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Small Business Tips: Simple Ways to Automate Your Business Processes


Affordable Business Process Automation

For most business owners, the thought of automating business processes comes with speculations of complex and costly transformations.

Some automation initiatives indeed require considerable time and investment to achieve.

But you can always begin with some simple easy-to-implement tips that do not require a considerable budget. For instance, you can automate your document management by leveraging PDF solutions—which we'll explain later.

That said, let's begin by understanding what business process automation means.

What is Business Process Automation?

Process automation is about leveraging technology to eliminate redundant tasks, save on time, cut costs, remove friction, and increase productivity in your daily work processes.

For example; a business owner who has problems sending invoices and reminders now and then can use payment systems that allow for automatic reminders until the invoice is cleared. 

From the above example, the retailer has only eliminated redundant tasks and saved time they spent on preparing reminders. But they've accomplished the same goal without a hassle as compared to when everything was manual.

Process automation is a never-ending process, and any business can get as creative as they want as long as the idea is sustainable and improves efficiency.

Easy Ways to Automate Your Business Processes

Any small business can try these six simple tricks when looking to automate their processes.

Plan Meetings digitally

Are you spending too much time scheduling meetings? True, planning them can be a hassle because you have lots of other tasks to accomplish.

Luckily, there are digital meeting planners that utilize Artificial Intelligence to monitor the communication between you and your team and help you in scheduling. 

These tools often come with free trials for users to test before subscribing to paid services.

Utilize Apps to Shorten Long Phone Tasks

Because of the increasing popularity of remote teams, smartphones have become a central part of offices and business process automation.

These gadgets allow for interaction between team members working from different locations.

If your employees are spending too long on their screens to accomplish simple tasks, it makes more sense to download apps that can reduce screen time.

These applications enable users to put together actions and eventually shorten the process by skipping unnecessary or redundant procedures.

Most of these productivity android apps are free-to-use and are designed to automate different processes.

You can find them in your Play Store by typing related keywords such as productivity, process automation, etc.

Automate the Sending of Emails to Newbie Shoppers

You can make proper use of the customer emails you have collected. An excellent way to go about business process automation isusing software that sends automatic follow up emails to shoppers who visited your site a day ago.

Studies indicate that agree that invitation emails have are way more effective than any other kind of email you'll send to a client.

Automate Document Management 

PDF is the most widespread format because it preserves the original formatting of the document.

But dealing with PDFs can be difficult because they are not easy to edit like other file formats.

For business owners, the challenge is often to convert these files to other formats or accomplish the opposite.

A complete online PDF suite can help you manage your digital documents without a hassle.

Think of all you document problems and consider an all-in-one solution. You don't want to go searching for random software every time you meet a new challenge.

A business may also need to create Lead Generating PDFs or forms to attract more leads. This process can be difficult without the right tools.

Automatic Invoicing

Monotony can make work tedious and tiresome. More so if there's something you can do to reduce the workload. 

For instance, it is not easy to keep updating clients on due invoices. The process is long; you have to check who needs to pay, how much they owe, among other details. And you have to write a new message all the time.

But you can automate your invoicing activities by partnering with payment solutions with in-built features. Business owners can turn on this auto-invoicing feature during the writing of the invoice. 

Again, turning it on means that the system will automatically send reminders to the customer until the pay due invoices.

It also means you save time and energy chasing after due invoices. 

If you like, you can include different settings for clients you've identified as late-payers. You can have the system send them payments earlier than clients with a record of timely payments.

Wrapping Up

Now you know that you don't have to spend thousands of dollars to automate tasks on your premise. 

Try these tips and see how much change they bring to your business, and then you can proceed to advance levels of business process automation.


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