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Why You Should Consider a PDF Invoice

(PDF) Portable Document Format for Invoicing

 PDF stands for a portable document format. A pdf invoice is an easy invoice template with some blank spaces left for the client to fill.

The person filling an invoice should to give out the following information.

  • Personal details such as your name, your address, phone number, and your email.
  • Client's name, the company name, phone number, address, and email.
  • Invoice number
  • Date
  • Description of products and services.
  • Grand total

Advantages of Using a PDF

A pdf allows users to easily open and review documents without necessarily using the software where the document originated from. To convert a document into pdf, you need the adobe acrobat reader. The following are the pros of using the portable document format.

  1. It is easy to convert a file into PDF since it is easy and fast.
  2. Using PDF allows you to retain the originality of a document. The original format of the document, including the font, spacing, and graphical designs, are all retained.
  3. A PDF reduces the size of your document; therefore, it makes it easy to open and send your document through the email.
  4. Converting your document to PDF makes it easy to access your files since PDFs can easily search your PDF just like other documents.
  5. It is easy to protect your documents. If you want to protect your document, you enable the password feature on your PDF. 
  6. It is easy to edit your PDF because PDF, like a word document, allows you to edit, highlight, or mark sections in portable document format.

So how would you like to create your own PDF invoice? Find below guidelines to create the best invoice for your business.

How to Make an Invoice

The best way to make an invoice is the use of software accounting programs, which you can find online. This software offers a useful template invoice that you can easily add your information to. Advantages of using software accounting programs are;

  • They help you track your expenses, making it easy for your tax filling.
  • Easy invoicing. It allows you to send the invoice without exiting the program first.
  • The software will remind you when payments are due.
  • You only create your invoice once, so don't have to reenter the same client information every time you want to write a new invoice.
  • The software will generate a new invoice number automatically with every new invoice.
  • It is easy to customize your invoice with your own company logo.

However, if you want to do your own invoice, you can do so using, portable document format, excel or word. But it is important to learn the fundamentals of an effective invoice before you start creating one.

How to Read an Invoice

An invoice is usually a template with critical info that provides an accounting department with what it needs to know to approve, process, and deriver payments to vender in an efficient and timely manner. The most important things to consider in an invoice include;

1. Payment terms.

Payment terms indicate to the client when to make the payments. Payment terms must be clear to the client. A vender states when he expects the amount thus avoiding confusion as typically a client could be looking to at their own time, which can cause conflict,

2. Invoice number.

An invoice number is a reference number for the payment a vendor is going to receive. The invoice number is included in the invoice sent to the client. After paying the invoice, the client can decide to close the purchase number since the transaction is now considered complete.

3. Description and pricing.

This section provides the information that is the exact reflection of the description and prices in the purchase order. Changes may be allowed in the case of a fluctuation in commodity prices.

4. Purchase order number.

An invoice with a purchase order number means that the company previously approved the transaction in question. Accountants must respond swiftly to pull the original purchase order for reference and check that the information on it matches the invoice.

5.The vendor's contact information.

Vender's name, company name, email address, and phone number should appear clearly in any invoice. The accounting department needs this information to know where to send the payments.

Change your invoicing habits!

Shift toportable document format invoicing to keep your cash flow in check. Take on new technologies; old methods are slowing you down.

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