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How Digital Transformations Are Improving Customer Interaction in the Banking Industry amid Covid-19

Financial Firms Worldwide Count on Digital Banking Solutions to Engage Their Consumers during Covid-19.

With the widespread of the coronavirus, most sectors in the economy are struggling to adjust. As people observe measures put in place by various governments, a majority of them opt for online banking services rather than visiting aphysical branch. Statistics indicate that the number of individuals transacting online has shot twenty percent in nations like China that faced Covid-19 but are now recouping. Most peopleprioritize their health and would rather go online instead of walking to a bank. In a study by Lightico, 82% of subjects said they worried about visiting their local bank. An entire 63% said they are more motivated to try a digital app or website now than pre-pandemic. In response, banking organizations should consider adopting digital banking solutions to aid customer interaction, particularly amid the coronavirus pandemic. There are modern ways of banking that can help you deliver a unique and satisfying consumer experience. Electronic banking tools enable clients to access and conduct banking activities via their electronic devices at whichever location. Other than aiding consumer engagement, you can utilize digital banking solutions to enhance trust or gather insights to better your services.

The Steps to Adopting Digital Banking Solutions.

Adopting electronic banking solutions and getting your clients to use it can overwhelming. However, with the right tips and proper management, adoption can be simpler than you imagine. Here are several hints you can utilize to guarantee the successful adoption of electronic banking in your organization.

    1.Come up with a plan.

Several reasons can drive a financial firm to implement digital banking tools. Some of these reasons are; creating awareness of the firm's electronic banking solutions or encouraging the adoption of the crucial features presumed to increase revenue and retention. Whichever your goal is, planning is crucial for any venture to be successful. The blueprint should be comprehensive and must state allobjectives and goals clearly. It must also explain how to achieve the set goals and ways to measure success.

    2. Invest in your staff members.

If your support staff aren’t conversant with a feature you want your clients to get introduced to, its delivery and productivity can be minimal. Close engagement and proper training, can improve the shift to digital banking in your organization. Allow the support staff to conduct pilot programs on the new features you wish to introduce before execution. Your staff's feedback on those features can help you come up with solutions for FAQs about the service/product. Another step is to employ personnel who have expertise in the feature's operation to help manage and guide your staff on the right steps to follow. Other than the two duties, the expert can also act as a consultant to staff members who may have questions.

    3.Find multiple ways to promote the new digital solution.

How often consumers see information can determine if they would like to try it or not. When introducing new solutions aiming that your clients get used to them faster, you will need to find multiple ways to convey that message. To accomplish this objective quickly, you can decide to convey the information via your firm’s branches, ATM screens, call centers, or online platforms. Televisions and radios are also convenient ways of passing digital information and trends to your users. Personal approaches also work when promoting a new feature. Come up with campaigning strategies to help remind clients to acquire or use a banking solution you are introducing. Including ads on your webpage when introducing new solutions is an effective way of promotion too.

    4.Do performance assessments from time to time.

Every financial organization should be keen on tracking their data regularly. Conduct evaluations onhow the major areas in your firm are performing. Such areas can include emails, how frequently clients use or visit your online platform, and advertisements. Almost all monetary institutions have a unique customer base and ways of handling things within an institution. Some utilize tactics that can work favorably for your company or while others don't. Regular checking of market trends, competitors, and what clients expect you to offer can help your firm understand the appropriate route to follow. Embrace flexibility and change when necessary. Your staff can track down what people are thinking about your services or products through online communities. The information you get from those platforms can be important when making decisions and helps you attain your goals and deliver better services.

    5.Encourage clients.

You can aid adoption by motivating your customers to use the new solution. Enlighten them on the benefits of using a digital solution to transact and access services from your firm. In circumstances where your consumers are trying to obtain new accounts, you can encourage them to go for an online banking option. It is possible to pass more than two pieces of information simultaneously to consumers. For example, you can decide to utilize opportunities such as a promotion event of let's say credit cardsto create awareness of mobile apps clients can utilize to get assistance or services. Look for ways of getting your customer's attention so that they can use the feature you are introducing. An informative and direct call-to-action is the key. You can incorporate links to your mobile application when contacting clients to encourage them to download it.

    6.Convey right and persuasive messages.

It's a competitive a busy world, so it is important not to assume you're the only person offering services to your consumers; they have several options, which is why you should find a better and compelling way to message customers. For your digital banking solutions to be unique and satisfying, consider what your consumers want and how to deliver it. Keenly scrutinize the important areas that can encourage your clients to use the new banking features. Consider using language that can move clients; get in touch with their feelings and needs. Make them see what you are offering is better and convenient than other solutions.

Digital Banking Tools: An Effective Way to Link with Your Consumers amid Covid-19

Coronavirus has forced many monetary firms to depend on digital solutions to link with their consumers and ensure business continuity. Organizations are trying to provide services to clients while at the same time minding the safety of individuals, both staff and customers. Here several solutions you can use to maintain the productivity and smooth operation in a banking institution;

  • Digital delivery solutions.
  • Measurements like social distancing and quarantine are some of the negative effects of Covid-19. With such cautions put in place, banks are relying on digital delivery solutions to offer services to clients. A good example of a digital delivery platform is mobile banking or applications. With mobile banking, it is easier for your clients to access services in the comfort of their homes, making it hard for anyone to contract coronavirus. During this unprecedented period, advise your clients to use such options. And for the hesitant groupexplainwhy it is important to enroll for mobile banking.

  • Electronic communication tools.
  • There are electronic tools that aid in conveying personalized messages to your customers. Using these tools will help you update your clients on important information about your firm, new features, policies, or services more often.

  • Electronic documentation.
  • Most banks are now issuing digital statements to their clients after a transaction. With the rapid evolution of technology, commercial organizations can offer electronic statements and notices to their customers online. The statements are secure, interactive, and informative enough for customers to understand easily. Using an electronic documentation system helps keep your staff and clients safe and reduces paperwork within your organization. This method is also cost-friendly and saves time, especially when you have to post the statements and notices directly to consumers. You can send huge volumes of reports in a matter of seconds or minutes.

  • Centralized information bases.
  • Allow clients to access information easily and access a centralized information base where they can get assistance without the need to visit your firm or branch physically. Such options save both of the client's and bank's time because if they can get help quickly, they will not need to bother your support staff. Encompass information regarding your electronic banking abilities in your firm’s knowledge base. Offer consumers guidance on how to utilize the new digital features you want them to use. Figure out ways to locate those customers who are dormant in exploiting digital solutions you are offering and try to reason with them using various communication channels.

  • a personalized customer experience.
  • Customers need a satisfactory and personalized experience during an interaction with their service providers. To enable this experience, it essential to develop ways that will assess the level of experience you are offering customers. You can utilize digital platforms to give customers the better experience they need. Investing in digital banking solutions like e-Statements, digital banking, e-Notices, and many other digital transformations can be rewarding in the long run. The solutions mentioned above will improve efficiency, productivity, and the experience your customers get. When it comes to staying on top of your competitors, particularly during Covid-19, implementing and modifying digital solutions is the key.

    Tricks to Effectively Engage Customers, Build Trust and Ensure Success

    Limiting your organization to remain stable because of coronavirus shouldn't be an option that you can settle for. There are several ways to stay above stable and offer so much more. Below are several ways you can employ to engage customers while ensuring success.

    Embrace open digital channels.

    Customers get frustrated when they are unable to connect with service providers. Banks need to leave their electronic channels open for their customers to easily access information before needing further assistance from an agent. Regularly update them with any information that is relevant to client queries. i.

    Provide consumers with surveys and early replies.

    Conducting surveys can help an organization figure out loopholes and decide on the best measures to take. You can send surveys to your clients through emails, SMS, or mobile applications and remind them to look at them and provide honest feedback. Scrutinize the replies to see which issues to prioritize and which need immediate attention to avoid any inconveniences or complaints from clients. This way, your customer satisfaction level will be on point, without any of the account holders feeling unappreciated. ii.

    Create a pertinent and accommodative customer journey.

    Businesses that succeed today are customer-centric and not brand-centric. A firm that considers the needs of its customers over what it wants is more likely to be successful. In essence, without customers, you don't have a business. So you must provide what customers need; remember, customers are always right. Meeting with your potential clients is crucial, even if it means reaching out through messaging apps and other Omni-channel platforms. iii.

    Develop a plan to keep clients or staff safe and ways keep them updated.

    Coronavirus is highly contagious, so banks should notify their consumers and staff on the set precautions to warrant their safety. Such precautions can include;

  • Conducting precautionary procedures for clients who are physically visiting the bank branches. For example,   appointments and queueing protocol while maintaining social-distancing.
  • Conducting sanitation measures like checking temperature, sanitizer usage, and the wearing of PPEs.
  • Sanitation process of decontaminating currencies, branches, ATMs or any sanitization programs within the firm
  • Creating warnings of illegal KYC requests or phishing emails relating to coronavirus.
  • It is vital to keep your clients posted on all the above measurements and more through digital platforms. Emphasize the need to utilize electronic banking solutions over traditional forms. Adopt multi-channel strategies to interact with consumers more often. iv.

    Utilize online posters(banners).

    Let your consumers know that you are aware of the crisis, and you are ready to attend to them while minding their safety. Include regular updates concerning coronavirus on your webpage. You can achieve such a task by utilizing banners to enlighten your customers on important information about the virus and the organization's adjustment strategies to service provision. Other than banners, sidebars are also a convenient method of customer engagement. Include the goods and services your consumers might need during the pandemic. The use of such methods helps consumers to get information and access services they require without any hassle. Text banners are useful when conveying information about location, promotions, or other important announcements like working hours, customer care emergency contacts, or re-opening of branches. You can use smart banners to influence consumers to download a mobile app by simply clicking on them directly. v.

    Offer advice to your vulnerable customers.

    During this crisis, different consumers are affected differently. Some are at higher risks than others. Banks should identify the most vulnerable consumers, for example, the old and independent consumers. To obtain such information, banking firms can sync consumer information platforms with their CRM platforms. Doing this will allow you to reach out to consumers with the advice and products they need. vi.

    Use testimonials to promote services while sourcing potential clients.

    In times of crisis, monetary organizations normally enhance several products or services like health insurance strategies, refinancing mortgages, or not documenting information on temporary personal credits. Including catchy testimonials on your online platform concerning such services and other relatable information will help your web visitors get what they need quickly.

    Advantages of Electronic Banking.

    Digital banking solutionsare beneficial to both customers and commercial banking organizations. Here is a summary of the benefits you will enjoy while employing electronic banking;

  • Saves time.
  • Compared to traditional ways of banking, electronic banking is much faster. Also, people don't need to queue or experience traffic delays to get banking services.

  • It is fast.
  • Online banking processes are simple and fast. Customers can access services at any time of the day. Consumers can even conduct transactions during the night, which is impossible if you were to visit a branch manually.

  • Easy to monitor and manage accounts.
  • E-banking allows clients to access their bank accounts at any time and from any location. Clients can monitor and manage their accounts while staying at home. It is trivial for account holders to notice any unusual activity since they can review their daily transaction history.

  • Easy bills payment.
  • You can use electronic banking to pay bills. If you plan to make payments to the same payee often, you can instruct the bank to save that information for future use.


    Banking is a major sector in the economy of most governments. Due to Covid-19, most of the banking activities are being conducted online. To position themselves strategically in the market, finance companies must embrace digital banking solutions. Investing in e-banking solutions can help your financial organization attain maximum productivity while ensuring exclusive customerinteraction.

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