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what are the advantages of a PDF document

PDF which is an acronym for portable document format is a file format that was developed by Adobe in the early 1990s to present document, images and text formatting.

Adobe created this file format in a way that it could be used by practically any operating system. Anyone with basic computer knowledge will be able to convert files to PDF version as conversion can also be done online.

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 What are some of the Benefits of Digital Signatures? 

In today's technologically enhanced environment, businesses are constantly on the look for innovations that would bring them the edge over their competition.

And yet many businesses don't even think about changing the centuries-old method of signing documents.

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Best Five Tools for Signing Pdf 

Many companies around the world have chosen to use electronic documents in their business processes.

The use of electronic documents like the PDF helps to cut down on the cost of using paper.

The old way of signing a PDF document was quite difficult because you will be required to print the PDF document and then sign it before finally scanning it into the computer.

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 Top 20 Frequently Asked Questions About PDF Document 

Presented below are 20 of the most frequently asked PDF questions that will hopefully help you to understand this most widely used document format.

 What is PDF?

PDF or Portable Document Format is a file format designed with a purpose to exchange documents reliably, independent of operating system, hardware, or software.

Invented by Adobe in 1992, PDF is now an open standard maintained by the International Organization for Standardization(ISO) and trusted by many businesses around the world.


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The difference between wet, electronic and digital signatures explained

Although first things that come in mind when one mentions the word signature are a paper, pen and hand-written name, this is not the exclusive form a signature can have.

Nowadays, almost everything exhibit a digital format, signing documents is no exception.

When talking about signatures there are several distinct styles of signatures people refer to.

Three of the most distinct styles are wet, electronic and digital signatures. Each style has its own distinct characteristics as will be explained below.

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Important Steps You Should Take for a Paperless Office In 2019

Companies around the globe spend a lot of money and time in championing for paper less offices. It’s undeniable that environmentalists have been at the fore-front of these campaigns.

However, for many years now, the dream of a paperless office seemed impossible.

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How digital document signing has impacted businesses

Documents play a very important role in the life of every individual. Right from the birth, the documentation process keeps going on. In businesses, document handling is a very critical job since every essential document is contained in these documents.

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 How can I secure a PDF document?

PDF documents are the most widely used file formats. And for a good reason since they provide universal use on any device and operating system, free access, and compact file size.

In addition, PDF documents are pretty secure due to the fact that they leave an electronic footprint if someone alters with them.

But leaving an electronic footprint only means that you can detect that someone has messed with your PDF file only after the event actually occurred.

There are many options that act in a preventive way andenable you to secure PDF document so that no one will be able to alter your documents.

Presented below are some of the best yet simple methods to make PDF document secure.

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 How can I share digital files securely? 

In this day and age, digital sharing of information is the most common occurrence.

Whether it be your colleagues at work, business partners, teachers, or friends and family, you have most certainly shared some files via internet.

And why not, since internet was made exactly for this kind of stuff. Well, one reason why sharing your important information via internet wouldn't be the best idea is the danger of security breach.

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How to Place Security Seal on Your Pdf Files 

Many businesses or companies around the globe lose billions every year due to fraud. Most of these fraud arise as a result of data breaches or leakage of essential information.

Security of documents is thus a top priority of any business set –up.

Document security is all about keeping your files safely stored. It is also about adopting only the best processes and techniques that will minimize chances of information leakage.

When it comes to document security, the portable document format is the ideal way to go.Most people believe that when documents are saved in PDF it cannot be modified or edited.

Unfortunately this belief is wrong, as a PDF document whether online PDF or not can easily be edited using an adobe acrobatsoftware or any other PDF editor.

But the emergence of electronic seals have made it possible for PDF users to protect their documents.

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