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5 Must-have Marketing Documents forSuccessful Campaigns


Understanding Marketing Documents

Every organization looks to create a marketing campaign that will help them gain new customers, earn popularity, and trigger public conversations. However, what many of them fail to realize is that despite their creative prowess, detailed documentation in form of marketing documents are still critical in running successful campaigns.

Granted, smart campaigns and Ads do attract attention and increase demand for products. However, a responsible organization should know they need to put a similar effort into thoughtful processes and necessary marketing documents.

Must-have Marketing Documents

Many marketing professionals think that documentation is not of importance, while others fail to make time to create marketing documents. However, research shows marketing experts who document their plans tend to record higher success rates than their counterparts who do not.

Marketers who document their strategies have an easier time running their initiatives, which is especially true for those who have their records in a single, easily accessible file.
So, which are these marketing documents that are so crucial?

1.Marketing Processes

Does your marketing company have an established and well-designed marketing process, or do you get into a panic whenever you take in new clients? Having a stable and documented marketing process helps you improve your company's productivity while saving you time.
Documenting the marketing process helps remove any confusion or doubts, easing the process.

You can tell whether your documenting system is active by the amount of feedback you get from your clients. In turn, this can help you attract new clients as you share your previous successes with them.

2.Marketing Proposal

The measure of a successful business lies in the quality of its marketing proposals. A marketing proposal is a document that underlines the services you offer to a prospective customer.

When the client signs such a proposal, then it becomes a legally binding agreement between you and them. A proposal usually contains details like timeframes for completing a job, ideas, and the expected costs to complete the task.

A typical proposal should underline the problem to be solved, the solution to the said problem and the work to be done to get that solution. To make the proposal process more straightforward, add a signature field to the document where the client can sign after accepting your proposal.

3.Marketing Plan

After winning over your client with your proposal, you then have to create a marketing plan which puts down the details of how you are going to execute the ideas you laid out successfully.

In your marketing plan, you underline the marketing tactics you are going to use. The next step is to determine which channels to use to reach your customers best. Find out where your customers live and who they are. Compile a detailed target audience demographics so that you can determine which tactic best fits reaching your customers.

After that, explicitly identify how you will measure the success of your efforts towards the marketing goals. Identify your marketing goals. Find out the results of every channel used and select which best fits the objectives of the client.

You also need to know all the characteristics of your target audience. Client information is an essential detail in your plan as it guides the direction you will take to complete the process successfully.

Other requirementsin the plan are a competitive analysis of the client's competition so that you can determine what to do better or to show the success of your strategy. There should also be an audit of your organization's current content, a list of the employees involved in the marketing project, and their responsibilities.
In the end, a good plan is one that successfully gets the client's message across to the customer at the right time.

4.Marketing Messaging

In marketing, consistency is vital. Brands with a higher level of brand consistency tend to be more successful. Changing the marketing message, therefore, destroys this trust making the process of marketing that specific product difficult.

A marketing message document ensures that a company's communication remains targeted towards the achievement of its objectives.

It underlines the value the company provides to their target audience when they use their products, which is why marketing messages are usually heavily focused on the characteristics of the company's customers.
The marketing message document also helps to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

A marketing message document must outline how the company is different from its competition. How does it stand out amid the competition?  It also identifies the key benefits the product helps the target audience. It also features clear examples of why it is more beneficial to choose the company's brands over the competition.

5.Marketing Calendar

Marketing calendars are used to plan the day to day marketing steps, which makes it easier to observe deadlines and stay aware of important dates. Looking out for significant dates relevant to the company, like commemorative dates, will help you increase your client's visibility online by planning campaigns or posting information about the company.
Looking out for trends will also help you determine what days to campaign for your company.

For example, if your company is an e-Commerce or online retail store, you can get a lot of attention from potential customers by posting about Black Friday, a shopping trend that takes place from the beginning of November. You can use ready-made templates to help you keep track of these critical dates or even create your own. Choose whichever the more practical option is.

Manage Your Marketing Docs in The Cloud

One thing to note is that you don’t have to create a new plan whenever you have a new project in your marketing business.

A lot of time is wasted looking for documents. A study concluded that employees use an average of 8 hours creating marketing documents and a further 4 hours trying to look for them when they it’s time to work.

However, this time can reduce by following a few steps to ease management:

·         Using cloud-based storage for easy access. Documents are also easier to access in the cloud.

·         Create templates to ease the re-use of documents.

·         Categorize the documents to make them easier to find on a computer or in a cabinet.

With such a solution, you can have your credentials on-the-go anytime you need them.

In a nutshell,

Marketing documents help increase the productivity of a business, saves significant time, and determines what work each team member should do in the marketing campaign.
That extra time will help you exercise your creative side, which will result in fantastic marketing initiative.


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