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Features That You Should Look For In A PDF Editor

How Can You Choose A Functional PDF Editor?

When considering to use a certain type of PDF editor, you should ensure the PDF editor has some features such as we will show you here.

These features include:

Converter The converter is one of the most essential features that a PDF editor should have. This is because one often needs to convert the files into Microsoft Word, PowerPoint or Excel or any other MS Office feature. PDF filler This is to make it easy or you to fill in PDF. You can add texts, pictures, dates and even e-signatures. This feature is very important for everyone. The save feature Of course, after working on a PDF job, editing, adding text and images, you will want to save all the changes. This is where the save feature comes in handily. There is utterly no point in making all those changes and then not save them. All PDF editors come with this feature as it is standard, but do a double check just to make sure it is available. Office online This is a free and simplified version of Microsoft office and one of its best uses is converting a PDF document to a word document when using online PDF editor. This feature allows you to make changes to the actual text add or delete files from the PDF document and once you are done with the changes that you have made, office online converts the document back to a PDF file. This is the most reliable way of converting a PDF file online. PDF editor The PDF editor helps to modify texts, objects, format and layout of the PDF file. You may want to insert images, add texts and more to the document. PDF creator This feature assists in creating PDF forms, documents, portfolios and covert PDF to office. You can create PDF’s from hundreds of the most common file types that are almost 100% compatible with other PDF products. This ensures that your PDF file opens every time you want to access and view it. You can also reduce the file size in order to save space on your computer or flash disk. PDF organizer The PDF organizer is a very important feature in the PDF editor. It saves a lot of time and you can easily organize your files in the best way you want by simply dragging and dropping page thumbnails within a document from one document to another. This helps you to manage your documents and find them easily when you want to access them. Protect and sign your documents This feature helps you to protect your confidential documents so that you are the only one who can access them. You can sign documents in your own handwriting as well and this protects you from forgery. Confidential information can easily be permanently removed from PDF documents in order to protect confidential information. These features should be present in your PDF editor so that they can make your work easier and so that you can work with PDF easily.

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