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Form Name:   HUD-92051
Tags:   compliance inspection report
Posted Date:   5/27/2010
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form HUD-92051 (7/87)ref. Handbooks 4000, 4115.3, 4145, 4165, 4190, & 4240.4Previous editions are obsolete.Retain this record for 30 years or the life of the file Submit an Original and four copies Fee Inspector Appraiser DE Staff Inspector HUD InspectorNo.No.III. Specific Conditions Required by the HUD-92800.5B, Not Requiring Field Inspection16. Submit items or resubmit incomplete17. Acceptable Compliance with all specific18. Submit Termite Soil None items as noted above. conditions not requiring field inspection. Treatment Guarantee.II. Explanation of statements checked in Parts I and IIIInspection Number Initial Inspection Framing Inspection Final Inspection Other (explain) Repair Inspection (a) Variations from exhibits. (b) Unacceptable construction. (c) Premature construction.Signature of HUD Authorized Agent Date (mm/dd/yyyy)I.Inspection of On-Site Improvements Reveals1.Construction was, was not begun prior to the date of mortgageinsurance approval shown on the commitment, statement of appraisedvalue or "Early Start" letter. (Applies to the initial report on new construction)2. Builder other than named in application3. Unable to make inspection.(Explain below)4. Accepted construction exhibits not available at site5.Individual Sewage disposal system; Individual Water supply systemNo noncompliance. Correction essential as explained below.Submit Health Department letter6. Correction req'd. by rprt. dated _____________ not acceptably completed7. Repairs required by form HUD-92800.5B not acceptably completed8. Correction essential as explained belowa. Will examine at next inspectionb. Do not conceal until reinspected9.No noncompliance observedFHA Case NumberDate of Inspection (mm/dd/yyyy)a. Report not left at site.b. Report not official withoutreviewer's signature.Property AddressBuilder's Name and AddressMortgagee's Name and AddressU.S. Department of Housingand Urban DevelopmentOffice of HousingFederal Housing CommissionerNote: Reports of Final and Repair Compliance Inspectionsleft at site always require reviewer's signature to be Official.Consult mortgagee for official reports.Compliance Inspection ReportCertification: I certify that I have carefully inspected this property on this date. I have no personal interest, present or prospective, in the property, applicant,or proceeds of the mortgage. To the best of my knowledge I have reported all noncompliance, work requiring correction, and unacceptable work.Warning: HUD will prosecute false claims and statements. Conviction may result in criminal and/or civil penalties. (18 U.S.C. 1001, 1010, 1012; 31 U.S.C. 3729, 3802)SignatureDate (mm/dd/yyyy) ID NumberApprovedSignatureDate (mm/dd/yyyy)ID Number Direct Endorsement Underwriter Chief Architect Deputyas modifiedby meFor HUD Use Only for concurrence of Direct Endorsement Processing ofthis Compliance Inspection Report. If signed, this final report is consideredprocessed by HUD and, thereby, convertible to the Veterans Administration.IV. To Mortgagee: When signed below, refer to the statement on the back corresponding to the designation checked. A. Noncompliance B. Compliance -- Incomplete Items. "Mortgagee's Assurance C.Final Acceptance. Closing papers of Completion", HUD-92300, may be submitted.may be submitted providedmortgage credit analysis isacceptable Direct Endorsement Underwriter Director of Housing Development DeputyOMB No. 2502-0189(exp. 04/30/2011)SignatureDate (mm/dd/yyyy)ID Number10. Acceptable variations as described below (Request for Change, formHUD-92577, may be submitted).11. Extensive noncompliance as explained below (see IV.A below)12. On-site improvements acceptably completed subject to receipt ofcertification that mortgagee's inspection reveals satisfactory comple-tion of all items listed below.13. On-site improvements acceptably completed except items listed be-low, completion of which is delayed by conditions beyond control of thebuilder (see IV.B below).14. On-site improvements acceptably completed15. Off-site improvementsa. Correction/Completion essential as explained belowb. Completion assured by escrow agreement or governing authorityc. Acceptably completedfor completion$__________________not later than:(mm/dd/yyyy)___________________form HUD-92051 (7/87)ref. Handbooks 4000, 4115.3, 4145, 4165, 4190, & 4240.4Previous editions are obsolete.Retain this record for 30 years or the life of the file Submit an Original and four copiesSee the statement below that corresponds to the designation checked on the front of the form under section "IV. To Mortgagee".A.Noncompliance. Construction is not acceptable or all specificconditions have not been fulfilled in accordance with the terms of therelated commitment because of :(a)Variations from Exhibits. Inspection reveals extensive noncompliance, involving variations from accepted constructionexhibits. The property will be considered ineligible for mort-gage insurance (1) unless the work has been corrected so asto effect compliance, or (2) unless reprocessing is requestedon the basis of the mortgage security as it is now beingconstructed, and this is found to be acceptable. Requests forreprocessing must be accompanied by a letter, in duplicate,fully describing the work as now being constructed, signed bythe mortgagor and approved by the mortgagee. Where theplan arrangement, or either the exterior or interior appear-ance is affected, the mortgagor's letter must be accompaniedby drawings, in duplicate, fully indicating the variations andsigned by both the mortgagor and the mortgagee.(b)Unacceptable Construction. Construction reveals exten-sive noncompliance with applicable FHA requirements orgood construction practice. The property will be consideredineligible for mortgage insurance until construction has beencorrected so as to effect compliance.(c)Premature Construction. Inspection reveals that construc-tion was begun prior to the date of approval for mortgageinsurance (in noncompliance with the commitment or state-ment of appraised value).B.Compliance. (with incomplete items)Construction of on-site improvements has been acceptably com-pleted except for any items listed on the front of this form. Completionof those items is delayed by conditions beyond the parties' control.The property will considered acceptable for mortgage insurance andclosing papers may be submitted provided:(a)All required off-site improvements have been acceptablycompleted and so reported, or their completion has beenassured by an acceptable "Mortgagee's Assurance ofCompletion" form, and;(b)All specific conditions not requiring field inspection as indi-cated on the front of this form have been acceptably fulfilledor evidence of compliance is submitted with the closingpapers, and;(c)The closing papers are accompanied by form HUD-92300,"Mortgagee's Assurance of Completion," properly executedand providing for withholding the sum indicated, or by indicat-ing the sum is available on a commercial letter of credit, andfor completion of construction not later than the date statedon the front of this form.C.Final AcceptanceConstruction has been completed and all specific conditions havebeen acceptably fulfilled. Closing papers may be submitted providedthe mortgagee's credit analysis of the borrower is acceptably com-pleted. Evidence of compliance with specific conditions not requiringfield inspection as indicated on the front of this form may besubmitted with the closing papers.Public reporting burden for this collection of information is estimated to average 15 minutes per response, including the time for reviewing instructions,searching existing data sources, gathering and maintaining the data needed, and completing and reviewing the collection of information. This agencymay not conduct or sponsor, and a person is not required to respond to, a collection information unless that collecton displays a valid OMB control number.