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Lack of a Robust Knowledge Base can deteriorate the Quality of Your customer Service

Investing in a robust knowledge base for your customer support teamcan benefit your firm in many ways.

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Getting Rid of PDF Password

Anyone can include a passcode intheir PDF file to ensure maximum security if it mistakenly falls into the wrong hands, especially confidential files. In this article, we will discuss three efficient methods of getting rid of PDF password on a PDF file. Good news is it is easy and quick if you follow these steps carefully.

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PDF File Problems and Solutions

PDFs are the most popular file format today. Still, some people are not comfortable with them due to some of their shortcomings. 

The many uses of a PDF file include payment receipt, invoice, tax forms, legal documents and attachments, Student assignments, textbooks, and other educational materials. 

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Adding PDF Watermarks Is a Rather Straight-Forward Process

Technologies have changed how we share and use information. In the past, information was mostly in the form of books and written literature. Nowadays, data is mostly in the form of digital files such as PDFs that are both on online and offline systems.

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Moving towards a Paperless Workplace

Paper is a universal product that all forms of industries, firms, and institutions use. Many workplaces still make use of paper in this tech-savvy era.

Many issues may contribute to the failure to incorporate technology into the workflow process. However, the major stumbling block is that people tend to resist changes.Business owners prefer to use a system they know well rather than a new system or process that they do not know.

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(PDF) Portable Document Format for Invoicing

 PDF stands for a portable document format. A pdf invoice is an easy invoice template with some blank spaces left for the client to fill.

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Opening Corrupted Google Drive Documents

Google is a worldwide information technology company. Several modifications have been done to it since its inception. Nowadays, billions of users who use Google devices and software, such as the Google search engine. People also store information such as documents, images, and videos on the google drive platform.

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Implementing an E-signature Solution for the First Time

Organizations are rapidly making the digital migration.

Many are embracing technology to stay relevant in the growing and changing business world, while some adopt technology as a means to attract more clients and customers.


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A Spotlight on Mobile Banking

Mobile banking(M-banking) brings banking services closer to customers. In essence, it should allow a customer to accomplish virtually all the service they would walk to a bank building to do.

However, the efficiency M-banking apps bas been a concern, primarily because of the limited functionality. 

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Choosing a Secure E-signature Service

Security is paramount for every organization. Organizations invest a large chunk of their budget in the latest technologies to ensure the safety of their products or information.

Information security is especially important, that’s why organizations require competent IT and Information security departments that can protect the organization's data from theft, malware, or viruses, among other security threats.

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