only continue to rise, with an expected increase of 50%, which only means the paper trail will continue to go higher.

Remember it's not only about the paper but also the additional costs associated with them, including printing, storage, equipment, faxing, postage, Team hours.

This affects your office's budget, which may slow down the progress of your projects. Luckily for you, this article, we'll take a look at the advantages of going paperless and its positive impact to the team office workflow.

Discover some paperless office benefits 


It can be overwhelming to imagine all the costs associated with the use of paper in the office: office machine, Toner cartridges, maintenance and troubleshooting and reams of printing paper. These are a very high-cost addition to the office budget.

Smaller expenses such as sticky notes, pens, paper clips, and the cost of recycling or trashing the paper over the year lead to high numbers at the end of the year.

When you quit depending on paper in the office, it reduces costs, and you gain control of your budget. You can bring incentive programs to your teams such as Retreats, Training, gatherings, and office gifts.

Are you looking to go paperless? Start now by reviewing your paper budget to determine what costs you can cut off. Discuss with your team on how you can implement the paperless idea in the office and explain to them the perks of doing so.


The team's efficiency in the office is measured by the amount of quality work they produce in time.
Time is, therefore, an essential resource in the office, and it is critical to watch out for programs and actions that drain valuable office time.

By going digital, you can conserve on time taken to perform paper operations, which in turn increases the team's efficiency since they can focus on producing more quality work.

Consider a scenario where you have stacked piles of paper, and you need to locate a client's file from the stack. It may be simpler if you have an excellent filing system, but if you lack it, then it becomes a time draining problem.

By scanning your documents and storing them in the cloud or local storage, you can access and retrieve the necessary document in the nick of time.

It is as simple as entering the document's search terms then the computer does the retrieving for you. Efficient! Right?

Another perk of using digital documents is that it enables you to send the documents easily through email and other online file transfer methods.

Seamless Collaboration. 

Team collaboration is essential for the members to stay on par with each other's progress.

Needless to say, using online-based services such as Evernote, Google Drive, and slack enhances the team's collaboration since every team member has access to the documents associated with the office's project.

As an owner of a creative agency, often you are faced by the problem of version control.
Instead of passing around a hard-copy of the document around the team, you can use a tool like Google docs that tracks comments and their source whenever the document is updated.

Paperless office ideas like these will save your team's time since you will have everyone's feedback in the least time. Google docs highlights every change in the doc.

Efficient Management of information 

It can be a hustle trying to manage a lot of data stored as hard-copy papers, especially when you are hiring: employers contracts, healthcare booklets, and government forms. It can mean reviewing a load of paperwork.

Truthfully, most employers discard the documents and seek online information about what they want to know.

Digital copies of this information goes a long way to enhance the efficiency to track your employees' information. Should a new hire come in, simply copy the document and transfer it by USB or email.

Also, use case  when is when the health benefits of an employee changes, he/she gets a promotion or any process that might need them to sign a new document, going digital makes it efficient and straightforward to update, share and search

Reduces Office Waste 

It goes without saying the most obvious perk of going paperless. The less paper, files, pens, Toner cartridges you use in the office, the less there is to dispose of.

It is wise to remain Eco-friendly even as we upgrade on equipment in this era of technology. Keeping less paper trail is also crucial for the security practices of your company.

Saving critical company documents on a secure server keeps them safe from the prying eyes of the public and competitors. Throwing away hard-copy documents always leads to leaks of critical business information about your business or employees.

You may opt for shredding the documents or incinerating them, but this adds costs that can be avoided by undertaking digital ways.

It doesn't matter what the size of your office is, going paperless will increase your team's efficiency, collaboration and also save on the budget.

More office space

If you are using the paper system, your office is probably full of cabinets stacked with files. The cabinets take up a lot of office space depending on the size of your document archive.

Digital documents take up very little memory space in memory disks and can, therefore, be stored in higher numbers, not to mention the physical space this is going to save.


You not only protect the environment if you go paperless but also to save your company in terms of cost reduction. The concept is using less paper, not going entirely paperless, which goes a long way in keeping the office cleaner, more space, enhance organization, increasing team efficiency, and efficient communication.

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