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Posted Date:   4/30/2011
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!"#$% FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY !"#$%&'() & ' &( ) *+$, -./01234 254 -.67 -.89 Please attach two 2 x2 347: -.;7 head & shoulder photos 2<= 2>? in color ( taken within @ABC12DB 2EB * + the last six months ) , -./0%1 23456*78 This form is given FGHI-J FREE OF CHARGE KGHI-J 9:;<=>?@3VISA APPLICATION FORM FOR ENTRY INTO TAIWAN, REPUBLIC OF CHINA LMNOPQRSTU-V,WXYZ[\QRMOP]^_`abcdS-V The applicant must sign this form. Applicants who have not reached the age of majority must have the form signed by a parent or legal guardian. RefghijkPlease complete all sections in BLOCK LETTERS lQRmn-. WHICH CATEGORY OF VISA ARE YOU APPLYING FORo 1.n /1 234-. 254-. 2<=-. 2>?-. Category Visitor visa Resident visa Diplomatic visa Courtesy visa 2.@ABC1 2D B 2E B Entry Single Multiple QRSpq APPLICANT"S DETAILS1 r Surname 3.s t ( ud+vwxy )1 Full name (exactly as in passport) z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z tGiven name(s) z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z4.{|`]}rt (~|) : Former or other name (if any ) 5. rt ( ~| )1 Chinese name (if any) 6.! "1 Nationality 7.{|`]}!"(~|)1 Former or other nationality (if any) 8.# 012$ 2% Sex Male Female 9.&'()1 2W& 2*& 2+, 2-5 2.& Marital status Single Married Widowed Separated Divorced 10./0;7: YYear "Month ;Day Date of birth 11./0121 3 (City) ! (Country) Place of birth 12.4 51 Occupation 13.6789`:;<=1 Name of employer or school 14.>?@ABCD891 Address and telephone number in Taiwan 15.L!@ABCD891 Permanent address and telephone number in home country QRSd+ APPLICANT"S PASSPORT1 16.n /1 2< = 2E 7 2F G 2] }HRIJ1 Type Diplomatic Official Regular Other; Please specify 17.8 91 No. 18.ABCDE1 FYear GMonth EDay Date of expiry 19.K+;71 YYear "Month ;Day Date of issue 20.K+121 Place of issue L?MN JOURNEY TO TAIWAN, R.O.C.1 21.L?OP1 2Q R 2S T 2: < 2U V 2WXYZT 2[ \ Purpose of travel Tourism Business Study Employment Joining or visiting family Religion 2]}H(RIJ)1 Other; (please specify) 22.]^_?;71 YYear "Month ;Day Proposed date of arrival 23.]^.?;7: YYear "Month ;Day Proposed date of departure from Taiwan >?9`S(~|) Particulars of Reference in Taiwan(if applicable)1 r t uQRS9` Name Relationship to applicant >?9`S\'-.a8`op!A#`Aop!A#4734y4754`}b56o Have you ever overstayed visitor or resident visas or worked illegally in Taiwan, R.O.C.o############...2YES#2NO E.mnq789:;<(~1<)==o Have you ever been a controlled substance (drug) traffickero########################..2YES#2NO F.>mnq?op!@PhimHmIR`CEmFG|SkR TUR>TUVWXP~QY>Z[TUVRR\]^W_JuQRMF`a/P Attention : YES answer does not necessarily signify ineligibility for a visa. If you answered YES to any of the questions listed above or if you have any question in this regard, personal appearance at this office is recommended. If you are not to file the application in person, please prepare and attach a statement with explanatory notes to this form. NOPAcknowledgement : LSbcI certify that: 1. *d;JefQRMjgRJhJM#vhi\jG#jklbgmnP I have read and understood all the questions set forth in this application and that the answers I have furnished on this form are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. 2. oJpEmqr`nsPtuvw[xoywK-.`ywxz@op!P I understand that any false or misleading statement may result in the refusal of a visa or denial of entry into Taiwan, the Republic of China. 3. oy{|fop!}~|Z !wK-.\"#JZ$%&P I also understand that the government of the Republic of China reserves the right to withhold disclosure of the reasons for disapproval of my visa application, and to withhold the fees deemed non-refundable. 4. LSvh\-.QRMFv'=(X)op!}~v|,mb%*P I understand that once submitted this application form has become the property of the government of the R.O.C. and will not be returned to me. 5. oef>?+q,|-"Pop!!pRF.@Aop!/0op!b192P3Wf4$/A56 db789:;^H><"|-"=|>?!"\4$RU@op!d+@/AH]@