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8 Distinctive and Important PDF Uses to Try Today.


What is a PDF File?

PDF was introduced in 1994 by Adobe. It is used to distribute read-only documents, which preserve the original layout of the pages. Additionally, it was created to ease the sharing of documents on any hardware or operating system. 

PDFs are commonly used for documents such as eBooks, manuals, scanned documents, application forms, and many more. In this article, we will review some other important uses of a portable document format.

Unique PDF Uses You Should Try?

1. PDF can help create a calendar that you can print.

The PDF format allows you to create a printable calendar or datebook you can use to track days, events, or tasks. You can also edit, save, and share PDF calendars with others straight away.

To create a printable calendar easily, use a template. You will find several websites that have customizable templates. Download your favourite design in PDF format, and then edit it using PDF software.

2. Creation of a Digital Recipe Book. 

Compile all your favourite recipes in a single book with PDF to create a digital cookbook. You can achieve this by scanning hand-written recipes and saving them in a PDF format or search web pages with recipes online and save them into PDF documents.

You can combine all the documents to create one PDF recipe book. Also, you can edit the words, add images with meals, add annotate, and even bookmark some of your recipes.

3. Write and Publish an Electronic Book.

Are you an inspiring best-selling author? PDF offers you tools to help you create, edit, and even share your eBooks.

Once you have written your eBook, you can use the PDF Spell Check feature to review spelling and grammar. Besides, you can add helpful notes and comments while reviewing. 

When you finish writing the eBook, you can use exciting features like 3D view mode and even flip the pages as you read, just like a tangible book.

Save and send your work to publishers in a PDF format; this ensures safety as they can view it on read-only mode on any device or operating system.

4. Create an Inspiration Board. 

You can use PDF templates to create a digital mood or inspiration board filled with texts and images. Furthermore, you can custom-make your design, add elements, save and then share it with whomever you want. 

5. Create a Resume & Cover Letter. 

When looking for a job, the resume and a cover letter are some of the first documents to prepare.

These documents are matter most to potential employers. This is why it is vital to have professional written documents that will give the best first impression.

Resume or cover letter in PDF form gives you the edge they deserve and enables employers to view your credentialsfrom any device or operating system. Furthermore, you can insert restricting features on your documents to prevent any alterations by viewers or readers.

6.PDF can be used to create a client or Employee portfolio.

You can save the client or employee information by creating a virtual PDF portfolio. Documents such as resumes, cover letters, contracts, surveys, or questionnaires can be combined into one PDF file for easy access.

Additionally, you can review contracts or potential candidates and seal the deal by sending the documents to collect virtual signatures and merge them into one portfolio. Lastly, you can set passwords to protect any confidential information from wondering eyes.

7. Make a presentation.

Making presentations can be a difficult task. We mostly use power PowerPoint to create and save them. However, keeping your presentation in PDF format has a lot of advantages.

First, you can create a presentation directly in the PDF application. Alternatively, convert the PowerPoint presentation into PDF format using online converting tools.

When converted to PDF format, PowerPoint presentation will transform on to different pages. You can, therefore, use full-screen mode to view the document, and not worry about missing fonts or poor screen resolution because PDF is reliable.

8.Making travel documents.

When traveling it is a clever idea to get all our documents together for safety purposes. To achieve this, you can use PDF file.

Save your travel documents such as passport, air ticket, and hotel reservations by scanning copies and merging them into one PDF folder.

Some PDF features allow you to save your documents in cloud storage. That way, you can access them from anywhere (on any device) as long as you have internet access. 

What are the Advantages of a PDF

Securable: If you are sharing a confidential document and security is a top concern, then use a PDF file. The portable document format has various security features such as watermarks, passwords access, and encrypted techniques that you can use to augment document security. These techniques ensure your documents stay safe and sound.

Compress Large Files: If you have a lot of documents, PDF can make your life a lot easier. All you need to do is to compile all of them on to your computer hard drive. You can then edit or protect these files using a password before sharing them. Dealing with large files will be a thing of the past since PDF allows you to compress and save as many records.

PDF files are independent: PDF files are self-sufficient. That means they are not dependent on any operating system or software. Thanks to this uniqueness text can be shared between different computers or devices without a fuss.The outlook of the document remains the same, unlike word documents that can be altered at any given time.

What are the limitations of PDF?

Even though PDF boasts several capabilities, they also have a few downsides. For instance, you struggle a little when you need to edit or make changes to a PDF format document.

In most cases, if you receive a document to review, you can edit or mark it up, but not with a PDF document. 

A PDF document will need you to use an old fashion way of editing, similar to scribbling on a printed page with a highlighter, unless you have custom software for editing. Alternatively, you can use a PDF converter to change your documents into Word format, edit, then save it again as a PDF text.

Final thoughts

As we’ve witnessed, PDF can play many other roles apart from its typical uses in business contracts and academic work.

You can try some of the functions mentioned in this article to serve your needs, or make your tasks more manageable, thanks to the amazing features found in PDF.


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