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Top 10Apps to Reduce the Use of Paper in your Workplace

Moving towards a Paperless Workplace

Paper is a universal product that all forms of industries, firms, and institutions use. Many workplaces still make use of paper in this tech-savvy era.

Many issues may contribute to the failure to incorporate technology into the workflow process. However, the major stumbling block is that people tend to resist changes.Business owners prefer to use a system they know well rather than a new system or process that they do not know.

Promoting a paperless workplace is a concept that many firms consider but never implement. However, robust document management systems can help in smooth-lining office tasks and activities.

Modern technology combines efficient, innovative tools that can help to reduce the use of paper in a workplace setting. Using less paper material can offer several benefits for a firm.

The Benefits of Using technology to reduce the Usage of Paper in a Workplace

Modern workplaces have the resources and capacity to become paperless. Even if they cannot wholly stop the usage of paper, they can at least try to reduce its use. Here are the main benefits that all institutions and firms can enjoy if they make use of work management systems.

1. Streamline Time Management:

Paper replacing software operates efficiently. It means that they can record, access, and retrieve data quickly. A physical documentation system is rather slow because all information requires a person to log and retrieve it.

A software documentation system saves time for the end-user ensuring that work activities run smoothly. Some systems even have automation options that save even more time for the office.

2. Reduce clutter and make more space

Paper is a rather bulky material. It occupies a lot of space even when it is organized neatly. In this modern age, you should not have several cabinets using up all your office space.

Using documentation software helps in promoting eco-friendly work in the office. Your office will have more space and better organization. You can even use this freed up space to add some nature to your office by introducing potted plants.

3. Huge Savings In Costs

Paper comes with a lot of additional costs. Offices incur printing, storage, and supply costs to maintain a physical documentation system. When you compile all these costs together, they can cause a real dent in your finances.

Software documentation and storage systems help to ensure that all your files are in one central place. Since you only pay for the software, you don't have to incur any other hidden costs.

Ten Applications That Help in Reducing Paper Usage within the Office

Many work assistance tools and software exist within the market. However, there a few essential tools that you should consider using to help reduce the usage of paper. Here are ten top apps that help in promoting a peerless workplace.

1. PandaDoc

PandaDoc is an innovative form of document management systems. It helps to automate the process of processing documents within a workplace. Users can send and receive files through a secure platform. Such a tool helps in promoting a paperless workplace while still saving time and reducing mistakes and errors. The Pricing ranges from $9-$50 for a monthly subscription.

2. Asana Platform

Asana is a tool that serves as a visualization tool for offices and projects. With Asana, you can design, edit, and monitor the progress of your work using visual representations such as charts and schedules. Prices for this service start from $10.

3. Box

Box serves as an efficient storage and management system for your documents. You can scan all your physical documents and store them within this platform.

It allows for easy and fast sharing and cooperation between staff who use the system. It is a safe and secure platform, and prices range from $5-$24 for a single user per month.

4.Sage One

Sage One is a software tool that carries out accounting on your behalf. It can help you understand your financial condition even if you are not a pro at accounting. You can easily follow the cash flow as funds flow in and out of your firm or business. Monthly charges go up to $25.

5.Fine Scanner

The first step in promoting a paperless workplace involves digitizing your physical documents. A fine scanner is a tool that assists you in converting any paper document into a digital form such as PDF form. You get a free option or a premium option of up to $60.


Invoicely is a software that helps you keep track of all invoices that you receive and send. It helps in ensuring your staff is conducting eco-friendly work since they won’t be handling any paper that brings about a lot of waste. Monthly charges go up to $30.


FillanyPDF allows you to edit different kinds of documents including word and PDFs online. On top of that, it also enables you tosign documents digitally or electronically.

8.Evernote Scannable

The Evernote Scannable is a practical document scanning and transfer tool. Some of the best features of this system are that it is available on the iPhone platform, and it is free. Since it is on a mobile platform, you can scan and send documents even if you are in a remote location.


Many people have doubts when it comes to storing all their information on a computer hard disk. IDrive is a form of online cloud storage system where you can back up all your sensitive documents in a secure way.


Expensify is a financial tracking tool. It keeps track of every receipt that you enter into the system. Expensify reduces the amount of paper clutter that helps in promoting a paperless workplace. Monthly subscriptions start from$5 up to $10 for a single month.

In a Nut Shell:

All work and project administrators should ensure that all activities and tasks run efficiently and end on time. Modern documentation and storage systems go a long way in promoting a paperless workplace.

Administrators should create a well-defined action plan when they want to introduce new software and tools into the workflow structure. Proper communication between the staff and superiors can help ensure that all implementations of new software is successful.

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