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Subtle workable tips to sell during the pandemic.

How to make great sale during pandemic

The outbreak of coronavirus has changed a lot of normal human activities in a way that will take time to revert. It has become eminent that people and more so businesses will not get back to normalcy anytime soon. A few months back, we viewed the changes brought by Covid 19 on workplace and businesses as short term adjustments we can endure before we return to offices, commuting, and real-time/ face to face meetings. However, as businesses accept this reality as the new normal, there is a need to change focus from an ordinary business approach to a whole new way of doing business during the pandemic. Despite businesses undergoing potential economic depression, the primary objective of satisfying clients' needs and offering solutions to their problems are unchanged. It is such times that define your business; you build and strengthen relationships with prospects and clients. However, it requires tolerance, empathy, and creativity to succeed. In this article, we have researched and prepared subtle workable tips to help you make sales during this worldwide pandemic.

Possible tips to sell during the pandemic.

Just like we are continually learning to deal with the virus by following the precautions such as frequently sanitizing contact places, handwashing, and being careful with covering coughs and sneezes, there are various approaches that sales agents can adopt to help them sell during the pandemic.

"Stock" new business leads now.

The same way you would stock supplies that your house may need during quarantine, you also need to create a stock of sales prospect now instead of doing it later. Commit your time, resources, and energy to lead generation and prospecting for new clients. Even if your industry does not seem impacted by the pandemic, there is a greater possibility that the epidemic could lead to extensive and extreme economic impacts. Stocking new leads will make your business well connected during the pandemic by having a more robust network of prospective customers working with you over a long period. Regardless of the duration coronavirus will take or how worse it will be, investing in a well-stocked network of prospective customers is never a lousy idea-it only helps in ensuring you remain relevant in the market and sell during the pandemic.

Reorganize your solutions to help with the pandemic concerns.

Regardless of the products or services you offer and the business-to-business method you use, people have become aware of the coronavirus concerns. And would embrace any approach relevant to them. Use your creative skills and reengineer your B2B solutions to help your prospective customers live with the pandemic while still getting services normally. For instance, a lot of businesses are now embracing virtual shift and adopts work from home methods. Look for a relevant sales pitch you can venture to help clients observe pandemic rules and, at the same time, enable employees to work from home. For example, many companies are canceling travels, big conferences and large meetings are being postponed: selling a virtual evet software would be a great way of being relevant to these companies. Your former selling ideas before corona might still work; you slightly need to adjust them to provide solutions to the most urgent needs which can then propel you to sell during the pandemic.

1.Put sales as a priority in your strategy.

Most strategy models tend to ignore sales or address it peripherally, concentrating on factors such as markets, capabilities and products, and other initiatives. While this might have worked well in the previous economy, it can be during these challenging times that you can start to focus on your sales. Sales present your products or services to the market, and strategies get executed best with sales functions. Boost sales strategies by giving it the necessary tools to succeed. Do this by defining your customers' profile and noting the exact reasons clients will recommend you over your competitors. As much as Covid-19 has meant that there are fewer opportunities to be won, it has also created a chance to reconsider not only the products but also the methods you are using to sell during the pandemic for increased profit or market share.

2. Improve your sales experience.

At the start of the coronavirus pandemic, many companies survived by shifting their interactions with clients to the teleconference. However, the long-term solution would be to rethink how these avenues can be used to boost sales and not just to sustain it. With videoconferencing and phone, it is easier to bring all the experts involved in the whole sales strategy and other departments together before the process to give in-depth expertise and insights. Visual engagement platforms also enable the involvement of company officials with clients to provide top-level connections and to address the problems together. Use this pandemic period as an opportunity to customize your sales experience to provide value to your potential customers as a significant part of your approach in the covid-19 world. Create a sales experience to help your customers get informed about the opportunities and problems brought about by the pandemic.

3.Add value to every interaction.

It is essential to be careful and thorough with the time spent speaking with buyers, customers, and prospects during this pandemic period. Admit that everybody is as busy as you are and are also striving to adapt to this new normal. Understand the effects of the current situation on their life, families, businesses, and initiatives, and save time while being precise with the information to allow time to follow other covid-19 restrictions. Prior planning for any communications such as calls, emails is very vital in ensuring you are well prepared to utilize the time effectively and efficiently.

4.Be creative with sales presentations.

The pandemic has forced businesses to minimize travels and physical meetings. This has only left web-based presentations as the only safer and appropriate medium during this coronavirus period. Begin remodeling your sales pitch skill to align with the virtual presentation basics. Be ready to do most of your sales pitch over the internet as opposed to ordinary onsite meetings. Though this might call for a change in your sales strategy, in-person meetings should not be an option, as the potential customers may be working from home or are avoiding face to face meetings until the pandemic reduces. Keep your sales soaring up by using creative ways such as?

  • Walking your prospective client through a virtual factory tour by using the visual engagement apps or facetime.
  • Performing a thorough product demo, including your expert team who do not get featured until the later stage.
  • Forwarding a YouTube video to a client showing how your product or solution works and explaining it while watching the clip together.

Don't panic that you can't be there in person. Be creative, use different collaboration and communication software to engage your clients effectively.

5.Furnish your sales content.

Whatever you present to customers during the sales pitch, such as proposals, white paper, specifications, or FAQs, has become more important and should relay the business' values in a short, clear, and comprehensible manner. Like everybody else in this coronavirus period, your readers may not get the time to search for simple meanings and related information. Condense the sales content document and use bullets or points to show the relevant parts. Doing this will allow your prospects and clients an easy time to understand your products or solutions and make quick and informed decisions about purchase options. It also enhances your turnaround time.

6. Help and educate your clients.

Though the whole story about the coronavirus has been heartbreaking, it has also ignited a show of generosity and appreciation around the globe. And instead of thinking about how to exploit the condition and make extra sales, your immediate point-of-call should be how to make your business genuinely offer help to others. Do not make the generosity to be seen as a means of making sales but use your brand to show generosity, and the exposure will automatically lead to click-through to your product page. Additionally, you can educate your clients by sharing how your customers are getting success using your products or services. You can achieve this by creating podcasts and newsletters and periodically sharing with the customers. Doing this will make your prospects more optimistic about your products and keep your company present in their minds.

7. Add extra sales avenues/channels.

If you are undergoing a downturn in your business due to the pandemic, it may be the best time to start exploring and add other sales avenues to your system. If you have been doing business on a personal website, you can bring eBay to your operations. If you already on eBay, you can try adding amazon, etc. There are various channels and marketplaces you can pick from around the globe, which can present a whole lot of new customers that you were probably missing on your business. You can as well employ the use of multichannel tools to transfer orders faster and more efficiently and keep your record synced through.

8.Double down on sales you make

Making sales during this time is not easy and any sale in this period is crucial: it should be treated as being very special, and you should strive to keep such sales. Those who purchased your products during this situation are either trusting your brand or were moved by the services you offered, and you are in better positions of making them buy again. However, don't just wait. You have to get up and take action to make those sales. An immediate upsell after making a purchase can be too pushy for a customer. Use tools like Zipify, which are capable of promoting other services and products in your inventory directly on the order confirmation page. Ensure you follow up the process with messages and emails asking for more sales soon after the purchase is closed. The ultimate target of doing this is to be less focused on moving out to find new clients during times like this. Be attentive to customer's loyalty and build a rapport based on that.

9. Get dressed for success

It may look obvious but getting dressed is like wearing your job uniform; it creates a job mentality, making you spend more time making sales. Working in your boxers or bathrobe may be luxurious, but it creates a wrong perception to your customers. Now that you are working from home does not mean you don't follow grooming and standard rules of presentation. It is important that you treat remote working the same way you used to do with onsite work.

10.Stop shaking hands.

In this age of coronavirus, handshaking has become an overrated norm. Though it may be uncomfortable, doing this is a show of respect care to your clients. It also shows that you are more concerned with their wellbeing while attending to their needs too. You can use a fist bump, a virtual high five, or a slight bow and immediately follow with an explanation of why you cannot shake their hands.


The world may be staggering because of this pandemic takeover, but it does not mean you should lay back and watch your online business crumble. Although facing the confusion caused by coronavirus continues to be a big challenge, it can also offer unexpected opportunities to boost sales with your prospects and clients. There is a lot of information available on ways of becoming effective when working from home and how to maximize the new shift that has been brought about by the pandemic. With creative modifications, imaginations, and planning, your sales experience, strategy, and client interactions can withstand this test of time.

A challenge to business owners

As an online business, turn this pandemic into an opportunity. Create new methods of connecting with your customers and offer them solutions to their problems. Listen more and talk less. Provide your strategy and teams with the necessary tools to make their work more efficient.

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