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Choosing between an Online PDF Solution and PDF Software?

Online PDF Editing tools or PDF Software Assist Users in Modifying Documents

Most businesses or people only rush to Google to search for free PDF editing apps or software, or online PDF editing tools when they need to edit portable document formats. But sometimes, the solutions you get may not always be comprehensive enough to perform tasks like signing electronically, changing a file format, or adding text to a web form. Most of them are ineffective, and affect the overall quality of your PDF file. For businesses whose activities revolve around these documents, it can be costly to rely on such solutions. You don’t want to make guesses every time you need a tool or an online solution to use. Instead, it is better to familiarize yourself with a few online PDF editing tools or buy software to edit your PDFs. If you choose to go for editing software, it is advisable to spend time weighing your options because not all of them may fit all your needs. The same goes for a web-based platform that offers similar services; you must inquire about their haves and have nots before you sign up for the service.

Do I Need a PDF editing software for My Business?

Whether you need PDF editing software or not depends on the rate of the flow of documents on your business. Otherwise, you can always depend on reliable online PDF editing tools if you are an occasional user of PDFs. The manual editing of PDF files is a tedious and harrowing task that is often unsuccessful. PDF documents are difficult to change because the editing process usually contains faults that lead to substandard results. Most individuals depend on internet browsing apps to open and modify PDF files. However, most of these apps lack the capability to make appropriate changes to PDF documents. Proper PDF editing requires dedicated professional software or online tool. You may consider investing in a desktop software that directly edits PDF documents without the internet's need. Unfortunately, these desktop editing apps tend to have several issues. If you are considering buying a premium editing software, then be ready to part with a lump sum of money. Some of these tools are quite costly to procure; others are hard to operate and contain software issues and bugs. Depending on the budget and amount of editing work, it is best to purchase a limited trial version of the desktop software. However, desktop editing software is never perfect and rarely modifies flattened PDF documents appropriately. A PDF content author can combine all the information into one layer that contains a single page view. Such a document is known as a flattened PDF. You can attain this format using a software tool or by converting an image document into a PDF form. Such a flattened PDF is difficult to edit using desktop software. All characters, shapes, and objects will be in a combined single format, and desktop editing software find it difficult to distinguish data during modification. When you attempt to modify such a file, you will notice that a small change will alter the entire document and lead to unwanted changes. It may even require several repetitive modifications to attain the necessary result, and such a process may be tiring and frustrating. Since most modern PDF documents are in a flattened format, desktop editing apps may not be your best choice, since many of them cannot edit flattened PDF files effectively. For optimal and hassle-free results, it is best to utilize an online PDF modifying platform. Online editing platforms can edit normal and flattened PDF documents by virtually identifying and introducing characters onto a PDF document. Such online tools allow users to view, edit, erase, and add information in an existing file. Such online tools use optical character recognition to identify existing characters. After this, you can even convert the flattened PDf to and editable form by copying the character information and placing it into a new editable PDF file. It is also possible to highlight, merge, and rotate characters within a PDF file. With such features, it is possible to edit a flattened PDF easily. Online PDF editors come with a variety of pricing options that come with diverse functions. It is always best to choose the one that allows for multiple users and contains your preferred features. Online editing platforms make use of OCR technology to identify and edit characters within a PDF file. The optical character recognition software comprises of two critical processes that include: 1.

Pattern Identification.

In this first way, the OCR system can carry out pattern identification. Pattern identification is the process by which an OCR system that recognizes specific characters in a PDF file. In the past, there was the OCR-A system that identifies patterns of a particular font. Since not everyone in the world can use this font in a PDF, it is not an efficient way of identifying character. Nowadays, there is software that can even carry out recognition of handwriting. 2.

Feature Extraction.

In the second method, OCR systems can carry out feature extraction. Feature extraction is an intricate process of identifying character. It involves the use of advanced font analysis to identify text regardless of the type of font. Feature extraction uses several factors in recognizing text in almost any font. Modern optical recognition software utilizes feature extraction to discern text in a PDF file.

The Benefits of Utilizing PDFs

That said, here are some of the benefits you could read reap from using PDFs as your main document format.
• Cut down on paper: using PDFs reduces the use of paper because a user can perform all actions from the comfort of wherever they are. Doing away with the heaps of paper also streamlines document management in your business.
• Save Time: You don’t have to print, fill, scan, and send back a document.
• Avoid printing issues and mistakes. You no longer have to worry about empty cartridges and making errors during printing.
• Hassle-free doc sharing. PDFs allow you to share a range of documents for your day to day needs. They even allow you to store large files because they can be compressed. This feature also saves you some space on your computer's hard drive.
• Electronic Form-Filling: forms in PDF can be filled online or converted to other formats like Word. The best editing software allows you to make changes in the areas where you may have made mistakes at any stage of the deal.

What Makes an Effective PDF Editor?

An optimal editing platform should have the best features while still charging a pocket-friendly price. So what are the must-haves of PDF editing tool? •

It Has File Converting Capabilities.

Because you are using different document formats, a tool that can allow you to convert the various file formats to PDF or vice versa can prove very useful to you. This feature is vital for an office setting or teamwork situation where the various members may be using different operating systems. Converting the different file formats to a portable document format can ensure that any OS user can view the documents you share without a hassle. •

It Allows Easy Merging of Files.

Why attach five documents, when you merge all and send as one? The best editors allow you to put together multiple files into a single portable document format. This capability lightens the workload for you by reducing the number of documents because multiple files that would rather be separate are merged as one. It also ensures you end up with a well-organized presentation because you can include almost all the media you need to use in a PDF.

It Permits Easy Adding or Removal of Texts.

The shift towards a paperless office environment drives the need to have PDF tools with the ability to add or remove text. Take the example of an office situation where you must send a document to a client for review before they append their signature. PDFs make it easy for both parties to highlight areas where they need changes and allows for easy adding of texts or removal of sections that you may not need. •

Puts Document Safety First.

Some of the information we share through documents are confidential—things that you can’t share with every Tom, Dick, and Harry. Protect client information is vital for small businesses because they could land on the wrong hands and lead to hefty lawsuits. Online PDF Editing toolsshould also allow you to password-protect your PDFs. That means you can restrict access to the file and give permission only to the relevant eyes. •

Provides access to Docs everywhere to the Permitted Eyes.

Cloud storage allows you to store and have access to your files from wherever you are. Most online PDF editing tools do not allow you to store your files; they erase your data after you have finished editing or signing. But the best software saves your PDFs and gives you access to them through any device. That is to say, you don't have to carry your laptop everywhere you go to view your files. •

Allows for Compression of PDF Documents.

Online PDF editing platforms offer efficient compression services that maximize the saving on size while still maintaining the format and content in the document. •

Has A Solution To All Your PDF Problems.

The best PDF editors act as a one-stop-solution for all your PDF problems without asking you to download other extensions or purchase the software. You don’t always have the time to roam around the internet looking for solutions to your PDF problems. It is easier to save time by relying on one remedy across all your departments because everyone knows what to do. It is also cost-effective to use one remedy and not spend money every time you need to accomplish your PDF tasks.

7 Other Things to Look for in Online PDF Platforms.

After identifying what an online PDF editor should have, you should also be conversant with the tools that can assist in editing. Employing online PDF tools with extensive features and functions will enable efficient modification and creation of PDF files as you desire. Here we have seven PDF modification tools that you might consider utilizing. 1.

PDF to Word converter.

Many firms prefer to store and distribute documents in PDF format so that everyone sees it the same way. Typically, in such a situation, it will be easier to convert documents to Word and edit them than copying and pasting to create a new Word document. THE best PDF to Word converter preserves the original document's font, paragraphs, lists, and columns. Online PDF modification tools have robust OCR that helps in scanning and converting PDF images to editable Word documents. 2.

PDF Merger.

Combining files into one single PDF document helps in simplifying the storage process. PDF mergers maintain a document’s original form, and it has no limit to the number of files you can join. Combining documents of the same content/topic/subject ensures easy retrieval and reading of data. As an administrator, the possibility of having a lot of business documents in PDF format is high. When sharing all this information with your staff, it's safer to merge them before sending them. By so doing, your team will not miss any information with an excuse that they did not get all the files. Administrators often merge documents or records into groups before labeling and archiving them for future use. Purposefully, they do this to reduce the amount of time they will take to find the documents next time someone needs it. PDF merger is recommendable for it eases searching, organizing, and reviewing of documents. 3.

PDF to Excel Converter.

PDF to Excel Converter is a document conversion software that is most suitable for financial and statistical data. As we all know, Businesses need to keep track of transaction records, event reports, and other forms of analytical data. Most of these documents are in PDF format. Converting these documents to editable Excel spreadsheets allows effortless modification of PDF files. Presenting data in Excel spreadsheets helps most workers enter, retrieve, and manage statistical data results in seconds. 4.

PDF Separator.

PDF separator helps to split huge documents to multiple PDF files. For various reasons, you might want to split a document as a business owner or worker. For instance, a worker can decide to split a PDF when he/she finds not all the information in it is necessary, but just a small section of it. An administrator may decide to split a PDF file to safeguard sensitive information and share the rest with the staff. For example, a PDF file containing digital paychecks may be divided so that each individual gets his or her personal check. 5.

PowerPoint to PDF Converter.

PowerPoint presentation is widely in use by almost everyone today. Different people use different layouts, fonts, and backgrounds to create presentations. Converting PowerPoint into PDF slides promotes the easy sharing of information, especially during staff meetings. Let's face it; PowerPoint is a tool that not everyone has access to it. At times, workers borrow their friends' hardware to present their work. If the owner does not have the PowerPoint app yet, you simply need to convert the file to PDF slides. Applying unique fonts and layouts in PowerPoint and mailing it to other people may be tricky. Especially when the receiver has not installed those fonts. PDFs help to alleviate this problem because they preserve the original design of a file 6.

PDF to PowerPoint Converter.

PowerPoint cannot open a file in PDF format. On certain occasions, professionals might want to revisit work, modify it to use later. Typically, you will have to use PowerPoint to PDF document conversion software to edit your work without any hassle. 7.


PDF to PDF is the easy-to-use tool among all PDF modification tools. It allows you to manipulate your document in ways like cropping, rotating, removing or extracting pages and protecting a PDF file. Small modifications that the PDF to PDF tool offers you help to improve the credibility of your documents.

Final Words

Above everything, it makes more sense to use PDF editing services or software that matches your specific case. List the challenges you face while handling your PDF docs to guide you into choosing the best software or online PDF editing tools for your needs. Spend ample time researching so that you won’t need to refer to the internet every time you need to work on your documents in one way or another. offers some of the cheapest and effective PDF editing services in the market.We have thoroughly tested the editing platform to ensure that you have top-of-the-line features each time you use our tool. For a low monthly fee, you gain access to many high-end features that are available through the bigger companies. Contact us today to learn more about the ways that you can edit PDF online.

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