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Doing Your Math Right: Digital Signatures Equals Better Customer Experience

e Signature for Business: Impressing Your Customers 

Customer experience, best known as CX, has been an exciting and hot topic in recent years as marketers and business owners work to improve the way they interact with their prospects.

The critical thing to remember is that customer experience begins at first contact with the company and proceeds through the relationship and e signature for business is one way to go.

Customer experience is usually structured under marketing. However, that's got to change with this tech-savvy era as businesses hurry to digitize operations.

The current aim is to improve the experience across all teams involved in a business transaction, including investors, customers, vendors, and employees alike.

As a business owner, quit seeing customer experience as a short term solution to marketing but rather as an excellent opportunity to build a strong foundation for your business success. By doing so, you will scale up the competition with your counterparts offering the same products or services.

A recent report by Ernst and Young shows that 41 % of prospects open bank accounts based on customer service and experience. This shows how customer expectations are changing across financial services as well as other industries.

It is therefore vital to begin concentrating on improving your customer service by starting with simple steps such as
integrating the E-signature system in your business's architecture.

The Impact of Digital signatures To The Service chain 

Customer experience can be classified in the following classification:
Quality operations
Employee interaction
Customer satisfaction
Loyalty retention
Brand reputation and advocacy

It is also known as the service chain methodology since each segment builds up from the previous one. Regardless of the quality of a product or service, a brand can suffer much because of poor customer reception.

In this era of an ultra-connected world, going digital is the order of the day for most companies. They opt to go digital due to the tremendous cost savings it provides.

However, it also rules out face-to-face interactions, which may result in fewer points of contact with customers. This way, companies face the challenge of exploiting the benefits of digitizing while maintaining a personal touch.

Companies can tackle this challenge head-on by integrating the e-signature in the sales process, which will ensure personal touch is preserved, and customer experience improves significantly.

Customer Experience begins with a signature 

Of late, poor customer experience has become a stumbling block for the success of most businesses. With customers having different expectations each day, companies should find a way to keep up with these changes and facilitate customer interaction.

Businesses that are still using papers are inconveniently slow since most customers don't have printers at home. In this digital age, customers are insisting on keeping everything digital to guarantee convenient and friction-free experience.

A customer is likely to select a service provider that offers quick and easy services with digital assistance, as opposed to businesses that still require hand-written signatures.

An electronic signature benefits not only the seller but also the customers. It saves them from having to scan, print, create new logins, or add new software.

Customers appreciate the speed and efficiency of the contract-signing process, which ensures that contracts are red-lined, approved, and executed in days. Companies using the electronic signature streamline not only their operations but also the speed and ease of negotiation.

Electronic Signatures for Business and CX 

Go paperless! Customers love it 

Paper processes drain the efficiency of the company due to the numerous processes associated including;

Scanning and faxing
Maintenance of printers
Storage and destruction of documents

Vendors, customers, and employees alike experience inevitable delays due to these slow paper processes. Currently, companies and businesses are
striving to digitize their operations and reduce the number of paper processes in the office.

In result, this will improve efficiency, agility, and cost savings and significantly transform the customer experience. The e-signature system is one of the ways to achieve digital transformation. Streamline operations by adopting digital documents and reducing paper.

Document signatures go hand in hand with the implementation of digital documents. It is an effortless way for your company to sign policies, authenticate, and secure documents.

Another layer of security

In the current business world, security is critical to everyone from the business owner to the recipient of the service or product. If a service is digital but has poor security, it is seen as a considerable risk by customers, and this affects the business as a whole.

By implementing electronic signature for small business, you relieve yourself the burden of worrying about security. But you have to make upgrades to stay on the safe side.

Efficiency in accessing and signing documents anywhere

Mobile devices have become a must-have device for everyone, from kids to adults. In business, smartphones are not used to communicate, but also power activities such as document signing.

If your business is tech-oriented, you should acknowledge that the enterprise mobile mindset is an essential component in digital transformation and the success of the brand as a whole.

Your employees and clients should be able to access and sign documents from a range of devices with different apps and software from anywhere in the world.

Quick transactions and Streamlined Workflow

The flow of work in the office matters and contributes a lot to the overall success of the brand, business, or company. By integrating E-signature in transactions, you get paid faster, especially if the accounts require multiple signatures.

Documents are easily shared across the required signing parties without the delay of downloading, scanning, and faxing the document.

This feature gives you more time to concurrently generate new business and nurture your clients while you make profits. Moreover, E-signatures go a long way in improving team workflow since you can track documents and follow up whether they've been edited or not.


The digital signatures allows users to
prepare, send, and manage documents more comfortably and faster than using traditional paper, which saves more time to build relationships and advice prospects.

Besides, the workflow can be made easier by linking the E-signature system with a CRM system that allows users to retrieve customer data and contracts without a hassle.

Such convenience eliminates the need to check paperwork and redo due to errors, hence adding more and more time for the management of customers.

Final note

Companies can use the e-signature technology to personalize most of their digital processes as well as transactions to deliver services to clients anytime, anywhere, and on any device. By making customer interactions more straightforward, clients applaud you, and you get referred to other clients, thus increasing your clientele base.

Go digital today by meeting all your electronic signature business requirements and make it easy to satisfy clients anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

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