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Ways to Ensure Clients Sign Your Sales Contracts ASAP


Preparing Sales Contracts 

In business, bidding sales contracts is the optimum point to establish rapports with new clients.
It’s not an easy process because you have to get a would-be client to sign all relevant documents.

Contracts are presented to potential customers and relevant stakeholders who do the signing for approval.The period prospective buyers take to sign the documents varies. They can speed up, delay, or ignore the entire process.

For one to know how to speed up the process, you have first to understand why buyers would delay or ignore signing your sales contract documents.

Why Would Clients Turn Away Your Sales Contract

Though the bidding process is demanding, it’s essential to know why prospective buyers would disregard signing your sales contracts. Some of the main reasons include:

1.Prospective Customer’s Priority. 

Most companies will not just sign contracts without going through several considerations on the suitability of your products and services.

Most of the buyers will check on the price and quality as it matters most. Priority will always be on the best quality of services or products offered at a reasonable price.

2.Buyers Take Advantage of the Bidding Competition. 

Competition is a real game in the sales market. You should always have this in mind when preparing and presenting your contract documents. 

On your sales contract, you have to state what you are offering and the charges you expect. Buyers will compare prices and termsbefore signing a contract.

3.Bidding Sales Contracts at Inappropriate Time.

At times, prospective buyers may be going through a lot in their businesses. That means they will be having a tight schedule on resource management like time and money. 

Having sales deals signed when prospects are handling other projects could be difficult. Though a client may like your offer, they may not have the time to consider it.

4.Complicated Sales Contract. 

The more complicated your sales contract sounds, the less likely it will go through. Buyers will turn away sellers who include very complicated steps to sales contract signing process.

That said, let’s discuss how you can overcome these above problems and get your documents signed fast.

Tips toGet Your Sales Contracts Signed off Faster

Speeding up prospective clients to sign your contract documents isn’t an easy task. But with the following tips, you will experience shorter signing times.

1.Embrace Technology

Technology saves resources, especially time and money. To make things easier on your side and for your prospect, go digital and avoid bulk paperwork.

How do you achieve this? Select an appropriate tool to prepare your sales contract templates which you will email to prospective clients for them to sign digitally.

Such will save you the bulk work involved with paperwork and the costs incurred. It also makes it easier for prospects and other stakeholders to sign and go through the contract documents.

2. Create a Sense of Urgency

Another way to speed up the process of signing sales contracts documents is by trying to create some sense of urgency to the prospects. You can do this by:

  • Setting an expiration date for offers and privileges you are offering the prospect. The contract should be void of the opportunities and offers once the given period is over
  • Offering a deal or specific opportunities to the client if they sign contract documents within a specified period you have indicated.
  • Stating plainly and expressing the importance of the prospect signing your sales contract documents quickly. 

Creating a sense of urgency will push the client a little and may trigger them to sign your documents quickly.

3.Do follow-up

Once you have sent your documents to be signed, conduct a follow-up after a few days to check on the progress. You can achieve this by: 

  • Creating a reminder if you are using an electronic signature.
  • Inquiring whether prospects have any difficulties with the document or they require any changes is an excellent way to follow-up and prompts them to sign the contract.
  • If the reminders don’t work, make a direct phone call or voice call. 

4. Play your part. 

It’s your role to set the pace and keep the prospects focused. Ensure everything is ready to go once you have sent the documents. This includes ensuring that:

  • Everything agreed upon is in the contract
  • You detailed an explanation of what you are offering and its benefits
  • All stakeholders have a copy of the agreement
  • You’ve responded to all emails, calls, and queries.

Ensure the contract documents are well detailed and thorough to avoid delays and hiccups during the signing process.

Final Word

Getting your sales contracts signed requires enough preparation and the right effort. It’s unfortunate to have a series of agreements turned down due to avoidable mistakes

Apart from the points discussed above to help you speed up the process, be creative and conscious when communicating with prospects.


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