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Three Simple Tricks to Remove Password-Protection from a PDF File

Getting Rid of PDF Password

Anyone can include a passcode intheir PDF file to ensure maximum security if it mistakenly falls into the wrong hands, especially confidential files. In this article, we will discuss three efficient methods of getting rid of PDF password on a PDF file. Good news is it is easy and quick if you follow these steps carefully.

Why Would You Want to Get Rid of Password Protection on a PDF File

Working with a PDF file that has password protection denies you a lot of freedom to obtain and manipulate data within the file.

Many people tend to forget passwords and do not like entering codes every time they want to access a document.

Or maybe, you are in the middle of a research and need information from a password protected PDF file.

Three Simple Ways of Disabling PDF PasswordProtection

With the correct methods,disabling PDF passwords is a straightforward process. Below are three password removal techniques you can explore when doing away with password protection on a PDF file.

  1. Getting Rid of PDF Password Using PDF Password Remover Tool.

A PDFpassword remover software tool aids in disabling PDF passwords.Its passcode-cracking algorithms are so powerful, plus they do not interfere with the original data. The majority of the people use this method because of its user-friendly and spontaneous interface.

  1. Get a Password-removing Software.

The internet has a large variety of PDF modification tools. Search for a reliable PDF passcode removal tool and select either an online tool or a downloadable app. Upon successfully installation,open the app and examine its user interface.

  1. Load the PDF Document into the Software.

You need to add the protected PDF file to the security removal tool. Many software supports the drag and drop option that simplifies the loading process. Once you load your PDF file, the software should give you options on how to remove the password protection.

  1. Delete Password Protection from The PDF File.

Password removal programs can remove both open passwordsand permission passwordswithin a PDF document. All you need to do is select the type of password you want to remove and allow the software to run.

  1. Use the Adobe Acrobat Software.

Most people use adobe to read and edit PDFs. However, not many know how to use the program when it comes to disabling PDF passwords. Adobe Acrobat can help you disable security protection on a PDF file. Here is the step by step procedure of disabling measures on PDFs using Adobe Acrobat.

  • Open The File Using The Program

Start by creatinglocal copies of your PDF documents and then open them using the Adobe app. Select the properties option and go “security.’’

  • Getting Rid Of PDF Password  Protection

Under the 'security' tab, you will find a separate security section. Here you should see an option stating: no security. Select it and save the changes by pressing the "Ok" option.

  1. TheGoogle Chrome Method.

Among all password removal techniques, this is the simplest method. Our aim here is to design an identical copy of the original PDF.

Youshould know the required password before attempting this technique.Here is the procedure of removing password security on a PDF document using the google chrome browser.

·         Click or drag and drop the file onto the chrome application and provide its password to open it. Locate the print icon and select it.

·         Locate an option that states: Destination path. Here you will find an option to save to a different location. Find an appropriate folder and save the file without a password.

Winding Up

Password protecting a PDF document is okay, but it is wise to get rid of the passcodes for those that you access more often. By so doing, you will save time and avoid the irritation of entering the password every time youneed to open the document.

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