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10 Digital problems you have to consider growing your business


10 Digital problems you have to consider growing your business

To grow your business, you will have to face a series of challenges. Different problems and opportunities demanding different solutions will emerge. The processesyou followed a year or two years back might not be beneficial. They may not provide the best approach to improving your business today.

However, it’s very fortunate that contemporary times and technological advancement have come in handy with more essential resources for tackling most problems than before. What you need to do as a business is to recognize your pitfalls associated with growth and take steps to overcome your problems. Ensure the activities you’re involved in do not create additional problems for you but help you overcome your digital problems in growing your business.

What are digital problems in business?

Digital problems refer to the challenges a business faces due to technology's evolution, especially digital-related advancements.

In layman’s explanation.

There will never be an ultimate end of digital evolution, but rather its ongoing process that often unfolds alongside the rapid technological growth in almost all areas.

Of course, the development of technology will benefit any business if utilized well. However, digital advancement may also come in handy with several disadvantages on the business.

Customers will always ask about the new technologies in the market and integrate the latest advancements to their current situations. In helping your customers with new technology, therefore, you may run into many digital transformation challenges.

Before we discuss the digital problems and provide the way forward for each of them, let's understand digital transformation.

What is digital transformation in business?

Digital transformation is the process of integrating ever-evolving technologies in all areas of business operations. It fundamentally changes how you operate your business and deliver values to your customers.

In other words, digital transformation in business would be how companies or organizations use technology in changing business operations.

The transformations can come in handy with several benefits. However, due to the implementation of the technology, a business may also experience severe digital problems.


Digital transformation can demand a change in the business's culture and way of operation. Meaning the business would be required to continuously challenge its status quo, experiment on the new technology, and until it gets comfortable using it.


What are the digital problems in growing your business?

The truth is that technology has positively changed a lot in the business field. However, there are still some challenges business experiences together with its customers and employees.

Here are some of the more likely experienced digital problems in growing your business.

1)  Digital problems on the company

For a company to adopt new technology, they would have to face some challenges in executing the advancements. Namely;

a)  Technology expenses

For your business to be successful in the modern world, it would mean you have to invest heavily in technology. For your business communication, productivity, and in the tracking processes of theactivities.

This means you’ll have to budget on the various types of business technologies and prepare yourself with some amount for any tech devices' repair cost.

Here are some of the most commonly used business technology devices;

Desktop computers and laptops

Computers and laptops are used across all businesses. They are loaded with productive software and office packages. The packages allow business workers to write and send letters, send and receive emails, analyze financial information, and design their sales presentations.

Telephone communication

Communication is a vital element in establishing relationships. Therefore, a business would have to use a telephone system to communicate with its customers and organizations.Either in giving directions andinstructions, or answering to customers’ needs.

Other devices may include; financial account systems, inventory control systems, and many more.

For the effective and efficient running of your business operations, please purchase or store the devices mentioned above, among others. However, there is no doubt these devices would cost you a lot, which small or growing businesses would find it very difficult to purchase or install. Meaning they can be tremendous digital problems in growing your business.

b)  High cost of training and retraining of employees 

New technologies would involve new ways of doing things. For a business to adopt further advancement, you will have to train your employees on both hardware and software and other methodsinvolved.

Training will also demand that you invest in hiring a specialistto train your employees on how to handle the new technology. This might be very costly and time-consuming.

Additionally, training is expensive. The time for training your employees can be substantial or limited, especially when the technology involved is complex.

When more time is taken in training, more funds will be needed to finance the activities.And this is where most upcoming businesses get cold feet on spending on technology.

It would be better to include your technology training costs if you don’t want to fail in your business, especially when you plan to implement or adopt new technologies.

Besides, your employees' retraining will be necessary for you to keep up with the latest advancements with the constant technology revolution.

Security risks and privacy issues

It is no doubt most businesses are moving towards storing their data in cloud-based systems. Of course, it helps as a workforce has become mobilized. However, any team member with the business loggings can access customer data from any place from their smartphones or other tech devices.

Storing data in the cloud system becomes a significant risk, especially when criminals get access to customers or businesses' data, such as financial statements and transactions. For instance, criminals can hack, hijack, or steal your business payment system and in the process. Then cash siphon transactions from all your accounts and the customers’ accounts into offshore accounts.

2)  Digital problems on the employees

Has led to unemployment

Technology has changed the way most business operates. The need for employees with the right skills and experiences to handle some of the newest technological advancements has arisen. And most employees are certainly worried about losing their jobs to automation.

Therefore, it means that when a new technology is to be implemented, you will have to hire someone with the right mix of technical and other complementing skills and experience. For this case, an employee handling a specific task before the machine is brought will have to be left without a job to do.

Pressure of maintaining a position

Not every person is tech-savvy or has the skills and experience to handle different technological advancements. The adoption of new technologies, machines, and software running drives employees to learn new skills or upgrade their skills to match the advancements.

Reduced interpersonal relationships

As much as hard skills such as expertise, knowledge, or experience are vital for any business success,so are interpersonal skills. Good interpersonal skills will help motivate your employees and enable you to attract and keep your customers.

However, when employees are too engraved in technology, they take much of their time on social media. This would reduce their office interactions. Every individual would be busy meaning, there won't be a collaborative environment within the business, as individuals don’t have time to share ideas.

Besides, technology may result in a reduced connection between managers of the business and its employees. This happens in situations where a manager uses communication gadgets kike chat programs. We can all agree that any successful business workplace dramatically depends on manager-employee relations.

Employees will feel good when there can physically get in touch with their bosses, ask questions, and be heard rather than talk through apps or software.

In other words, employee engagement with work success is related to the manager-employees connection. However, this would be affected by technological communication gadgets.


Technology may lead to over-dependency. Let’s take, for instance, communication chat programs. When leaders and managers rely too much on them to pass messages or information to their employees, they may feel they are being “talked to” but not engaged. Sometimes the tone and the body language use may lead to superficial exchange. This will affect the engagement levels of most employees. And any happy employee is critical to business success.

Digital problems the customers

Exposed customers’ data

Most business uses cloud system for storing their data. Criminals can easily hack the gathered customer’s data. When this happens, customers have to be worried about their data being used for unappropriated purposes. It also installs insecurity issues to customers and, in most cases, results in cyberbullying.

Solutions to business digital problems resulting from technology advancement?

a)   Data security

How can your business avoid being a victim of data-criminals?

To safeguard all your business and customers' information from being exposed, you need to ensure that you protect your data. You can do that in the following ways;

Enforce data protection techniques like secure e-signatures for your customers’ data.For instance you can involve your customers in electronic document signing process.

You can do this by deploying the use of data security software that comes in all sizes and shapes. They will ensure you.

  • Secure your customer’s' and confidential business data
  • Prevent data losses and breach or data theft
  • Improve your privilege allocation and your user governance. 

b)  Find ways to increase interpersonal relationship

As a business manager, you need to show that you are concerned about your employees and customers. Unlike in having business meetings through videos or live chats, you need to establish a real interest in employees or workers and feel free to engage in business meetings.

You can only do this when you create a personal connection with them.Rather than using digital live chats, you need to make a point of physically getting to know what is essential to your workers or what worries them.

Sometimes you need to organize roadshows, workshops, or conferences to meet your customers and your different employees physically.A happy client or employee will be motivated to work toward work, which will increase your sales and improve your production.

c)  Offer training and retraining on any new technology that your business is to use

When employees are forced to operate what they don’t understand, it feels like torture. And on many occasions, it would appear as if an employee is underperforming or under-qualified, especially when they are doing what they lack proper skills.

New technologies come with recent advancements that would require you to train your employees on how to handle them. Therefore, it would be better to purchase or incorporate any new technology. However, hire affordable specialists to train your employees on how they would be needed to operate the new machines.

It would help if you kept in mind the benefits your company will get when you train your employees. To mention but a few are increased productivity and morale, among others.

Reduced too much technology dependence

We’ll all agree that there are so many benefits that come with a business depending on technology. However, sometimes too much dependency may be dangerous.

In situations where a business has to do everything with technology, employees would quickly get bored after several hours of working on the same process and procedures.

Of course, there are some addictive technologies. But please encourage screen time boundary. You can do this by ensuring any business meeting or activity; you run a creative engagement with no screens. Just have individuals air out their opinions. You would be surprised by the increased focus.


There are so many advantages that come with technological advancement in almost all human life fields. Business is not exceptional. However, you can also experience some digital problems in growing your business.

Due to technology, an employee may develop the pressure of maintaining their positions, which may sometimes lead to most employees' unemployment. This happens more often when the technology incorporated can serve the same jobs done by several employees.

Besides, some advancements may reduce interpersonal relationships, exposed customer and business data, and the high cost of training and retraining of employees, among other challenges.


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