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The Right Document Generation Solution Can Improve Document Management in Your Premise.

Choosing the Right Document Generation Platform

A document generation and automation solution gives you the ability to create highly personalized and data-driven documents.

This aids in the creation of quotes and sales contracts, which saves time in your organization and allows you to focus on activities like selling and creating shorter sales cycles.

However, research reveals that many small and medium enterprises are still preparing their sales agreements manually.

These enterprises are losing out on generating revenue faster by not adopting document automation.

The Pros of Automating Your Document Processes

A document automation solutionoffers a plethora of benefits to you and your organization, including:

·         Reducing the time taken to create documents

·         Streamlining business processes.

·         Improving customer experience.

·         Reducing or eliminating document errors.

·         Making it easier to enforce branding and formatting.

·         Automating the creation of standard forms and documents with templates.

So, how do you identify the best document generation and automation solution?

Features to look for in a Document Automation Solution

1. Ease of Operation

Currently, the most common document generation solutions available require a user to dedicate a certain amount of resources to implement and run, even for the most basic setups.

Understandably, this makes these solutions inaccessible by most small and medium businesses, since they may not have the resources to dedicate staff towards the support of this technology.

Additionally, the cost of getting professionals to start you up on automating document generation may be too high, which may interfere with sales numbers.

2. Multiple file format options.

In your organization, you will encounter clients who prefer different types of files.

Some of these clients prefer documents specially tailored to suit their needs. It is, therefore, necessary to get a document generation solution that features multiple file format options.

With a handful of options to choose from, you can design a document that satisfies the customer. Some may require materials that can be modified later, like word documents, while some prefer those that remain intact after generation, like PDFdocuments.

Having multiple file format options removes the need to convert or reformat a document any time you have to share it with a client. Numerous customizable options make it easier to upload documents, fill forms, and share data.

3. Flexible Delivery options.

In today's market, clients require a variety of personalized products, and as a business, you have to consider every request and fulfill it in the best way possible.

Find a document generator that offers you a variety of delivery options and gives you the freedom to select individual recipients for each document according to thecustomer’s instructions.

4. Security.

While digital transformation opens up limitless opportunities for organizations and businesses, there are still a few factors to consider to make the shift worthwhile. The most important one is security.

In document generation and transfer, the security of a client's informationis paramount, since a breach in privacy would result in debilitating consequences for your business.

It is, therefore, imperative that you find a document generator that not only makes your work more comfortable but also prioritizes the security of data in your premise.
Look for a system with rigid firewalls and those that transfer data via secure connections.

Top-end systems also offer document encryption, such that the documents can only be downloaded from their secure website and nowhere else. They also offer password protection for every record to prevent unauthorized access.
Security is an even bigger affair in the health industry, so you have to get a system that is HIPAA compliant.


The digital age is here, so you have to adapt to the changes to stay relevant in your industry. Go paperless and choose a document creation solution to streamline operations in your workplace.

Finding the best document generation solution for your business is the first step towards improving your business with tech.

Conducting a thorough search and comparison can ensure you pick a system that fulfills all you needs and contains all the features you are looking for.

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