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5 Things That You Can Do With A Free Online PDF Editor

Things You Can Use The PDF Editor For

Of course, there are more than 5 things you can do with an online PDF editor software if you know how to use it. Here is more information.

The following are 5 major things that you can do with a free online PDF editor

1. Editing documents

This is the biggest use of an online PDF editor. You cannot download a PDF editor if you do not wish to use it to edit your documents. It is a sufficient way of editing documents online and you can do this in the most reliable way as you please. All that you have to do is click on the text that you want to edit and start typing and then save your document with the edited parts. You can also edit images on your PDF file by adjusting the size and placing the image where you want it to appear on your final document.

2. Converting documents

One may need to convert their documents into other MS Office formats, for example, Word, PowerPoint or Excel documents. This is quite easy as one only needs to click on the convert tool and choose the format in which they would like to convert the PDF file to. A document in MS Office can also be converted back to a PDF file as well.

3. Fill forms

Unlike several years ago when one needed to print and scan forms that they needed to fill, with the online PDF editor, you can be able to fill the forms online and this is very efficient as it saves you a lot of time. The filled form is then saved and one can access it whenever they want to review it or send it to another person.

4. Signing documents

Signing documents has been made easier as now using an online PDF editor as you can sign any document online using an electronic signature. This has proved to be an advantage to many people as it reduces cases of fraud and saves one the trouble of printing and scanning. The time that you could have used to do all that work can be used for other things.

5. Merge PDF files

When you are using an online PDF editor, you can merge your files by clicking the “combine files” option then add the files that you would like to merge and this helps you to organize your files more effectively. You can as well rearrange the merged files in the manner that you would like them to appear. You will save much space on your laptop or flash drive when you merge several documents together. Sending an email with fewer attachments is also an advantage when you merge documents that you want to send to someone. These are just a few ways in which you can use an online PDF editor, but there are more. However, software are different and you need to get the right one for your needs.

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