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Form Name:   EZ non-profit bulk mail form
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Posted Date:   6/2/2010
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Thisformmaybeusedonlyforasinglenonautomationpricemailingofidentical-weightpiecesupto3.3ounces.UsePSForm3602-NforallotherNonprofit Standard Mail mailings. Checklists and other tools for mailers are available on the Postal Explorer website at pe.usps.com.PostOffice:NoteMailArrivalDate&Time(Do Not Round-Stamp)United States Postal ServicePostage Statement„Nonprofit Standard MailEasy-Nonautomation Letters or FlatsPS Form3602-NZ, March 2010 PSN 7530-07-000-6219This form and mailing standards available on Postal Explorer at pe.usps.com.MailerMailingPermit Holders Name and Address and Email Address, If AnyTelephonePost Office of MailingProcessing CategoryMailing DateLettersFlatsFederal Agency Cost CodeStatement Seq. No.No. & Type of ContainersType ofPostagePermit ImprintPrecanceled StampsMeteredCustomer No.Weight of a Single PieceIf Sacked, Based onPermit No.Move Update Method:Total PiecesTotal Weight__ . ____ ____ ____ ____ pound125 pieces15 poundsAncillary Service EndorsementFASTforwardNCOALinkACSAlternative MethodMultipleCertificationSignature of Mailer or AgentPrinted Name of Mailer or Agent Signing FormTelephoneTotal Postage (Add parts Totals)Price at Which Postage Affixed (Check one) Complete if the mailing includes pieces bearing metered or precanceled stamps. CorrectLowestNeither__________ pcs. x $ _________ . _________= Postage AffixedNet Postage Due (Subtract postage affixed from total postage)Additional Postage Payment (State reason)Total Adjusted Postage AffixedTotal Adjusted Postage Permit ImprintThemailer'ssignaturecertifiesthat:(1)themailingcomplieswithDMM703;(2)theincomederivedfromthesaleofanyproductsorservicesadvertisedinthemailingisnotsubjecttotheUnrelatedBusinessIncomeTax(UBIT)andanyproductsandservicesadvertisedaresubstantiallyrelatedtothenonprofitorganization'sauthorizedpurposewithinthemeaningof39U.S.C.3626(j)(1)(d)(ii)(I)and26U.S.C.513(A);(3)themailingifmadebyavotingregistrationofficialisrequiredorauthorizedundertheNational Voter Registration Act of 1993; and (4) it will agree to pay, subject to appeal, any revenue deficiencies assessed on this mailing. If an agent signs this form, the agentcertifiesthatheorsheisauthorizedtosignonbehalfofthemailer,andthatthemailerisboundbythecertificationandagreestopayanydeficiencies.Inaddition,agentsmaybeliableforanydeficienciesresultingfrommatterswithintheirresponsibility,knowledge,orcontrol.Themailerherebycertifiesthatallinformationfurnishedonthisformisaccurate,truthfulandcomplete;thatthemailandsupportingdocumentationcomplywithallpostalstandardsandthatthemailingqualifiesforthepriceandfees claimed; and that the mailing does not contain any matter prohibited by law or postal regulation. I understand that anyone that furnishes false or misleading information on this form or who omits information requested on this form may be subject to criminal and/or civil penalties, including fines and imprisonment.Privacy Notice: For information regarding our Privacy Policy visit www.usps.comForpostageaffixedaddadditionalpaymenttonetpostagedue;for permit imprint add additional payment to total postage.Postmaster:ReportTotalPostagein(Permit imprint only)AIC 125PostageSee reverse side of this form for complete Postage section USPS Nonprofit Auth. No.OneCode ACSn/a Alternative Address Format0Sacks __________Trays __________Pallets __________Weight of a Single Piece____ ____ . ____ ____ ____ ____ poundTotal PiecesTotal WeightTotal PostagePresort Verification Performed? (Check One)ICERTIFYthatthismailinghasbeeninspectedconcerning:(1) eligibility for postage prices claimed;(2)properpreparation(andpresortwhererequired);(3) proper completion of postage statement; (4) payment of annual fee; and(5) sufficient funds on deposit (if required)YesNoUSPS Employee's SignatureArepostagefiguresatleftadjustedfrommailer's entries? If yes, reason:YesNoRound Stamp (Required)Date Mail Released.Print USPS Employee's NameDate Mailer NotifiedContactBy (Initials)TimeAMPMUSPS Use OnlyTo be completed innon-PostalOne!sitesUSPS Use OnlyTo be completed innon-PostalOne!sitesPS Form3602-NZ, March 2010 (Instructions)Nonprofit Standard Mail-Postage (cont.)Part DLetters-3.3 oz. (0.2063 lb.) or lessPart EFlats-3.3 oz. (0.2063 lb.) or lessMachinableEntryPriceCategoryPriceNo. ofPiecesTotal PostageD1D2D3D4D5NonmachinableD6D7D8D9D10D11D12D13D14D15NoneNoneDNDCDNDCDSCFNoneNoneNoneNoneDNDCDNDCDNDCDNDCDSCFDSCFAADCMixed AADCAADCMixed AADCAADC5-Digit3-DigitADCMixed ADC5-Digit3-DigitADCMixed ADC5-Digit3-Digit$0.155 0.172 0.121 0.138 0.112$0.229 0.346 0.390 0.477 0.195 0.312 0.356 0.443 0.186 0.303 0.347ADCDSCFD16EntryPriceCategoryPriceNo. ofPiecesTotal PostageE1E2E3E4E5E6E7E8E9E10E11DNDCDNDCDNDCDSCFDSCFDSCF3-DigitADCMixed ADC5-Digit3-DigitADC 0.296 0.341 0.390 0.190 0.287 0.332NoneNoneNoneNoneDNDC5-Digit3-DigitADCMixed ADC5-Digit$0.233 0.330 0.375 0.424 0.199Nonprofit Standard Mail NZ-InstructionsStandard Mail - Easy Nonautomation Letters or Flats InstructionsUse this form only for nonautomation letters or flats at regular Standard Mail prices.Step 1: Complete Mailer and Mailing sections on pages 1 and 2 applicable to the mailing presented. For all sections notapplicable, enter N/A.Step 2: Complete the Postage section for applicable category - Presorted Letters and Flats, as follows:Fill in the number of pieces at each presort and entry discount level on the appropriate line in section D or section E.Multiply the number of pieces by the corresponding postage price. For Permit Imprint mailings, round off to four decimal places. On Postage Affixed mailings round off to three decimal places. Step 3: Add the postage (lines D1 through D5 for machinable letters; lines D6 through D16 for nonmachinable letters; and E1 through E11 for flats). Enter the subtotal for Part D or Part E on the appropriate Part D or E Subtotal line. Enter the Total Postage, rounded off to two decimal places on the Total Postage line.Step 4: Complete the line for Postage Affixed (if applicable). Check the box for the Price at Which Postage Affixed (Correct, Lowest, or Neither). Multiply the number of pieces times the postage affixed and put the total in the blank line for Postage Affixed. Subtract the amount of Postage Affixed from the Total Postage; enter remainder in Net Postage Due.Step 5: Read and sign the Certification section, including your telephone number.Information: For more information on mailing standards, prices, and fees, please go to Postal Explorer at pe.usps.com.Part D Total (add lines D1-D16)Part E Total (add lines E1-E11)