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Online Forms Remain an Invaluable Toolfor any Ecommerce in Running in 2020.


Online Forms Vs. paper Forms

A paper form is a survey tool designed to be filled physically. The respondent uses a pen to fill in the required information or data.

You can use both forms for surveys or research purposes but it's important to understand how they differ from each other.

1. For example;paper forms might be difficult to read(at times) because they involve different human handwritings. On the other hand, letters and figures are more visible in online forms because everything is computed.

2. In terms of data security, one cannot encrypt information in paper, but HTML forms can be encrypted; thus, they offer more security their analog counterparts.

3. The data analysis process moves fast and smoothly when done on online forms because info is readily. Paper forms are way slow and difficult to analyze because you have to re-enter all data from a separate platform. 

4. The process of paper forms is too costly compared to web forms because a single paper form may need to be reviewed by many departments, especially when approvals are involved. The online form may just be sent electronically, and permissions issued almost instantly.

In terms of speed, HTMLforms shine because when electronics and the internet are involved, forms can reach their target destinations in the shortest time possible. Still, paper forms are slow because human effort is needed.

The Many Perks of Online Forms?

Online forms have more benefits compared to their drawbacks because they simplify the process of data collection. They're the easiest and quickest method to gather data.

1. Costs

It is inexpensive because you don’t need to use printers and money for postage or stamps. Therefore you get more time and use a single platform to enter data, and do analysis.

2. Speed.

You also cut on time wastage when you don’t have tocreate and printquestionnaire papers. One can gather information automatically by creating an online form to obtain the feedback they need almost immediately.

3. Clear feedback.

Web forms always bring visible feedback with no omission from the survey and can be read and understood easily.

4. Follow up.

One can easily follow up by writing an email to the respondent by writing him or her a mail regarding the study, making it very convenient for the one surveying and the respondent.

5. Appropriate.

Online forms are always relevant in terms of giving respondents time and space to think and key in proper information.

6. Advanced.

Your online survey can help boost your brandby reminding users of the benefits you offer. Your review can be designed to match your business website and can be brought to life by customizing the background, layout, images, logo, and fonts. Links to different sites can be attached for the convenience of the user.

More Uses and Advantages

More HTML form advantages include;

  1. HTML forms can be easily viewed and filled by anyone who can access the web via any device or operating system
  2. They always save cost in terms of effort
  3. The level of accuracy is always top-notch
  4. Results from these online forms can always be monitored, and analysis is done automatically 
  5. Editing of information is always easy
  6. Survey forms are always error-free because they check, highlight, and at times correct the errors that you may have done without realizing.

And lastly, you can always encrypt the form for privacy purposes.

The Downsides of Online Forms.

While boasting many pros, these cherished internet forms are not without blemish. Here are two downsides of web forms;

  1. It might not be convenient to use in areas where there is no electricity because it entirely depends on electric power.
  2. Some web forms cannot be used in offline mode, and this is inconvenient to people who live in remote areas with no reliable internet connectivity.

Still, the pros outdo the cons by far, which is why implementing these forms is an excellent idea.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, online forms are the best approach to use during surveys because they are more accurate, advanced, and cost-friendly than paper.


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