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Misunderstood & Underrated: Why Your Business Hasn’t Maxed the Full Potential of PDFs

Unleashing the Full Potential of the Portable Document Format.

Are you stuck to paper oralready making the shiftto digital workplace processes. Well maybe it’s time to, because competitors will outdo you if you keep dragging. The PDF, for instance, is a misunderstood and underrated file format that could help a business achieve more through, process automation, cost-savings on paper procedures and more. Its uses can go down to small facets of your business, but these can only be understood once you realize the full potential of the portable document format. PDFs were developed to ease or simplify the sharing of documents across computers. Since its creation, the format has become integral to many business process. In this article, we will highlight some known and unknown facts about these PDF files. But first let’s get back to its roots.

Where Did the PDF Come From?

The portable document format dates back to over two decades ago, yet many people see it as a new piece of tech. Although it has gone through major improvements, it goes way back to the 90’s. PDF was introduced by an American company, Adobe Systems, which started in 1991. The primary driving factor for thecreation of this program was to solve the complexity of exchanging electronic documents in different computer systems and applications. The technologies available back then were not fully developed. All documents were shared through fax technology which was slow and full of errors. When the founders developed this project, they had a dream of solving the compatibility challenges. These problems were between
(1) the devices which carried the documents,
(2) converting them and
(3) users who receive the converted document. Many people continue to doubt and disregard the capabilities of the portable document format (PDF). Yet these files have proven their versatility and ability to stand all transformations in tech.

Facts about the PDF Document.

The PDF holds its unique position because it’s the only file format that preserves the originality of a document. This file format also allows users to add their electronic signature to documents, change text, complete forms, and so on. Well, a lot can be said about this document format because it is a simple concept with a complicated background. Learning these facts about PDFs can help change your mentality towards this digital document format and ensure you reap more benefits from it than you already have.

1. PDFs serve across all Platforms.

One of the most unknown features of the PDF is that it was developed to function in different platforms, operating systems etc. While most of the other documents format files are designed for use in one or a few platforms, the portable document format (PDF) is compatible with many other computer platforms. Unlike other files formats, PDFs can be converted to Microsoft office programs such as Word, PowerPoint or Excel. One can also do the reverse— convert other files to PDF document. The primary goal of PDF development was to offer a sense of diversity and avoid overdependence on one file format. Notably as new platforms are designed, the portable document format (PDF) continues creating compatibility across them.

2.The Perfect way to Archive Organizational Data (ISO certified).

After creating a PDF file, storage is the next big thing. Losing data can be disastrous depending on the kind, value or use of data. To ensure all the PDF documents are safe, they are archived in order to retain the information for a long time. The effectiveness of this mode of saving, prompted the International Organization of Standardization (ISO) to name the PDF archiving the most effective way for longtime preservation of documents. In doing so, the document retain its credibility due to its enhanced security feature. The feature demonstrates versatility which makes it a lasting technology that builds businesses digitally.

3.You can Compress PDFs and Maintain Original Quality.

One of the best unknown features of the PDF is its ability to compress without interfering with its original quality. This means that the quality of the text or the image of the documents remain the same. With data compression, large documents with a lot of graphics can be made significantly smaller and saved as a PDF files. There also lots of tools for purchase or free download to use in shrinking large PDF documents to smaller files. Compressibility is one of the major reasons PDF is highly used when sending documents— it simplifies the uploading and downloading of documents.

4.PDFs can encourage organizational teamwork.

Immense value can be achieved from PDF as a teamwork and collaboration tool. Different personnel can access a document simultaneously, and review without a hassle. PDFs feature collaborative tools which allow it accomplish many functions. The tool allows multiple personnel to go through same doc right from the start to the end. Such collaboration reduces the hassle of sending documents that require signing, and thus reduces the steps like printing and scanning it. This tool also eases and streamlines the reviewing of feedback.

5.PDFs Give an Exact Replica of the Doc in its Original Format.

What appeals most about PDFs is that they are a reflection or an exact replica of the document its original format. These replicas are made in such a way that the viewers see them as original—as the authors had in mind or intended. That is also to say that the documents are in perfection to the last pixel. When same documents are converted to other different file formats, we see some slight discrepancies between the original and the replica. Formats and image color may change.

6.You can Add Security Features to PDFs.

You can protect a PDF file in two ways; (1) Using password to ensure the PDFs documents that are shared are very secure from external access. This is enabled by the application of passwords to the file document and by use of encryptions where those sensitive documents are locked to those who have no permission of accessing it. (2) Protecting its contents by restricting functions like editing, copy-and-paste capabilities to retain the integrity of its contents.

7.Capture and Store Important Web Content.

If you research content online, you may have realized that some content disappear after some time. Portable documents formats can ensure you preserve important content like industry reports and statistics for later reviews. You can capture any info online and store it without changing anything. PDFs can actually save web pages and help in keeping records of searches. It can also create photo pages inform of PDF.

Myths that Discourage Businesses from Using the Portable Document Format.

What have you heard about PDFs? And if they were true, why is this file format still a favorite for many. The PDF holds its unique position because it is used all over the world to preserve the originality of a document in the digital environment. This file format also allows users to add their electronic signature to documents, change text, complete forms, and so on. Many people continue to doubt and disregard the capabilities of the portable document format (PDF) because of mere rumors. Yet these files have proven their versatility and ability to stand all transformations in tech. You’ve definitely heard all or some of these rumors. And if you haven’t, it’s only a matter of time you will.

1.Without Adobe, You Can’t Manage PDFs.

We gave Adobe credit as the mother of PDFs at the start of this post, but that doesn’t mean it is the only software with PDF-management capabilities. These days you have a wide range of options when it comes to choosing a tool that can help you stay on top of you PDF files. FillAnyPDF, for instance, is a website where you fill it out, sign, and send forms, online!No software is needed.It also allows you to edit PDFs online. And a dozen other tools exist toenable the most technical of PDF functions. Others come in the form of software or apps which means you can never run out of options. There’s something for everyone as long as you are looking for something for domestic or commercial use.

2.PDF solutions are too expensive.

Gone are the days when you would pay in the skies to manage you PDF docs. These days you can have do a lot of things with you portable document format files using the tools available. If you run a paperless business then these tools matter to you because without them your business cannot survive. Business that are still reluctant to shift to PDFs are made to believe that this file format is expensive. But a quick analysis into the cost of these tools compared to printing and paper expenses can give a clearer picture. Subscription offers are the best. Some services offer a dozen PDF capabilities for as low as $3 per month. Document management has never been that cheap. Furthermore, you get to manage you documents in a secure platform where no one else can get access to you private and confidential info.

3.Pre-integrated PDF tools in PCs Can serve all Your Needs.

These days most PCs come with preinstalled PDF reader that can open and view PDF files. Anyone looking for capabilities beyond viewing files will need to look for other tools with extra features. For instance, a $3/per-month subscription on FillAnyPDF gives one access to a wide range of services such as the ability to;
• Create fillable PDFs
• Add an electronic signature to docs online
• Place forms on your website for clients to fill and sign
• Insert your logo into the form
• Edit PDF online to share the changes with others
• Invite others to sign your documents
• Set an expiration date on your forms
• Allow others to fill in details on the form and add a digital signature
• Use different types of forms, including Word documents and PDFs

4.You can only create a PDF by Scanning.

In the beginning, Adobe reserved all the rights to the PDF format. Back then print-and-scan ways one of hassle-free way to create PDFs. But all that changed in 2007 with the roll-out of Microsoft’s universal conversion feature. Now users can turn any document format i.e. word, Excel etc. into PDF.

5.E-signatures are illegal so one can’t rely on PDF document management.

False. E-signatures are perfectly legal in the US under the eSign Act. In truth, many legal institutions including law companies and government organizations rely on these documents. But business owners must check local or industry electronic signature rules to maintain compliance all the time.

6.You can’t convert PDFs to any other format.

Again, sometime back it was difficult to convert PDF to other formats like Word. But thanks to the many tools available it has been never been easier to convert PDF to other formats and vice versa

7.PDFs are large files.

We can’t stress the significance of the array of tools available in the market. Though PDF files can sometimes be large, these technologies allow you to reduce their sizes. Other factors like the quality of your scanning equipment may also determine PDF file sizes. Never hesitate to use the portable document format for the fear dealing with large digital files. You can always get creative.

In conclusion,

The PDF holds its unique position because it’s the only file format that preserves the originality of a document. This file format also allows users to add their electronic signature to documents, change text, complete forms, and so on. Many people continue to doubt and disregard the capabilities of the portable document format (PDF). Yet these files have proven their versatility and capability to stand all transformations in tech. Learning more can help change their perspective. Share this post to educate others about PDFs.

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