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Uses of API in Digital Marketing.

The current technological revolution has changed the way people interact with the internet daily. We engage each other on different social sites, buy products and services via mobile devices, and modify apps using external programs to improve our experiences.

One of the technologies that have powered the digital channel people use on a daily basis is the Application Programming Interface (API). Whether you know it or not, API is one of the best technologies every digital marketer should rely on.

So, what is an API, and why is it important to you? Discover all these in this post as we discuss the use and applications of API in digital marketing.

What is API?

API is an acronym for the term application programming interface. It is a technological software concept that technically refers to how several applications can with another. The application programming interface works on a collaboration of inputs and outputs.

If you are a digital marketer, APIs factor in your daily operations even if you don't notice it. API in digital marketing is at the center of every customer data and enables marketers to pull big sets of data from different platforms seamlessly.

Examples include managing a content library, creating and updating user profiles, getting statistics about sales out of your marketing tools, or starting any custom-defined program. Also, several APIs can perform consistent series of small data transmissions in real-time.

For instance, when a client buys a product, you can transfer the details of the small group of items and their attributes to the marketing tool you are using.

Companies release their APIs to the public to allow developers to access the information contained in the software and integrate them into their own applications electronically.

How are APIs used?

Each API is slightly unique from one another and will need you to study their functionality features to understand how to use them. Usually, they have examples that you can check to help you achieve desired results.

The application programming interface unlocks the door to web-based data or software in a safe and controlled way for the program. You enter a code that triggers a request to the recipient software, and the information can be returned.

One of the best examples is Google Maps. First, users have to sign in to get the API key. Once there is a key, the site can start getting information from Google maps.

There is usually a predefined request list that users can input in the URL. Once this is entered on the website, Google starts to process the request and come up with the expected values.

Importance of APIs in digital marketing.

As discussed before, the internet experience is based on APIs. Instead of running two or more applications separately, you can simultaneously use a single software to operate the applications.

Below are additional advantages of APIs in digital marketing.

1. Saves business from global uncertainty.

If the current businesses don’t realize that it will be difficult to satisfy their clients without APIs in digital management and marketing, then they are wrong and making a grave mistake. Also, financial companies need to improve their game by integrating APIs to shorten the gap between supply and demand.

Therefore, to enjoy the benefits of pre-registration, businesses should start early and protect from the developing global uncertainty.

2. Automation and Reusability.

APIs projects feature a high reusability factor, and as a foundation, they can be used more than once. Additionally, APIs are significantly scalable, which serves as an accelerator for business development.

APIs also enable automation since it simplifies communication channels between applications and services. With automation, boring manual business processes are eliminated. And by removing the manual operations, APIs contribute to minimizing the product development cycle.

3. Offering better value to customers.

One of the primary reasons API has gained prominence in the business world is because it has evolved into the most innovative way of getting value from business information. In terms of adding customer value, consider this example to understand it.

A shipping company can create an internal API containing the history of customers, from their personal details to purchasing habits.

With all the relevant details provided by API creators, businesses can now offer better, more customized customer service and see client satisfaction levels soar to new heights. Working with clients, companies can provide better sales targets to their team and reach their business goals in time.

4.  Creates a wider reach.

By allowing people to create a new layer of presentation, such as an app, widget, or a website, API can be leveraged to distribute information and services to a new range of audiences. With APIs, people do not have to visit your website to get information or services; they can access you through multiple platforms.

Popular APIs that can be used in your business website.

Now that we have understood what APIs are, it is important to look at some of the common APIs that can be used for marketing.

1.  Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is an analysis tool that helps business owners to do an in-depth analysis of their performance. Google analytics can gather a wide range of data such as page views, traffic income, click rates, conversions, and many more.

Google Analytics API is a complete system used to manage your business account and profiles, enable you to host the analytics on a third-party website and allow you to personalize your tracking codes.

A notable example of this API is the Google Analytics reporting API that enables you to build a customized dashboard to automate tasks, display the analytics data, and integrate it with other marketing applications you use.

Primarily, Google Analytics is used to create, manage, and access your accounts, views, properties, and other important aspects of your business site.

1.  Facebook marketing API.

Obviously, everyone knows about Facebook, but what many do not understand is its limitless abilities to boost marketing and sales performance and the tools to achieve these targets.

The two major APIs that Facebook has are marketing API and graph API. The Graph API is majorly used in applications that want to exchange information with Facebook. For instance, you get user information like date of birth, comments, pictures, etc.

Also, you can programmatically manage ads, upload photos, post new stories, and so much more. On the other hand, a marketing API is an extension of the Graph API, and it is used for automating advertising and marketing-related tasks.

There are a lot of communication applications that work well with Facebook API in digital marketing, such as Salesforce, Slack, and Mail Chimp. If your business has a Facebook page, Slack is the ideal app for you.

It will direct users when you make posts, notify members in the channel of new posts, and many other things.

2.  Stripe.

This is a payment processing system that is created for online businesses. Owing to its ease of usage, Stripe has seen tremendous growth over the last few years. For you to use Stripe, you must have an API.

Stripe offers more advanced APIs, including the ones discussed below;

a.  Payment intent API. This is used to trace payments beginning from creation to the check-out process. It is also responsible for ensuring that the payment process is properly authenticated throughout the entire payment process.

b.  The setup intent API. Used to save payment details for future purchases.

c.   Payment method API. Used to add support for other types of payments.

Stripe can also work with other multiple applications to automate the flow of information from the platform. For instance, you can integrate it with Slack to generate messages automatically in Slack channels after a successful payment process.

Stripe can also be integrated with database software like Airtable to automate the addition of Stripe sales to your database.

3.  Instagram. 

Just like Facebook, Instagram is a useful API in digital marketing. It has limitless potential for generating organic excitement about products that Facebook cannot achieve.

Instagram has two major APIs, the Basic Display API, which offers read-only access to information from your app users, including photos, profile information, and even videos.

The second Instagram API is known as the Graph API, which is a setup from the first API and is created to enable creators and businesses to reply and manage comments, get @mentions from other users, and collect important metrics.

Also, there are various integrations that are useful to Instagram API. Slack allows sharing of newly posted photos in chats seamlessly and automatically. The API can also be used with other social media apps, such as sharing Instagram photos on Facebook and Twitter automatically.

4. Shopify.

Shopify is an online business platform that allows people to start, build, and manage businesses. The subscription to the platform starts at $29/month and is used to handle order processing, manage product listings, generate store reports, and much more.

One of the notable advantages of the Shopify API POS system is that it works for both online and brick-and-mortar stores.

There are different APIs that Shopify offers, and we will discuss them in the section below:

  • Shopify Admin API.

This is the most basic Shopify API. It is used to read and write information about the store's merchants, products, etc. Also, it can be used to create applications that add a feature to the stores’ management interface.

  • Storefront Shopify API.

This is an API that is used to build Shopify storefront into external Shopify POS or the online store. This environment can include games, mobile, or web locations that require custom storefronts.

  • Analytics API.

Analytic Shopify API allows you to receive more data-backed insights on your merchant store. The only drawback with this API is that it can only be accessed on an advanced or premium Shopify plan.

Similar to other APIs in digital marketing, Shopify can be integrated with other applications such as online Trello, QuickBooks, Asana, and many more. When combined with QuickBooks, you can automatically address bills, new invoices, payments, as well as other important events in your accounts.

If the platform is integrated with Trello, you can receive notifications of abandoned carts, new orders, canceled orders, and other purchase-related transactions in Trello.

By now, we've learned about common applications that can be used together with API to increase the effectiveness of digital marketing and basic business operations. We have seen that APIs are important tools, and most of their use cases can extremely improve your work quality and save you time through automation.

Evaluating marketing APIs.

When evaluating marketing APIs, there are several factors to consider, including the strategies you want to employ and the amount of data you want to achieve them. Also, you'll have to consider where you get your data and which data the marketing platform can gather on its own.

The marketing platform can collect data through JavaScript during onsite browsing or generate a special information on its own based on different data such as products and services users like to purchase. You can also do this safely based on the dependent API.

Basic things you need to understand about API.

To summarize, here are basic takeaways you need to know about APIs.

  • Software experts work with APIs to develop apps and software. It is always very rare for end-users to interact with APIs directly.
  • APIs function as a gate, allowing businesses to share relevant information and leave unwanted ones out.
  • APIs can make your business operations run much smoother.
  • Businesses are built on APIs.
  • In case you are using third-party apps to run your social media, the lack of some features may not be entirely the app's fault, but it can be that the platform does not have it as an API.


An application programming interface is a code that allows functionality and data from a single website available for use on multiple applications. It enables developers to link to other services to write and read data.

APIs in digital marketing are significant for every business's success, whether online or traditional brick and mortar. It allows automation and reusability, saves businesses from global uncertainty, creates wider audience reach, and serves greater value to customers.

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