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How to convert prospects into customers electronically.

How to convert prospects into customers electronically.

Lead generation for your business can result in positive sales outcomes, but only if you can turn your prospects into an actual customers.

Without the ability to convert prospects into customers electronically, any lead generated through lead generation methods, direct mailing, or through another digitalmarketing channel won't add so much.

Customer's research helps you generate leads and develop a conversion plan to turn the prospects into customers electronically.

To help you understand how to convert prospects into customers electronically, we put together some actionable tips which you can apply in your small business to boost your customer base.

But first, let's understand a few terminologies associated with the processes.

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What is lead conversion?

Learning the details of lead conversion can be the perfect weapon your business can have if you understand its basics and how to apply it.

Lead conversion is a digital marketing process of generating, engaging, and converting prospects into purchasing customers. The process triggers the customer into buying products or services while guiding them toward buying decisions.

Your sales and marketing team is the key player within this process because they are tasked with guiding potential customers into buying opportunities.

Their aim is to develop a relationship with the prospects to move them along their buying journey, making it easy to convert prospects and sell to them.

Lead conversion metrics. 

There are several kinds of lead conversion metrics that you can apply to measure and analyze the sales and marketing reach. And also enhance customer engagement using the preferred marketing materials.

Below are a few you can make a note of tracking.

  • A lead conversion rate shows how many people have visited or interacted with your website's landing page. It is the ideal way to know how many new prospects you are gaining.

Using this metric provides you with answers to questions such as how well you could engage the prospects? And what actions did they take?

  • Lead conversion rate also allows you to see the cost of conversion, which also shows the cost of acquiring a potential customer who can become a buyer.
  • The metrics also analyze the sources of your consumer traffics. It gives you direction where you can channel your money for marketing resources and also allows you to answer questions such as: where are the sources of your clients? Where did they hear about you? Etc.

Using these lead metrics is the most appropriate method to learn about your business' buyer persona, access your lead nurturing, and push yourcustomers through the sales funnel.

Ways to convert your prospects into customers electronically.

1.  Offer a discount.

It always feels good to get a freebie- whether it comes with conditions attached or not. Giveaways and discounts are the best ways to get people hooked on your business to make a purchase.

Free products do not have to be expensive or lavish. Still, its ultimate purpose is to remind people of your business always.

According to Duke's university behavioral economist, samples and freebies' concept works because they a specific desire for something. For instance, if you are given a piece of chocolate, it will increase the craving for more chocolate.

In addition to turning prospects into customers, giveaways can help your business know what products get the most engagement from visitors. With that information, you can subsequently customize future engagements to convert the existing leads to more sales.

Personalize the email and make it look like the discount is only available for them. This can be done by generating a special coupon code meant only for those subscribed to your email.

2.  Research your audience.

Information is the key to almost every aspect of life, and business is not an exemption. Understanding what the customers need and their preferred method of engaging with the company can be a game-changer in converting prospects into clients.

Both generation and conversion of leads and prospects, respectively, rely on the same collection of core fundamentals.

Most of the time, you find entrepreneurs are struggling to convert prospects into customers due to the low quality of what they offer. A lousy offer is an indicator that you don't know your ideal customer perfectly well.

Once you get the relevant information, the design offers that convince them to purchase from your company. It is good to understand that you will not succeed if you are offering what people don't want.

3.  Always do follow-ups.

Though this might seem like it should not be said, following up with a potential customer is a significant gesture. A simple call or email asking the prospects for any questions they have might create a good starting point for the sales process.

Just a single follow up won't be sufficient, though. Referring to a study done by the propeller, 80% of sales needs up to five follow-ups after the first engagement; however, 44% of sales agents give up after doing one follow up.

Follow up is one of the best ways to make your prospects feel valued and important. Consistent service or product-related emails will stick your brand in their brains. In the future, when they need a related product, you will surely be the first to come to.

In case you make a follow-up call, and the prospects are not picking, it is advisable to leave a fifteen-minute gap between the next call. This always results in most of the prospects picking the calls.

Most people do not like picking calls from unknown numbers; however, if they see you calling back again, they will think of the call as an important one and pick.

Remember, 80% of the sales require at least five follow-ups after making the first contact, so do not give up after the first call is not picked; patience pays.

4.  Use to call to action.

Occasionally, it takes a slight tweak in the right direction to ignite action in people. A positive call to action or CTA in your sales and marketing strategies can prompt a potential customer to decide and become a paying client.

Without a definitive call to action, your website visitors do not know the next move to take, leaving them to guess for themselves. Regardless of the target goal, a compelling call to action with interesting verbs and phrases can result in high conversion rates.

Avoid placing verbs and phrases that sound like an order, like "act now," "download now," or "get free" in your call to action.

However, use a combination of intriguing idioms and call-to-action verbs that drive the customer's interest to start engaging you toward sales such as, "contact us today," "first come first serve," etc. use this on all the pages of your site.

5.  Consider the sales funnel.

Also called purchase funnel is a customer-centered marketing model that visualizes the prospect's journey from the time they learn about your business toward purchasing goods or services.

To effectively convert your prospects into revenue-generating customers, understand and be familiar with this sales model. Find the stage where the prospect is in the funnel, then customize your engagements with them towards reaching the conversion.

This process is about knowing when a person is ready to make a buying decision and reaching them at the exact time to close the deal.

Encourage your sales agent to concentrate their efforts on the middle of the funnel since it is where your leads are always contemplating making a purchase.

Addressing the funnel's middle stage allows you to see the prospects with stronger urge and purchasing signs. This helps you design the best approach to nail the prospect and avoid time/resource wasting on those who are not ready yet.

A robust middle-of-funnel approach enhances conversion rates as prospects are nurtured along the purchasing process and provided with actionable content relevant and useful to them.

6.  Use CRM methods.

Customer relationship management tools are always one of the most preferred methods to convert prospects into customers electronically for most companies. Applying one that has features to automate texts and email interactions can simplify the whole conversion process.

People respond to different forms of communication. Some respond to emails, some to phone calls, and some to texts. Reaching your prospects through these three mediums gives a certainty that they will respond.

However, this cannot be done manually as your employees are only human beings and will not follow through 100%. A CRM provide self-service systems which serves as a way of sharing the tasks between customers and staffs.

In as much as the CRM automation platform can help your team reach and convert a lot of prospects into customers, be warned that automation can also work against you.

It is advisable to ditch the marketing automation once the prospect asks for a free consultation. By dropping all sorts of marketing automation at the middle and lower funnel, you can communicate with the leads on a more personal level.

Additionally, you get to qualify them faster, convert prospects more often, and make them your repeat clients.

7.  Optimize your web experience.

Pay attention and give time to other sales and marketing strategies apart from just the content on your business website—factors like a call to action, SEO, and a keyword always direct prospects towards sales.

If you own a business website, you must apply best SEO practices and the right keyword to electronically convert your prospects into customers.

With a good knowledge of your most effective keywords, managing your google analytics score and collecting your points per click becomes easier.

The selected keyword for every ad group should be channeled on a narrow category to allow for easy monitoring of the campaign. Apart from carefully monitoring the campaigns, you also get to tweak or stop using the keyword that does not efficiently convert.

Keep in mind other things such as your website's bounce-back rates (how many of your visitors leave your website after just one page), the average number of pages visited, and session duration.

The longer a visitor stays on your website, the more they are likely to have a reason to make a purchase. Organic traffics is highly influenced by the customer's site experience.

It is suggested that you direct your organic and paid traffics to different landing pages in case you are using paid traffic. This gives you a chance to optimize pay-per-click and SEO pages without getting each of your pages competing with each other.

8.  Utilize social media.

No matter how perfect your business website might be, it is not the all-important element of your online. People from all corners of the world will always turn to social media to get news and update emerging business and lifestyle trends. So your business should feature there too.

Creating social exposure to your business is one of the great ways of converting prospects into customers electronically. Encourage your leads to join your private business Facebook account.

This will allow you to share deals and high-value information with the selected members. Through Facebook, you will also get real-time feedback from your prospects to help you improve your services.

Apart from being a perfect converter, it is also an ideal ground where those who converted share their positive experience in real-time. This encourages other leads to convert more easily.

Choose carefully which social platforms are best for your business. For instance, if your brand is selling boutique and cosmetics essentials, then Instagram may be the key conversion driver for you.

The best way to select the most efficient social platform for your business is to create a buyer persona based on your target market. Recognize their age, gender, the kind of content they prefer, and the network they use most.


For many years, it has been believed that salespeople are naturally born and gifted to sell; however, with digital marketing, sales is a science that is taught and applied thoughtfully for maximum results.

As an online business owner, embrace the use of available online tools such as CRM automation platforms to streamline and personalize communication with prospects for better and real-time feedback. This enhances your conversion rates and develops connections to your brand.

Regardless of how good your company website may be, use other social media platforms to expose your business to the thousands of users on social media. Choose your social platform carefully based on your target audience.

Learn and understand your market, get to know their age, gender, what kind of content they consume the most, and finally know the social site they prefer.

Apply compelling to call to action, do prompt follow-ups, and use the best SEO practices and good keyword research in your campaigns to drive conversion rates and get high traffic to your site.

Doing these and many others mentioned above will surely be effective ways to convert prospects into customers electronically.

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