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Form Name:   HEC_Degree_Equivalnce_Certificate_Form
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Posted Date:   11/30/2010
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E - 01 HIGHER EDUCATION COMMISSION Sector H-9, Islamabad (PAKISTAN) Ph: 90400917, 90400912. Fax: 051-90400902 web site. www.hec.gov.pk APPLICATION FORM FOR EQUIVALENCE Fee paid Rs._________ through (1) Bank Challan/Draft/Online/Pay Order No. ___________________ Date ______________ (2) Cash Receipt No. ______________________ Dated ___________ Signature:__________________________________ Photo I. Particulars of the Applicant 1. Name (in Block letters) (Cell #: ) 2. Date of Birth 3. Address (a) Postal (b) Permanent 4. Nationality (a) (b) National Identity Card No II. Particular of the Degree/Diploma (which equivalence is required) 1. Name of degree/diploma _________________________________________________ 2. Country in which qualification obtained 3. Duration of course/study (with proof from university) 4. Field of study 5. No. of Credit Hours 6. Mode of study: Full-time/Part-time/Split-degree/Distance learning 7. Total period of stay abroad with dates of entry and exit 8. Name & nature of scholarship, in case of scholarship 9. Whether degree obtained is by research (give topic of research) 10. Purpose of equivalence: Study/Employment/any other (specify) 11. Name of Pakistani degree with equivalence is required III. Particulars of the University conferring degree/diploma 1. Name of University/Institution & examining body conferring the degree 2. Legal status of the University/Institutions: State-funded, private, others 3. Mailing address/Email of the University/Institution IV. Admission requirements/previous study to the degree whose equivalence is required. 1. Admission/Entrance requirement 2. Total years of schooling 3. Equivalence of the entrance requirement in Pakistan (if from abroad) - 2 - V. Certificate/ degree Dates attended Board / Institution / University Matric/O Level or equivalent F.A/F.Sc./A Level or equivalent B.A./B.Sc.etc M.A/M.Sc. M.Phill Ph.D. Any other VI. Documents required (Please ensure that the photocopies of the following documents have been attached with the application form) 1. Photocopy of each degree/diploma/certificate obtained (other than English version its translation from NUML) 2. Photocopy of year-wise transcripts/DMC. 3. Proof of registration from concerned professional body (in case of professional degree/diploma). 4. Photocopy of admission letter, I-20 form etc along with a copy of thesis in case of research degree. 5. Documentary proof of completion of studies abroad, (supported by passport showing visa, entry/exit, university letter etc.) 6. Study leave order (for in-service personnel only), Proof of scholarship, (in case of scholarship holder) 7. Copy of 66&+66&µ2¶ µ$¶OHYHOFHUWLILFDWHVIURP8.RU\HDUV+LJK6FKRRO Diploma from American Schools local or abroad/Intermediate or equivalent from other countries. 8. Copy of National Identity Card 9. All the above RULJLQDOGRFXPHQWVQHHGWREHSUHVHQWHGIRUJHWWLQJHQGRUVHPHQW³6HHQRULJLQDODQGYHULILHG´IURP+(&+ead Office or HEC, Regional Centers at Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar and Quetta. 10. Fee of Rs. (Non refundable) VII. Certificate I hereby solemnly declare that the documents presented/attached are genuine, and have neither been altered nor tampered with. I understand that in case of falsification of documents tendered or the wrong information supplied/concealment of correct information, I shall be held responsible for the consequences including legal action. I enclose the required documents and request for equivalence. Date: October 29, 2010 Signature of Applicant _____________________________ Fee Details With effect from 01.11.2010, the Higher Education Commission has decided to enforce the following rates of fee on equivalence certificate. No. Equivalence Certificate Local degree Foreign degree 1. Bachelors & (Hons.) level degree/diploma/ certificate/14 -16-year of study. Rs.1000/- Rs.5000/- 2. M.S/M. Phil or equivalent/Ph.D. Rs.1000/- Rs.5000/- 3. For duplicate equivalence letter Rs.300/- Rs.300/- The amount of fee deposited in cash with the Finance Division of the HEC, Islamabad or through bank draft/online/pay order in favour of Director General (Finance) Higher Education Commission, Islamabad.