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Problems Facing PDF Users, And the Best Remedy to Each!

PDF File Problems and Solutions

PDFs are the most popular file format today. Still, some people are not comfortable with them due to some of their shortcomings. 

The many uses of a PDF file include payment receipt, invoice, tax forms, legal documents and attachments, Student assignments, textbooks, and other educational materials. 

For a new user, working with PDFs is not always an easy task. Thank goodness PDF software developers are making moves to address those issues.

What People Dislike about PDFs

The following are some of the things that people hate about working with a pdf: 

1. PDF sizes are too large.

The size of a PDF document is always larger when compared to other formats. Some PDFs are too huge to work with, especially when you have to upload the PDF to a site that accepts small files only.

The use of a compression tool can solve this problem. Most platforms are easy to use; all you have to do is open your file in the software and then click the reduce file size option, usually on the menu. 

The best compression tools also enable you to adjust the image quality and size to meet your custom needs. Lastly, remember to save your document to keep its updated size.

2. Signing a PDF document is a hassle!

Signing a PDF is an uphill task for many people. Every time you receive an email with a PDF that must be approved, you have to save the PDF, open it in your default PDF reader app, and then edit the PDF to add your signature. 

But PDF signing tools can make signing easier. All you need to do is to use a secure online PDF and e-signature solution like FillanyPDF.

With the right tool, you don't have to edit your PDF file to put a signature on it.

3. It isn't very easy to create a PDF.

Creating a PDF from scratch is a problem for many users. However, many apps support exporting content as a PDF file; for instance, you can export a word document to PDF. You can even export an image as a PDF. 

The best PDF creators allow you to create a new PDF just as you would do with Microsoft Word or other document applications. You can create a blank document and fill it with your content or create a PDF file from images or any other file format. 

4.Combining and deleting pages from a PDF is difficult.

Extracting a page from a PDF file or merging two or more PDFs to make a single file is a tiresome and challenging process. 

Combining different PDFs into a single document is never a walk in the park; you have to follow a set of procedures. 

PDF merging tools can help solve this problem by combining your files in few simple steps. 

The best tools can reduce workload for you whether you're are reading a book and need to save a few pages or going through a bulk research paper and would like to keep a page or two.

5.PDF editors are old fashioned.

Most pdf editors are old fashioned and lack updated features, which makes them difficult to use. But FillAnyPDF is an excellent example of how an app can be user-friendly, at the same time, be feature-rich. 

FillAnyPDFsolves your editing problems by providing the necessary features for converting any document into a PDF. The FIllAnyPDF team puts a lot of effort into crafting beautiful sets of icons and user-friendly elements to make it more functional. 

What are the Advantages of PDF Format?

The portable document format isn't that bad after all; you can enjoy the following advantages using PDF files 

  1. Using PDF allows you to retain the originality of your document. The original format of the document, including the font, spacing, and graphical designs, are all retained.
  2. It is easy to convert a file into PDF format since it is easy and fast.
  3. It is easy to protect your documents. If you want to protect your PDF, you enable the password feature on your PDF. 

Lastly, it is the universal format accessible by any device. That is why PDFs were created.

To wrap up

PDF software developers have worked hard to address these PDF document shortcomings. Thanks to their efforts, you can now rise above many things that make this format uncomfortable.

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